Tory on Eric Von Wade Show

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday January 28, 2008

Tory just finished this radio show. In case you missed it, here’s the audio.

Download this mp3

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23 Comments on “Tory on Eric Von Wade Show”

  1. Gnosis Says:

    Yeah, Tory! Come to ESMB (Ex-Scientologist Message Board) to post to Magoo and other sane and able ex-scientologists.

  2. JP Says:

    Mark, we need to speak about the tax exemption.Please try to write a letter with all your expertise regarding this matter.
    As soon as you finish the letter to send to ours Congressmen and Senators.

    I will send it to everybody.There’s a lot of people willing to do it.

    We need to keep this momentum …..thank you Mark for your help !!!!


  3. Kerry Says:

    This was a stunning program, thanks so much, and to you, too Mark, for webbing it. The truth is running all over the lies Scientology have perpetuated against its critics for so very long. Hallelujah!

  4. DM beats people up? LOL

    JP, good idea, a form letter would work well.

  5. David Says:

    Well I suspect everyone knows by now that I am a Tory and Mark fan ( and Andreas but then who isn’t ). But I’d like to offer some feedback if you will excuse me.

    I’d like to see three concise points made early on in an interview as I think it is important for the audience to then go onto understand the Scientology knot:

    1. On entrance you have to confess everything you have ever done in “session”, and ever after that members have to live with the fear that these confessions will be disclosed.

    2. That Scientology asserts a relationship between lack of progress with Suppressive Persons, thus there is a constant witch hunt known as Sec Checking (and all the others) and the reason why they willingly get members to participants in family breakups – it is for their own good.

    3. That Scientology asserts a final relationship between lack of progress and psychological problems and incidents at birth and in past lives. That if the needle stop reacting when you talk about incidents in your childhood ( and those of your imagination ) you are considered to have “cleared” that incident. They also use it to prove the converse, so if a member is rambling on about a dream or a past life if the meter reacts it is a sign that there is some truth hidden in it and taken as evidence of past lives.

    Well, put better than that, I know I haven’t got all the terminology right, I’m in a rush today.

  6. Aj Says:

    rinder has left?? thats news. why is he still on their website ???

    it would be nice to get him to talk out about what he sore/did to people


  7. andy Says:

    i applaud Tory– her story was fascinating, if not disturbing, especially when she was headed off at the airport.

    but twice she did say that there was ‘good’ in this organization. specifically what methods do they have that possibly work, or arent available by other means, for no cost? isnt “auditing” merely talking about whats on your mind, or whats bothering you?

    maybe Tory should have substituted the word ‘benign’ for ‘good’, because if its hocus pocus, that you PAY for, it aint good at all.

  8. pakipics Says:

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  9. Brian Says:

    keep up the good work, your support is ever increasing!

  10. Charles Says:

    Wow… I just got to the end of the interview…

    Did Mike Rinder really REALLY leave? I ask because his wikipedia entry and info on scientology’s main website is still there and say’s he’s head of OSA…

    Wow it was only a few months back that I said he was like Darth Vader (his past life exp involving his daughter etc). I’d based that after watching all these videos on xenutv and the Gerry Armstrong videos… WOW…

    What is going on?

  11. Martin Says:

    Tory is always a fantastic person to listen to. She has well spoken and non-abrasive and that goes a very long way when helping people 🙂

    WTG Tory!


  12. Martin Says:

    Was just cruising Wikipedia, and made a fascinating discovery. Mike Rinder’r picture has been taken down from his Wikipedia page!

    Is Scientology yet again trying to re-write their history?

    Mark, you really should try to get an Interview with Mike. If he left, I am sure he likely has some guilt. Tory is right. Speaking out is healing 🙂


  13. diana Says:

    I love tory it’s good to know she’s still speaking out and doing well but how’s jesse prince doing

  14. cathy Says:

    Wow, what an amazing interview. Tory rocks! I worry that the co$ will try to hurt her. Is she safe?

  15. JJ Says:

    Lets hope Mr. Rinder can come to his senses and start speaking out like Larry Brennan has.

  16. GJ Says:

    I was born into Scientology and was freed from it when my mum got out (she ‘married into it’ – no choice). It’s so great to hear informed ex-scientologists speak out.

  17. ANON13465 Says:

    great interview, a MUST LISTEN to anyone who has doubts about anonymous’ cause
    i agree with the bearded one that attacks should be kept lawfull. as i was listening i was reading hubbards neices letter. i thought to myself “i cant belive this is happening under everyones noses”.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Mike Rinder: Buried in an unmarked grave just outside of Las Vegas, hiding out Cuba in fear or just having a nice, long vacation?

  19. ntelekt1 Says:

    Wow, Rinders finally out! Good for him.

  20. anonymous Says:

    I think, you know, it’s cool, you know, that you did this, you know, because, you know, it says a lot about what’s going on, you know, so thanks.

    Stay commitited.

  21. anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the interview. Tory if possible could you stop saying “right” after each statement. I’m sure it is an invoulantary tick from the years of brainwashing at CO$ but it is very distracting, just like someone saying umm every other word in a speech.

  22. tsimento Says:

    “Right;” “Just like the Truman show;” “I was at the top level;” “I was in the top secret mafia…phony accounts;” “Right!?”…I know i’m hating, I love magoo!!!! right,

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