My Most Amazing E-Mail Ever

Wise Beard ManForget about the fact that I constantly win International lotteries and have just been too lazy so far to collect my millions.

Or the fact that relatives of beloved Nigerian politicians feel they can entrust me with their families fortunes.

This e-mail really blew me away:

Just thought I’d let you know:

My daughter came home from school last Friday 23/Feb and said that her history teacher said:

“I will not be teaching history in fifty years, but I wish I could, because I swear to you all, your living in a time when history is not just being written for nostalgic reasons as we pass through the early years of the 21st century, but children will be studying about Anonymous, Mark Bunker, Tory Magoo and the fight against Scientology for as long as we have been studying World War 2 or the hippy movement in the 60’s. Thank God for YouTube. We can actually record everything ourselves.”

My daughter actually wrote it down because she was so impressed.

Anyway, thank you Wise Beard Man & Tory for helping Anonymous and the rest of us to walk a different better path rather than bomb their web sites and stuff like that.
Yours xxxxxxx.

P.S. Just saw you singing – talented man you are.

Thanks to this family for sharing their story and to the wise college professor who I hope has tenure.

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17 Comments on “My Most Amazing E-Mail Ever”

  1. Jeff Says:

    We need more teachers like that here….. sounds like good parents too… Mark you are a postive presence on the net.


  2. Joyce Says:

    Awsome!!! I’ve been telling my friends and co-workers the same thing. We are watching history in the making. But thanks to you Mark and Andreas, Tory, Arnie and others ( Bob you are a hero in my books) for laying the groundworks because without the hard work you have done documenting and keeping track of all this valuable info, which could have so easily been buried or lost, anonymous would not have been able to hit the ground running so to speak. And to all the young people out there, our so call lost generation, my how you’ve proven a lot of skeptics wrong. It is refreshing to say the least. Remember to be safe out there, keep it real and of course legal. :o)

  3. Alex Prestia Says:

    As a student myself I think it could be incredibly beneficial to try to bring the Scientology discussion into the classroom, where vague and confusing internet information on the Co$ can be legitimized by professional educators and researchers. A friend had me send her links so she could inform her mass media and society teacher about the subject – the woman was so shocked and intrigued she immediately restructured her next lesson around the issue. Discussions like this not only have the power of spreading the word to more of the generation most likely to take this group down, but also giving Anonymous and potential Anonymous members more fuel for their cause, with facts and figures validated by professionals whose job it is to do such things.

  4. Bill W Says:

    It is nice to see a “history” teacher understand that history is constantly been written and that we all live the history will bring to our kids. I do wonder, however, if any kind of COS press is good for them?? They seek to be so understood that this may open a door we might not want to open. I guess in the end it boils down to personal choice. So to Anon and Mark and Tory and Andreas keep putting the word out and letting people make up their own minds.

  5. What a wonderful email and so much more valuable than the ones promising millions šŸ™‚

  6. Dennis Fletcher Says:

    That teacher has a lot of guts as you do. And, I too, hope that teacher has tenure.

    My approach is different. I don’t mention Scientology in class. It is not on the curriculum. I don’t want the cult picketing me at school. If a kid asks me something about Scientology I answer directly and honestly as I would on any matter. I then refer them to both and If they press the matter I tell them that the cult is very controversial and that I don’t want my students to be unduly influenced by the opinions of a teacher which are not the same as that of the government I work for. (The government considers it to be a religious non-profit. I consider it to be a dangerous cult with a small religious element that tries to suck all the money and time it can from its followers).I tell my students that if they do come back AFTER class I will be glad to voice my personal opinion.

    Unlike the history teacher you mention I hope that Scientology doesn’t go so far that your names become part of history. It would be great if, in thiry years, Hubbard’s ugly little group is remembered about as well as the “Process Church of the Final Judgement” is remembered today.

    One day I will have a student who is a Scientologist. We will see what happens then.

  7. Robert Says:

    Is this akin to Tom Cruise quote about “SP’s in the history books”.” LOL. The veil is coming off Scientology and exposing them and what people are finding is not what the CO$ wants them to see.

  8. Suzanne Says:

    Wow,!! Who knew that the posting and the threats to remove, of that crazy video of Tom Cruise receiving his medal would do? It is so fantastic!!!!!! I had just started to get interested in learning about the Cult along with a relative that lives near Hemet. The video came out a couple of weeks later and talk about the snowball effect.

    About six weeks go by, I can’t seem to get enough information on them, spending days at my computer. The next thing I know …….I’m at the picket in LA. At first I thought I’d just drive by, I was too scared to be seen there. Well I ended up spending the whole day passing out flyers. I got to meet you and Tory and watched you interview Billy Sheehan.

    Looking so forward to March 15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    It really is history in the making.

  9. Casper Says:

    I have to agree Suzanne, the effect has been amazing. Before Anonymous, I just thought scientology were like Jehovah witness or other pseudo-churches with cultist attributes. Clearly scientology are much more than that and dangerously successful at what they do, at least in the US where religion is so heavily intermixed with everything else in society.

    Basic scientology tech must provide *something* to the group of people attracted. I suppose this group represents anyone willing to explore, understand and improve on a wide range of personal issues. A noble basic premise scientology uses to draw in people – celebrities obviously of particular interest for marketing and monetary reasons. It would seem they messed too much with Tom Cruise’s mind and that is now backfiring completely.

    Thanks Mark for the coverage of the less noble, if not horrible, workings of the scientology cult. Keep it coming but don’t forget to take care of yourself in what must be very busy times for you šŸ™‚

  10. Anonymous Says:

    We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

    And to think the original chanologists just wanted to troll the scifags.
    On the downside, newfags. =/

  11. More Says:

    Reading this e-mail and the comments that followed, I couldn’t help but fall into an imaginary world where I saw a large auditorium filled with young inquisitive minds as a full discussion on the Church of Scientology unfolds.

    Students learn about the inner workings, crimes, policies and underpinning beliefs of the “church”. Someone asks about “Fair Game”, “Operation Snow White”, “Operation Freakout” and the discussion goes on and on.

    Then the professor enlightens the class about the pyramid scheme, the bait and switch, the extensive fees/donations required and finally about Xenu.

    Then without notice the doors burst open and FBI agents fill the room to collect up all o these “criminals” for why would they discuss such things unless they had committed some atrocious crimes (if not in this lifetime, then maybe 20 billion years ago).

    I haven’t made up my mind about whether this nonsense should be discussed in classrooms or not…but a word of warning, if you are discussing it, make sure it is top secret….you wouldn’t want the FBI to rain on your parade.

    What crimes have you committed šŸ˜‰

  12. hUMAM aFTER aLL Says:

    my friend has been spreading news of $cien. and its cult like behaivor at his school. The teacher even had a whole 45 min to hour disscussion of the subject to 40 some students and they had nothing positive to say on the matter. And my brother just wrote a two page report on $cien. for extra credit and used for a resource.

  13. Anon Says:

    Yes, this all started as an effort to troll(anger) the $cios, but quickly it became so much moar. The great success of Feb 10th in raising public awareness has not only given our cause media attention. What most /i/nsurgents thought was impossible (a world wide IRL raid) became a reality. Yes what fellow e/b/aumer above has stated is true, we are inundated with newfags that do not fully understand the internet hate machine or our culture, its ok. we will live on.


  14. anonymous1378 Says:

    I wish more teachers were like that. Most of my teachers are apathetic when it comes to Scientology, and that’s a little scary, with how close my school is to the Scientology capital of the world.

    I think I cried a little, reading that. Definitely the best email ever.

  15. Fred Fish Says:

    The internet hate machine as you call it is also part of the problem

    I’m not sure how you can fair game people (Emily) then protest about scientology fair gaming people

    The new people aren’t responsible for the old abuses of Anonymous/IHM, it’s they who will make the difference, not old people who are just in it to bully people and for the ‘lulz’

    Think about it.

  16. Anon Says:

    Mr. Fish

    The Internet Hate Machine is merely an online joke, and a name given to Anon by a news station that doesn’t really know what Anonymous is. Members of Anonymous knows the internet is just that; the internet. People that find the old ‘abuses’ of Anon funny aren’t horrible people, it’s just getting lulz at someone else’s expense, through the internet.

    When the internet ends, and you the real world begins, Anon knows and we do not let our immature, silly, for-the-lulz, personas carry over. As I’m sure you can tell if you’ve been to, or seen any footage of, February 10th or March 15th.

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