The Profit Revealed

I was delighted to discover today that 8 minutes of The Profit have been released on the net. After being suppressed for years people now get a chance to sample the movie.

I’m fairly sure this clip was officially released by Peter and Patricia so enjoyed it in all it’s After-School glory.

Now release the whole film. Go on. Bob wouldn’t mind.

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13 Comments on “The Profit Revealed”

  1. David Says:

    That wasn’t very good.

  2. Man Ana0nim0us Says:

    Interesting. Perhaps not A-list actors but Tom was otherwise engaged I take it. 😉
    I’d see it.
    This video is also on YouTube.

  3. anonymousedk Says:

    We want the rest!
    We want the rest!
    We want the rest!

  4. […] Source and 7 min preview: XenuTV Blog […]

  5. Xenuphobe Says:

    Minus the over-kill on the voiceovers at that one part, I actually liked it a lot.

  6. J.P Says:

    That Hell.Ron guy looked a lot like Ted Danson.
    He gets labeled a crackpot right away and he creates an instant WORld COnSpiracy.
    “It was like magic.I knew right away what to do” pfffttt… Scientoloists script writers are pretty lame in all their videos.
    Very typical of a cultish Guru.Forget Xenu,the Psychs,the C.I.A. and Anit- Commie League of America is gonna get me.AHHHHHHHH…Ha ha hA ha!

  7. Ulf Says:

    Wow…that was really bad acting…I want my 8 minutes back!

  8. SF Says:

    Why wasn’t it released and what can we do to get it released?

  9. JLF Says:

    Mark…since you mentioned Bob, can you tell us what his reaction is to annonymous? Do you still speak to him and Stacy? Or are you not at liberty to say?

  10. Anonymouse Says:

    I enjoyed this. I see what people here didn’t like about the voiceovers/acting as pretty workable and giving the film a certain “feel”, but not having seen the whole thing I can’t say that’s what they did.

  11. sammy316 Says:

    Looked alright to me. The production values are far more superior than a lot of other indie films I have seen.

  12. jason Says:

    just watched the whole thing on YouTube. disbelief was never suspended. this movie makes Starship Troopers look like Citizen Kane. Its a feature film with all bad features.
    but as a scientology buff and hater i kind of enjoyed it. especially the tom cruise part. lol. my mom and figured out long ago that scientology is a cover up for gayness in hollywood actors; ie cruise and travolta.

  13. John Says:

    I saw the whole thing and I suspect that Patricia put it up knowing it would never make money anyway. I guess deep down she knows Mark Bunker is right – the movie sucks!

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