The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

This is a very good explanation of auditing.  Don’t expect any scathing critique of the organization.   Scientology refused to cooperate with the one program that would have painted them in a positive light.  It fell to the Freezone to open the doors and welcome in the host.

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10 Comments on “The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard”

  1. Trembling Eagle Says:

    this opens my eyes a lot.
    Reformation is exactly what the church needs. Whether it likes it or not. This was very eye opening.

  2. Zleedge Says:

    After watching this clip I was speechless.
    All I can say is L.R.H was a genius at f#!$ing with people’s minds.
    I hope Hardeep Singh Kohli found what he was looking for.

  3. J.P Says:

    Very Interesting.But over all the actual auditing session was by the “Free Zone” standards.Not perhaps what you may experience in the actual CoS.It`s possible his auditor was covering basic elements of what they practice of “Auditing” is.But it may have been altered knowing that this was going to be aired and viewed world wide.But it definitely brought answers to questions on some of the methodology.This process is fairly similar to other secret societies like Masonry.Involving the questioning of person ell these types of interviewing by some groups more personnel questions involving sexual experience are included hence the prospect of future use as a weapon against the person later.

  4. Matt Says:

    This is hard to articulate, But at the beginning he was an open mind, questioning everything and being very secular about everything.

    At the end he accepted everything in Scientology, not necessarily as truth but kind of nullified his questioning nature.

    I hope it doesn’t change his personality, as a comedian and actor. I found him quite funny at the beginning of the film.

    As for the film itself it didn’t really explain anything about the inner workings of Scientology, the true belief system. Only the “self help” portion.

  5. Alex Prestia Says:

    Watching this really just reinforced what I already sort of thought already, which is that actual scientology technology and practices do have value and can really help people – however, he also shows quite clearly that the very fact that it does work so well is what makes it such an effective tool for abuse as well. It seems to me to be very similar to psychiatric hypnosis (and I’ve heard ex-sci’s compare it to such) in that a doctor who wishes to use hypnosis for good, and also knows how to do so, can truly help an individual through the process, but a doctor who has other motivations, or doesn’t know how to safely hypnotize people without creating problems (there are far too many doctors like this around, unfortunately) can create far more problems and actually make a psychologically stable person very unstable through the process.

    I also think that while Anonymous might have the best tools for getting the word out about the CoS, it will be the freezoners who are actually capable of changing the organization for the better. If only the general population of the Church of Scientology could be enlightened as to their methods and philosophy.

  6. Bill W Says:

    If that really is what auditing is all about, then the exact same thing can be acheived thru open, honest, and crtical thought and self-examination. The “courses” teach you not to lie to yourself. Lying to yourself is the actual cause of emotional problems not the rage of your father or your alcoholic mother. Once people to lying to themselves, problems seem to easily solved.

  7. Jo/Montyollie Says:

    That was fascinating! You know, for all that is written about Scientology, very little looks at the actual workings of the ‘tech’ and how and why so many people adhere to it, despite the abuses of the ‘church’. It was very neat to see the Freezoners and how they operate outside of North America. You can see how celebrities and secrets and cash don’t seem to have much to do with it at all at that level.

    I can honestly say, I kind of “GET” now why people could fall prey to this cult. What it offers is kind of intoxicating.

  8. Ulf Says:

    Scientology is mind control. The Freezone founder, Captain Bill, believed that the church (cult) had been taken over by evil aliens (Marcabians). Their main objection to the CoS is that they believe Hubbards tech is not the same anymore. They want Hubbards turd, not Miscaviges.

  9. Greg Says:

    Hey thanks for posting the vid Mark! I’m glad to see its giving people another perspective on scientology as it did for me when I first watched it.

  10. drAnon Says:

    the most striking thing in this video is how childish the scientologists seem to have become. the clay play, the two women who where acting like 12yr olds, the supervisor playing aimlessly with snow.
    Auditing seems to be used to make you remember how simple it was back when you where a kid by requiring people being audited to relive childhood memories over and over again. Returning to the real cruel world might cause people to long more and more back to the easy simple life as a child.
    ‘i wanna go on vacation!!!’

    But on a more serious note, the way the books are written, no difficult words but sentences that don’t make any sense unless you use a dictionary and review every option of the words meaning again and again until you find a suitable outcome. This would make you feel smart while instead it’s just your imagination doing it’s work. It doesn’t actually teach you at all how to communicate as all your doing is using your own interpretation on questions that are being asked. this enables you to answer every question asked but most of the time it’s not an answer to the actual question.

    i’d also like to add that the sci center looks like a psychiatry ward including patients
    what’s up with the freaked out faces everywhere?

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