The Road to February 10th

Pelvidar was inspired by the events of the past few weeks to create a video showing the evolution of Anonymous’ global call to action in protest of Scientology’s fraud and abuse.

I think he did a terrific job summarizing the recent events.

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68 Comments on “The Road to February 10th”

  1. WolfyRik Says:

    This is amazing. Really good job there. And thanks for forwarding it to us Dr B.

  2. Allen Hubris Says:

    Oh Hail the Beard. Mark, it is a shame that you will not be able to follow the radio broadcast on monday here in Cincinnati, but it will be podcasted. Can you help me spread the word?

    All Hail Wise Beard Man!
    His words are wise!
    His face is beard.

    Allen J. Hubris
    Master SP

  3. Interocitor Says:

    Shouldn’t the object of the protests be about the human rights violations of the RPF? Aren’t these in fact illegal ‘prisons’? The ‘bait and switch’ aspects or the ridiculous nature of the Xenu story seem immaterial and irrelevant when compared to the human rights problems associated with a ‘church’ running its own prison camps. Am I wrong? Has anyone published the locations of the known RPFs and what goes on at those locations? Exposing this practice of the CO$ and freeing those confined there seems paramount.

  4. amazing Says:

    i have more faith in people now…

  5. ViRuS52 Says:

    Yeh, this is a TERRIFIC summery of events! Quite honestly, I actually had tears in my eyes watching this. Tears of anger at what scientology is doing, tears of fear of the war that is ahead of us, but also tears of joy that so many have already woken up to this, and tears of freedom that the world is now turning round and proclaiming in one unified voice “SCIENTOLOGY! WHAT ARE *YOUR* CRIMES???”. It does this old heart good to see that people are ready to support this cause and stand against the abuse and tyrany of Scientology. Rock on Anonymous and xenutv! you have given a voice to the voiceless!

  6. ViRuS52 Says:

    (sorry forgot to add this) –


  7. Bill W Says:

    Good stuff. I hope the peaceful part of this process will continue to be THE main part of all of this. COS is waiting for the one idiot to make a mistake then land on the whole Anonymous group for the actions of one person. Keep up the good work.

  8. Note: I posted this comment on the previous thread but am afraid that Mark missed it because it was an old post. I swear I am not trying to spam..ha ha ha. In any case, Mark, I figured you might be interested in applications of your work. Below is my original post:


    As I had contacted you earlier and then mentioned I would share my work, below s a link to the psychology/comparative-religions article (slightly redacted to keep it interesting) that cites some of your footage. I think it turned out alright, and again, thanks for the great resources.

  9. CyberChrist Says:

    Good Catch. I saw this the other day and though it was a decent vid as well.

    Keep on rockin in the free world

  10. KSUAnon Says:

    I have to say that so far this is the best video out yet. It really gets the message across that Anon is serious. We aren’t just internet idiots. We are normal people who are prepared to stand together and protest the horrible things that Scientology does. They can’t stop us. The tactics they have used previously are no match for the thousands of us that have come forward to speak out against their crimes.


  11. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Eric. I looked at your thesis but didn’t have time to read it all. Thanks for speaking out.

  12. Scamotologee Says:

    “His words are wise.
    His face is beard.”

    I think you have yourself a new tag line Mark =P

  13. Noxat Says:

    Excellent video!

  14. Tossed Says:

    I am a little disturbed after reading Eric’s paper. Not because of the Scientology-related content, but because I realized that the descriptions of Scientology’s manipulations and mind-bending processes were disconcertingly close to what I experienced when I was working at McDonald’s.

    I think I may take a second course in Psychology just to have an excuse to write a paper about that.

  15. Anonymous Coward Says:


    Better watch out for your videos.

    Youtube has removed Church0fScientology original “Message to Scientology” video today 2/14/2008. It had over 2.3 million views. This is the video that started the whole Anonymous movement pr campaign. Luckily this video has been uploaded to tons of other accounts.

    Early this week Church0fScient0l0gy – an account set up to look like the one above, had posted a supposed video from Anonymous threaten Heber Jentzsch’s life and bombings at various Church locations. Anonymous responded by sending tips to the FBI and reporting the video to Youtube.

    OSA is turning up the heat on the counter pr.

    Best regards,

  16. John Walters Says:

    Awesome video. Everyone must write their Congressman, Senator, and the IRS and demand that the tax exempt status for COS be revoked AND that they pay back taxes. The only god of Scientology is money. It is the root of their motivation. Attack them in the pocketbook and it really will hurt them. I pray that all will continue to peaceable protest this vile group. Truth is our friend and the Church of Scientology’s worst enemy. Peace my friends and remember to vote for Xenu for Galactic Overlord!! I am an SP for I am anonymous.

  17. Z Says:

    I really doubt the IRS thing will pan out. Best case scenario, the IRS is scared of being on the receiving end of the legal equivalent of a Gamma Knife. Worst case, the rumors were true and Scientology is blackmailing IRS officials.

    Scientology’s funds will have to be depleted in another way.

    I read that Nancy Cartwright alone gave Scientology $10 million last year. I wonder how many PIs and lawyers they can afford from that one donation. The easiest way to start is by simply not watching shows or movies, or buying merchandise from which celebrity Scientologists would profit.

    A harder, more effective way would be to do what the demonstrators are doing and helping to dry out Scientology’s pool of potential hosts– I mean … followers.

    The people in small cities, where Scientology is not likely to have any direct influence, can do a lot in that capacity by getting people informed before Scientology can poke its tentacles into their communities.

  18. DanC Says:

    Canberra is probably one of the best examples of how badly Scientology can go. It has one of the highest rates of internet connectivity per person in the world, and is mostly full of public servants. Canberra’s org is terribly downstat…they lost their church in the city, and now scrape together enough for a small office above a chinese restaurant in an industrial area. Most people in the city know enough to stay away, and they are suffering for it.

    Only four people turned up to our Canberra protest, admittedly….but that still put us 1 to 1 with their staff, and made a badly performing org hire security all day. I would be surprised if they keep this office open much longer.

  19. average genius Says:

    I absolutly love this video, brilliantly done. Should make for one hell of a full on Documentry once these enough footage to do one.

  20. David Says:

    I think the number of people was a little over 9000!!!!!!

  21. Ulf Says:

    Really good video. And thanks to the people that did this beautiful video:

  22. hildigunnur Says:

    Brilliant! Probably won’t have a protest here in Reykjavík, as the CoS isn’t here (afaik), but kudos to everyone!

  23. HuMAN ImPRINT Says:

    This was a beautiful viedo. One thing i wish instead of protesting the Orange County Org. i should of went to the one in san diego or the celeberty center.But im glad i went to the OC ORG.One thing Im trying to do is put a word out to you people to join me in a protest on LRH bday bananza in the tustin org off irvine blvd. i went on the feb 10th and there was a total of 5 people… they took pictures of me followed me to my frineds car and followed us a lil down the road, till a police officer pulled the SCI over. The tustin police had our backs compleatly the srgnt even called them (sci) crazy.

  24. Anonymous Borg Says:

    God damnit, you got it all wrong. Anonymous’ first attack on Scientology came long before the Gawker business – it came because of Will Smith. Many lulz were had. Everything else was just a continuation from there…

  25. Alex Prestia Says:

    Aww. That made me tear up a little. I’m so pissed I missed the 10th but now I’m sooooo excited for the 15th!

  26. Anoymous Coward Says:

    Freedom of Speech on the Internet has won today. The original message to scientology is back. Everyone that was involved should give themselves a pat on the back. And now back to work….

    Thank you YouTube for listening to reason and not bowing to dishonest and shameful tactics from the “Church” of scientology.

    Mark, special thanks to you for fighting this same fight over the years.

    Best Regards

  27. Dustin Says:

    Does anyone know what the name of the song used in this video was? I really liked it.

  28. Pelvidar Says:

    Thanks for all the kinds words about the video everyone – and thanks to Mark for putting it up here.

    I was amazed by Anon and everyone else who pulled this off, that I wanted to make a tribute to those people and give the back story of the events. There are so many ways it coukd have gone wrong and yet all the right forces (WBM included) contributed in such a way that it worked.

    March 15, be there!

  29. SP_AR Says:

    Hey Dustin, here you go.

    Song: Your Hand In Mine.
    Album: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
    Band: Explosions In The Sky

  30. Cyril Cyrus Says:

    Well! Well! Well! What goes around comes around! I think I will sit back, relax and just be a spectator. I am really enjoying the show! Who’s got the show on the road now?

  31. AL Says:

    Over 9000 thumbs up!!

  32. Matthew Says:

    hey all i gota say is ive been watching the and xenu sites for some time now and all i gota say is that video is heart warming

  33. Joe Howell Says:

    That video was the most moving thing I’ve seen in ages. It’s going to sound like an exaggeration, but I swear it was Hotel Rwanda/Schindler’s List powerful. Fantastic editing and choices for footage to use.

    Thank you.

  34. David Says:

    All I have to say, is though I have yet to protest, and am unable due to the hours I work. I have nothing but faith in Anon for doing this right.

    Mark, you are a great man who has taken the worst these bastards can offer and you are still going at it.

    I’ll do my part to spread the word and keep this fight alive in my corner of the world.

  35. Eduardo Says:

    I hope lots of people are coming the 15th of next month, I wanted to go last week, but it was WAY too cold out (-40 C with wind)

    Also, I don’t like the assumption that Anon is organized or is a small number of people, while in reality, he’s the compound of all the people who care on a certain matter, be it small (like in plans) or big (like now), and changes for all these different senarios.

    PS: I can’t spell, so don’t bother me about it. My grammar is better than that, do.

  36. tgoodfella Says:

    Good movie, show the world how this tyranny shall not be tolerated. The world needs to see that freedom shall not be dictated, compromised or suppressed. Good job people and those you oppose the suppression. I support the cause.

  37. Libraesque Says:

    how can I find out where the protests are held? I need to book my ticket!!!

  38. themadhair Says:

    Can I re-upload this to YouTube?

    And next time I read out a statement I’ll use a mike 🙂

  39. anonymous Says:

    Absolutely amazing. I have high respect to anyone who participated in the protest of scientology. This video tells THE TRUTH.

  40. slowzone Says:

    CoS died the day the internet was invented, it’s just going to be a long slow death is all. You can’t control the net.

    BTW Anon is not an organization, it does not have “members” and that is why CoS can’t deal with it.

    That said IMO we should scream about the IRS deal they have, to the Washfags, they are easy to scare.

  41. SF Says:

    just a beautiful video. It was good to be part of something.

  42. SP-ANON Says:

    This is a fantastic video, i intended to go to the protest near me but couldnt for various reasons, it seemed to go great! Scientology must be stopped!!

  43. […] International Protest for Reformation of Scientology February 28, 2008 — L. Ron Brown This is an extremely well-made video summary of the international protest for the reformation of […]

  44. Zimboo Says:

    That video was pro. I applaud the person who edited it, it really made me happy that our efforts had such a world wide impact. The London protests in February were amazing and the one in March should be no different. I hope to see a bigger turn out.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome! Everyone did so well at the protests! Extremely well made video – very moving.
    Best of luck for 3/15.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Nevar Forget 3/15

    BTW great video!!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    I love this video! The next protest date after the 3/15 one should be on 4/26! It’s on a saturday and would be perfect since David Miscavige’s birthday is on the 30th.

    I love birthday cake!

  48. […] The Road to February 10th « THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Good video summarising of events thus far in the Anonymous war. (tags: scientology anonymous Video protest) […]

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Epic win.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    destroy Scientology!!!!!!! I support you anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymouse Says:

    This is still amazing, no matter how many times I watch it.

  52. ANonymous Says:

    Mark, I just want to say how much we love you! and ye this video is amazing !!

  53. Anonymouse Says:

    fantastic… just fantastic

  54. Chea Says:

    Mmm, delicious cake..

  55. anonymouse Says:

    I absolutely loved the end with the whole unity theme going and the music rising. Great!

  56. Justin Says:

    Mark, another good production by you. I’ve been watching your work for a great deal of time now and I’m happy.

    However, I’m questioning the judgment of the decision to stand on the side of Anonymous, even for picketing.

    Before, and likely after these dates, this group of people has spent their own time slandering innocent people and websites. They are a haven for illegal activity.

    I may be alone in thinking this, and I’m not saying that all is lost, but I personally find it as a blow to creditability of sorts. I’ve known, XenuTV and anonymous before and after chanology, and they (anonymous) are certainly not a positive force on the internet. I sort of view it as finding a common enemy with criminals.

    Mark, Andrea, Magoo – You guys people gave up their real identities to fight scientology. Anonymous people wouldn’t dream of doing this. Scientology has fair game, Anonymous has pedophilia, bomb threats, harassment, hacking, script kiddying.

    I challenge you to compare the doctrine of Anonymous with that of Scientology. Both psychologically scar people. Who knows, one day, a lonely kid who one day tries to fit in with this Anonymous group may kill someone.

    Anonymous ruins lives.

  57. AnAnon Says:

    Several of us only joined Anonymous after they go serious and stopped partaking in illeagal activities. Justin, I know some anons who would give up their anonymity to stop scientology. As proof, I am Daniel Taulbee from Kentucky. Hopefully I won’t get fair gamed for saying that, thankfully I know of four other Daniel Taulbees in Kentucky. I hope that in saying this, you will be able to trust anonymous.

  58. Laura Says:

    My Unble wrote my husband up for trying to keep me from taking my first Scientology course. They now know he likes to smoke a joint once in a while. Is this serious? Well, yes. If they decide to call the cops on him and search our home, they find some pot in his drawer, then my kids get taken away from me and its called “child endangerment.”

  59. Laura Says:

    anonymous are just people from all walks of life who don’t know each other and are compelled to get together anonymously with no rlationship to the Anonymous group.

    There is no anonymous club or cult or group… It’s just RANDOM people merging like a flock of birds who’ve never met each other before!

    If you are speaking about Anonymous doing crimes and the association with them is about murdering some day, your not talking about the same Anonymous as this one, because this Anonymous is a phenominon, not any one said organized group. It just is a “happening” if you will. Get it?

    I think your either confused or a Scientologist who is pretending not to be on on this site to make up stories that are not true about what Anonymous really is. Again, its not any organized group. It’s just a phonominon from people who flock together randomly and then merge in a time and date because they feel compelled to speak for people who are supressed and injured against their will.

  60. Anon Says:

    This movement is one of the most inspiring things I could have ever hoped to be involved in. I, like the majority of anon, started out as newfaggotry cancer AIDS, and have progressed and learned the wisened and meticulous ways of anon. The immortal legion will never die, and change will always be fruit of its seed. We are the truth, and we are the reconciliation on men. The wise beard spoke, and we listened. Allegiance and great thanks to you. I see what you did there. You, sir, are a legend.

    To those that hope to abolish or destroy anon, the answer is that though anon be built of mortal men, it is a singular entity with many congealed ideals brought to a constructive point, utilizing a destructive means, for which only to find a positive end. We are a hole. Our children will be assimilated and add to our force. Your children will succumb to the ultimate idealism of anon. We are not numbers. We are not members. We are one. We do not forget, and we do not forgive. Expect us for years and decades to come.

    Join us, and learn how the average man can transcend the the thumb of society holding him down. Corporations, lawyers, politicians, bankers, leaders, and conspirators: none are safe from anon, we are all reaching, and all knowing. In respect of our power, we are dominion here in the mortal world. From this moment forth, I am anon, the unstoppable force. From this moment on, you can be anon, the immovable object. May we safeguard our /b/rethren, and always portray the peace that can be wrought from such chaos.

  61. oni Says:

    omg.. is that.. Explosions in the Sky?! I haven’t heard them for so long ❤
    Thanks to everyone for allowing me to read everything I haven been reading the past few weeks. Horrible, it makes me sad, like the brainwashing in JesusCamp…

  62. Anonymous Says:

    great work!i cried…

  63. Woot. Says:

    What’s wrong with the world today?
    People can’t be left alone anymore?

    Bashing anyone else’s religon, whether it is ‘out there’ or not, is really stupid and immature.

    Way to go, people.
    You really do make this world a better place…

  64. UK Anon Says:

    i started watching the video on facebook, as my friend came into my office to ask me if i wanted coffee, “i said hold on, i’m just watching this”.

    by the end of the video, 2 office juniors and my boss were also watching over my sholders, as well as my friend.

    thats the reaction only one play, got in a small office in london. its going round my friends like wild fire, I hope its not the least I can do.

  65. […] against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video […]

  66. […] against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video […]

  67. […] against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video […]

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