Tom Cruise Spoof

Off all the spoof’s of Tom’s Scientology video, this may be favorite.  It is very rude and crude so be prepared but the silliness and execution make up for it.  A shorter version of this got attacked and deleted from the Damn Show servers so the filmmakers retaliated by putting up this longer unedited version.

As part of the attacks on the Damn Show, anonymous phone calls were left.  Here is one of those.  Doesn’t this sound a lot like Heber Jentzsch?

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38 Comments on “Tom Cruise Spoof”

  1. Mark, as someone who is about to enter the clergy of the Lutheran church……that was funny as hell. One of the best parodies I have seen yet. Thanks!


  2. Felix Says:

    Mark, I have been a student of your website for some time – regarding cults- anyway, really funny video I think you would enjoy is on youtube- gulliblity test by chaserchannel.

    Thank you and others for your effort, time, and concern in educating others on these cults. I am sure it has been very difficult and costly, but I am believing you will reap a great harvest from your labor.

  3. Artoo45 Says:

    And the Great Enturbulation Roadshow of 2008 continues . . . Totally delightful, especially with the tragically dumb, “scary” phone call at the end.

    Hubbard liked his axioms. He had lots of them, but he seemed to not be able to find this one with all the pinks and grays in the world: The more humorless and disapproving you are, the more I shall mock you.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    Hilarious, althoughI couldn’t get the message to play> :^(

  5. caliwog Says:

    An apostrophe in “spoofs”? Mark, say it ain’t so!

  6. Wary Says:

    That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Maybe these Co$ guys worst crime of all is that they have no sense of humor.

  7. I nearly hurt myself laughing on that one, I mean an apostrophe in “spoofs”?
    Just kidding, the video was halireauous.

  8. Noxat Says:

    That was hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Scientology itself.

  9. Guv' (UK) Says:

    ‘Fruitier than a nutcake’. Genius.

  10. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to say that everything that has been going on around here for the last couple of weeks is great. Not really into the illegal stuff but the information getting out and the people banding together is wonderful.

    As anonymous said, anonymous has been watching all of this for a long time. I wouldn’t worry about anonymous getting bored. We have a very long memory. And as people wander away other come to take part.

  11. Oldface Andre Says:

    I thought this one was pretty neat too

  12. George Says:

    Wow. This is freaky. I am anxious about Feb. 10th. It has the possibility of badness, but also it could turn out very well. I just wish I could be there at one of the Orgs, just to watch. … well, that and to silently chant “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, These Body Thethens Gotta Go!”

  13. Rory Says:

    Hey Mark, why can’t I shop for the wise beard man items you’re selling? Everytime I click on an item, it’s says product cannot be found.

  14. Robert Says:

    Hi Mark

    Been recently investigating Scientology throughly. Viewing and listening to anything I can find. This spoof is one of the best and funniest on TC and Scientology. Being also from Canada it would be great for the Canadian people to hear the unexposed side of Scientology. Keep up the fight!

  15. […] Tom Cruise Spoof Off all the spoof’s of Tom’s Scientology video, this may be favorite.  It is very rude and crude so be […] […]

  16. Sponge Says:

    More spoofs:-

    Tom Cruise – has risen to become the new “(Brain)Farting Preacher”…

    Furby’s take on Tom Cruise (hide the children)…….

    Tom Cruise, on behalf of Scientology O.S.A., incorrectly targets “anonymous”…..


  17. JP Says:

    Protest in Orlando February 2

    Epic Win.They parked a van in front of the church to hide it.More than 150 people were there protesting.

    Mark , when you get a chance try to check my email that I sent a couple of days ago or try to send me your number so we can talk.

    Thank you.

  18. Anon Says:

    “I will not hesitate to put ethics into someone, I put ethics into a guy last night I met on craigslist, ruthlessly. I was in a good mood so I let him also put ethics into me… but only the tip of ethics.” XD

  19. Kyla Says:

    Those were great, but this one still remains my fav:

  20. none Says:

    Your Cafe Press shop is empty.

  21. caliwog Says:

    The second video sounds a little like Heber Jentzsch, a little like William Shatner. Funny, we haven’t heard much from either of them recently. Coincidence?

  22. David Says:

    Hmmm too much TC bashing and the pendulum will swing back and he will be the victim, a martyr justifying Scientology’s aggressive tactics.

    Danger Will Robinson.

  23. ntelekt Says:

    Man, this is like the Scientology version of “The Aristocrats”!!! Funny as hell. The Jerry O’Connell spoof is also real funny.

  24. Bill W Says:

    I have seen many of the Anon vids and I hioe their pickett on Feb 10 goes well. This will be the fight of their lives. They have absolutely no idea how low Co$ will go to win any battle. Again I wish Anon all the luck in the world. COS will not go down easy. Put the truth in front of as many people as possible and then things will change.

  25. anon loves wbm Says:

    Thank you for posting this, and for everything you have done.

  26. Csaba Says:

    My favorite from CBS:

  27. JP Says:

    Mark, i guess you are busy because you didn’t reply my email.I have some good material about a journalist who infiltrate the cult and filmed very good stuff for your documentary.

    It was in Spain, maybe you already saw it.When you get a chance try to talk with me by email or maybe we can talk by phone, just send me your number.

    This material can be very good after the next sunday because this will show the real face of this people.Please contact me.


  28. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks. I have been very busy. I have a copy of the Spanish report. The filmmakers visited us in Clearwater at the LMT before the show aired and gave us a copy. Some of the LMT were interviewed as to what they saw in the video.

  29. JP Says:

    Perfect Mark, thank you for your answer.I think this kind of material need to be share with everybody.If you want to I can do the translate with subtitles but it will be nice to a good quality copy.Having children inside their churches and making them do all that mind stuff is so creepy.

    I just trying to help for this cause because I never seen this happening since I begin reading about this.

  30. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Spoof yanked. Draw your own conclusions.

  31. Dissenting Voice Says:

    …or not? Guess my computer is just failing me.

  32. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Stopped by the Damn Show website today to see if anything was going on and it looks like they got ANOTHER call…. same voice.

  33. KH Says:

    I thought this write up of a recent protest against $cientology would interest you……

  34. Greenmask Says:

    Did anyone else notice their phone has v-tech?

  35. this was great Says:

    i am clicking right now on the story

  36. Vivi Says:

    I just came across Scientology when I first saw it from South Park. I was like, “What kind of people are they?” Do they really believe in that kind of batshit? Well after looking up on several websites and found yours, I truly believe you guys are right.

    And thanks for sharing that very hilarious video. I almost cried laughing my ass off. That was bloody brilliant!

    Mr Wise Beardman, you’re the man! 😀

  37. funny christmas ecards free

    Tom Cruise Spoof | THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV

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