The Phil Hendrie Show

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday February 25, 2008

Phil Hendrie

The great Phil Hendrie tackled Scientology last night and to my great surprise gave me a shout out. Fortunately he had the number one critic of Scientology on the show, Lloyd Bonafide, who was more than up to the task of taking on San Diego’s representative of the Church of Scientology, Dr. Jim Sadler.

I believe it was a low blow of Mr. Sadler to use the Scientology tone on Bonafide. I think I might get just as frazzled as Bonafide if Scientology hit me with some of that Theta 4 music.

I was sorry to see the show fall apart in the end but it’s always good when we can have a serious debate on Scientology heard on a nationally syndicated radio show.

Thanks, Phil.

Download this mp3


Guys, I think it’s time I let you in on the joke.  As mentioned in the feedback, Phil does all the voices on his show.  He is the host, the guests and often times the callers, creating nonsensical segments in which his characters can argue with themselves.   There is no Lloyd Bonafide or Jim Sadler.  It’s all Phil Hendrie.  I’m not even sure there’s a Mark Bunker. 

Theta 4 tone music is just as silly as BT’s but in this case, Hubbard didn’t make it up.  Hendrie did.

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42 Comments on “The Phil Hendrie Show”

  1. ged Says:

    this sounds like the jerky boys.

  2. kgb Says:

    Sciencetology lol

  3. Rob von Huge Says:

    Does anyone think the “tone” he played towards the start sounds a lot like the theme from the new version of Battlestar Galatica?

  4. scylon Says:

    that sound the sCylon played was from the new battlestar galactica theme, yea

  5. Bagger Says:

    Xenu, lalala, Xenu, xenu, lalalalalalal, lalalalalal, XenuXenu, xenu ,la.Xeeennnuuu.
    Best laugh of the day.
    How old are these children?

  6. PaulH Says:

    This has to be a spoof!

    Anyway, It is the UK main title score from Battlestar Galactica pitch shifted up.
    See this page for details:

    Here’s a link to the mp3 file.
    [audio src="" /]

    How dare they claim this as “scientology tone music” – more like copyright theft?

  7. John Says:

    Wait, do you guys actually think these were real people?

  8. John Says:

    Because I can almost guarantee you they weren’t….

  9. Andrew Says:

    Phil Hendrie does all the voices of his guests. See in the picture above how he’s talking through a telephone and not right up on the mic?

    He’s a genius.

  10. hUMAN aFTER aLL Says:


  11. Charles Says:

    This is fake

    BTW that IS the intro music to Battlestar Galactica…

    Here is Lloyd Bonafide MYSPACE page:

  12. shadowoflogic Says:

    The tone thing about made me want to puke.

    Why cant these members of the church just debate without throwing this crap into the mix which NO one on the outside would believe. Your not going to remove any THETANs from the man.

    My next video is going to be the definition of a cult. You wont be suprised to know that this organization fits pretty nicely into that definition

  13. shadowoflogic Says:

    That is amazing that two grown men can not discuss a subject without acting like two idiots.

  14. sk8mike Says:

    That was a spoof guys. C’mon radio DJs do this kind of thing all the time it’s their bread and butter.

  15. Andrew Says:

    Did no one read my comment? Phil Hendrie does a COMEDY show on radio. It’s 100% humor. Read the first paragraph here…

  16. TJ Says:

    No kidding Jerky Boys !! I swear that Lloyd Bonified souned just like Kissel from the Jerky Boys CDs, except he didn’t have a little mexican kid with him — ” You Killed Uncle Freddy you Bastard !!” LOL !

    You really got me with this one, I though I was in for a real interview – thanks for the unexpected laugh, it birghtend a pretty crappy day !!

  17. Ronnie Says:

    All Hail Phil Hendrie! The absolute best comic mind and talent on radio! As a fan of Phil for nearly 8 years it was a real treat to have my two favorite things (Phil and criticism of Scie-o) together in one awesome package!

  18. The night before Phil had on some guy named Gary Dupree who joined scientology to get chicks and he was upset that after 3 months and $7000 later he couldn’t even get a scientology ‘auditor’ to give him ‘manual pleasure’.

  19. jan Says:

    c’mon, that’s obviously comedy, but it’s f*ckin’ A!

  20. Xenuphobe Says:

    Why does Jim Sadler sound like Mr. Van Houten on the Simpsons? Does he do the voice for that like the woman who does Bart’s voice?

    This host is a total douche. I wonder how much money he takes from Co$?

  21. JJ Says:

    Now that’s comedy at it’s finest.

  22. Artoo45 Says:

    Man, that was a sad mess. Every one of them sounded like a complete idiot. “Science-tology”? So you won’t confuse them with Christian Science? And what’s up with that weasel-dude with the tone shit? How stupid sounding was that? I’ve never heard of that tidbit of Hubbardian haggis so now I’ll have to do some research on that one. Maybe I can add it to my next Pink Munky track. And once again, I’m in total agreement with Xenuphobe, the host was a total douche. Ooooh, maybe that was Nancy Cartwright moonlighting for OSA. Cowabungle!

  23. Joseph Says:

    Yeah, that music he played is absolutely the Battlestar Galactica Theme which is actually a Hindu Mantra so why a Scientologist would be using it is beyond me.

  24. Bradley Says:

    I think that it always good to hear a serious debate. But this seemed not well organized and none of the parties were of the better. I hope to see more well spoken individuals get air time on national shows like this one.

  25. Bradley Says:

    I also thought it was interesting that the guy from COS said that there were no Christian Scientologists in the beginning, apart from what he said about Christian Science.

  26. Anti-Fetch Says:


    Wow, that was HILARIOUS!

  27. Jerry Says:

    Phil Hendrie is hilarious. The first time I heard his show, I was one of the “suckers” that thought it was a real show. Phil and his characters do such a good job of getting people riled up (I was tempted to call in on my first day of listining). What’s great about this segment, is that he does illustrate the extremes on both sides of the scientology debate.

    To any first time listeners that thought this was real, didn’t you notice how the scientologist would politely stay quiet and not interupt while Lloyd was speaking (with the exception of the xenu bit). That should have been your red flag that this was a spoof.

  28. Producer Says:

    We are trying to contact Mark for an upcoming Scientology show. If anyone can forward his email please to producer( AT)


  29. shadowoflogic Says:

    Well you guys got me on that one.

    Man he did a great job. My first thought was that nobody could be that idiotic but then a lot of the things i hear from the CofS are that idiotic so i went along.

    Nice job. Good laugh……I feel kinda stupid…lol

  30. tcarmen Says:

    Oh I love Phil. I used to listen to his show all the time when I lived in SoCal. He’s an incredibly talented person… I’m surprized callers still believe his characters are real 🙂 Always though, great entertainment. Rock on Phil, with your 2 Venti Lattes per night.

  31. vicky Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Keep up the good work. What’s up with your Xenu site? A video comes up now that says wise beard man has left the building…

  32. Nice post once again.
    I gotta say I really enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work!

  33. Leatherargento Says:

    Awesome! Like Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier in Stephen King’s _It_!

  34. John GWM47 in San Diego Says:

    LOL! I fell for it hook, line and sinker! I didn’t read that it was all an act until after I listened to the audio in its entirety. Damn, I was wondering who those crazy fucks were, lol!!!!

  35. Human.Imprint Says:

    i went on the $cientology website and found this (they are saying what are the misconceptions about scientlogy) ENJOY!

    Why do some people oppose Scientology?

    There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes that cause a percentage of the population to oppose violently any betterment activity or group. This small percentage of the society (roughly 2 percent) cannot tolerate that Scientology is successful at improving conditions around the world. This same 2 percent is opposed to any effective self-betterment activity. The reason they so rabidly oppose Scientology is because it is doing more to help society than any other group. Those who are upset by seeing man get better are small in number compared to the MILLIONS! who have embraced Scientology and its efforts to create a sane civilization and more freedom for the individual.

  36. XENU TV Says:

    And Hubbard wrote that those 2% should be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow.”


  37. Jeff Says:

    Phil Hendrie is a god among men. I only wish he would have a change of heart and go back to the regular formula.

  38. alleee Says:

    Oh, hell, I’m sorry, but that sounds suspiciously like the Airsteam guy on the Lassiter program.

    Am I on to something here?

    If that isn’t the airstream guy playing Lloyd Bonafide, I’m a Scientologist.

  39. […] Is This the “Airstream Guy?” March 4, 2008 Posted by alleee in Uncategorized. trackback OK, I may have been had. […]

  40. Alex Says:

    Ha, Bonafide has nothing on you Bunker.

  41. Lady Pilot Says:

    I’m sure Lloyd Bonafide is “Gregory Hall”.

    Bet’s are welcome…LOL

  42. Samuel P. Says:

    Phil Hendrie along with Howard Stern are the greatest radio personalities. Phil Hendrie is so original with all the voices and screening all the callers to get the ones who have no clue it’s actually him. Instead of being a Stern rip off like so many others he was a pioneer.

    Oh yeah, and $cientology is a brainwashing, pseudo-scientific cult posing as a religion to mask the corporation to avoid taxes.

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