All Those Thin Dimes

Lawrence Wollensheim has finally received the settlement Scientology threatened never to pay. “Not one thin dime for Wollersheim” was the group’s motto.  I turned to his site FACTnet when I first started researching Scientology and found a wealth of information there.

Now Scientology can turn their attention to paying the Lisa McPherson estate what they agreed to pay years back.

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4 Comments on “All Those Thin Dimes”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Nowadays, you have to sign a legal waiver stating you will not sue Scientology or hold them responsible for any suffering their treatment of you may cause. If anyone knows how to get around this, I’m all ears.

  2. Trembling Eagle Says:

    Those waivers don’t mean you still can’t seek redress
    but is an intrinsic part of American law you can’t sign away inalienable rights.

  3. Gudzy Says:

    Legal waivers don’t hold up very well in most courts. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot ‘sign your life away’, and there is no way to indemnify an organization (The CoS) against legal actions.

  4. Dedos Says:

    The video seems to have been taken down…

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