DM’s Niece on Inside Edition

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Tuesday February 5, 2008

This is a jaw-dropping TV segment — although Inside Edition clearly didn’t understand just how important a story they had.  The incredibly brave niece of Scientology’s tiny leader David Miscavige appeared on camera for the first time to speak out against Scientology’s bad behavior.

Jenna Hill, you are about the bravest person I know.  Thank you so much for speaking out.

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33 Comments on “DM’s Niece on Inside Edition”

  1. Jeremiadist Says:

    Hi – Thank you!! for all your toil and for standing so firmly in the line of fire. I’ve posted a review and reaction to the current flap at: if you or anyone here might be interested.

  2. Casper Says:

    That’s a brave woman. She got out though, better late than never I guess! Let’s hope she will inspire others.

  3. Noxat Says:

    Wow that’s just incredible. I can’t wait to see how Scientology will spin this. I wonder if she will be dead agented.

  4. xenuphobe Says:

    I really hope this is just the beginning of a string of TV appearances for her. I’d love to see the uncut interview footage. It’s unfortunate they didn’t go into the contents of her letter, however, regarding her own family disconnects.

  5. xenuphobe Says:

    I just found a new interview with her saying many of her friends have been told by scientology to disconnect–from her myspace page. If anyone wants to friend her, I bet she could use some more now.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    That is one brave person. I don’t think non-members can know how much courage that took.

  7. spacekicker Says:

    I have a question. What happened to Bob Minton? Did he really change his mind and is now not criticizing Scietnology. And did he ever get convicted of assault for the life of me I’m googling these things and can’t get a definitive answer. Thank you wisebeard man

  8. xenuphobe Says:

    Yeah I apparently dropped off the face of the earth for a while during the Minton/Brooks/LMT sh*tstorm, and have been unable to find a full accounting of events that didn’t have a pretty whopping agenda behind it.

  9. JJ Says:

    She needs to speak out more. Hopefully 20/20 or Dateline can pick up her story. Yeah they got Bob Minton pretty good.

  10. Brook Says:

    Wow! Go Jenna! The top is going to be blown off that place any time now and I will be applauding!

  11. Noxat Says:

    spacekicker: thats a good question, I’m curious as well, it really didn’t sink in that a lot probably happened after those 1999 videos I watched on with Minton on Xenu TV. From this URL I get the feeling that Scientology did to Minton what Scientology does best with SPs: Utterly destroy them.

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks for posting the SP Times article Noxat. That is a pretty clear and concise account of what happened. The hysteria added by Jesse and Dandar isn’t true.

    I was there when Bob handed the lawsuit to Jesse. I read it myself. It wasn’t the threatened RICO suit (which was a real $30 million dollar threat from Scientology.) It was a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Bob for providing Gerry Armstrong a computer and others means to continue to speak out against Scientology, breaking an injunction which Scientology had against Gerry.

    There wasn’t some mysterious blackmail they had over Bob as Dandar claims. It was the relentless on-going global assault of Scientology that wore Bob down, along with attacks from former friends who felt Bob wasn’t doing enough in funding the Lisa case.

    To them, the case was worth more than Bob’s life but I saw him being driven to the brink of suicide by Scientology and his former friends and I am glad he came out alive and is getting the peace he deserves.

    Scientology settled the civil case with Lisa’s family and I hope they eventually get the settlement Scientology promoised but have yet to pay.

    Those people who call Bob a traitor couldn’t withstand a fraction of the assault Bob faced. If it happens to them, I hope they have better friends on their side then Bob did.

  13. David Says:

    Thanks for adding your reasoned voice to the historical accounts, Mark. I’ve only been educating myself about Scientology for a year and immersed myself in your record of what Bob did before I ever knew that he had slipped back into private life.

    I have wondered where the critic community would be and how the last few months would have played out without the trail Bob blazed. Yeah, he had a few bucks but he was on the front lines getting screamed at, threatened and worse.

    I read Jesse Prince’s affidavit in its entirety and had no luck trying to learn what really happened from ESMB threads about Bob and Stacy. I thought it impolite to ask you directly, but thanks for the offering the info. It confirmed my gut feeling that he didn’t deserve to be painted as a Benedict Arnold.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    4 yrs Co$ has gone 2 gr8 lengths (thru a complex series of corporate shells) 2 demonstrate that Dave Miscavige is simply ecclesiatical leader & head of RTC, and that Co$ does not in fact exist as a single legal entity under his command. Recent responses by the church seem 2 directly contradict the 1st position, which by implication gives the lie 2 the 2nd. THIS IS A MAJOR MISCALCULATION WHICH CAN B EXPLOITED, as it directly contradicts yrs of court testimony plus statements provided to the IRS.

  15. Noxat Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Mark. I had the feeling such was the case; I wouldn’t believe Bob would just turn like that. It sounds like Scientology set up an “Operation Freakout Part II” on him or something. I just hope they don’t turn those guns on you some day. I just finished reading the court transcripts from your Chicago incident. Seeing how Scientology uses and abuses the legal system is fascinating in a completely horrible way.

  16. JJ Says:

    Thanks for clarification Mark.

  17. ntelekt Says:

    The Bearded One has spoken, and he has spoken wisely. The 10th will be for Lisa AND Bob and everyone impacted by Co$. Mark, I had also wondered about Bob Minton so thanks for explaining. Im glad to know he is doing well, he did his part.

  18. M. Ram Says:

    Do you think the old guard like Bob Minton will once again come out of the fold because of the Anonymous pickets?

  19. SF Says:

    So one person always has to ask for more….what about Stacy and the others that worked at the LMT? Are they all good? Are any of them still active in protesting co$?

  20. JJ Says:

    This video makes me want to vomit:

    Totally reminds me of the Nazi propaganda films.

  21. Mark Bunker Says:

    Stacy has also settled with Scientology. Jeff Jacobsen continues to speak out. Jesse Prince is part of the Tom Cruise bio.

    Jeff and I are the most active still from the LMT.

  22. SF Says:

    I’m posting this here and I will also post a few other places. Most of wiki has been messed with in respect to scientology. LMT is now only on paragraph, Clearwater Florida has changed, and Gabe Cazares seems different also.
    I think the net is being messed with. I think co$ is ready for us to tell people to go google info.
    Anyone else notice anything that has been messed with?

  23. Anonymous Coward Says:

    The protest have begun. Australia kicked off.,25642,23189467-5014239,00.html

  24. WileyCoyote69 Says:

    I agree Mark that Inside Edition had NO idea what they had. The first TV interview with this lady, as far as I know. They’re a show that’s so used to being irrelevant and sensationalist they had no real concept of “real big news” when it hit them right in the face.

    Basically it proves that even the most evil root can produce something good and noble under the right circumstances. You can’t come from a much worse root than David Miscavige, but clearly the Earth has begun to move under Scientology’s feet and all kinds of things are FINALLY being shaken loose.

  25. Julia Says:

    I can’t believe they deny other exposes on families being separated by Scientology. The BBC showed a similar thing how two families were separated because of Scientology. One family was reunited because of the interview. The son said that they shouldn’t show the interview on the show because they’ll go after his mom. So they didn’t.
    One of the heads of Scientology got so pissed off at the host, he was like “I’ve got nothing to hide.” So the host was like “Well, then let us interview you.”
    If they’ve got nothing to hide, how come they’re so secretive?

  26. Noxat Says:

    Some of the protest footage building up on You Tube is phenomenal. Great turn outs all over the world, and so far everything looks peaceful and well coordinated. I suggest searching “Scientology” on You Tube then sorting results by date added to see the newest videos as they become available.

    I’ll tell you one thing whoever has the merchandising rights for “V for Vendetta” is going to make a ton of cash!

  27. David Says:

    Well interestingly there appear to be two posters on this board calling themselves David. I may need to select a new name.

    Back to the point:

    “Those people who call Bob a traitor couldn’t withstand a fraction of the assault Bob faced. If it happens to them, I hope they have better friends on their side then Bob did.”

    Indeed. This is often the way when people deal solely with abstracts, they find it difficult to empathise with those undergoing the reality.

  28. SF Says:

    Ok give us a video and some input from the protest!

  29. Krueger Says:

    Wow Mark, the past couple of months must be both overwhelming and fascinating for you, considering all the news Scientology is getting lately (Tom Cruise book, leaked video, Anonymous, etc.).

    If one just types “Scientology” and searches recent dates, there are videos and news reports ALL OVER the place from yesterday.

    Did you shoot more video talking to Scientologists yesterday?

  30. JJ Says:

    Mark, this is a good testimony from youtube:

  31. Mark,

    As I had contacted you earlier and then mentioned I would share my work, below s a link to the psychology/comparative-religions article (slightly redacted to keep it interesting) that cites some of your footage. I think it turned out alright, and again, thanks for the great resources.

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