My Message to anonymous

I don’t know if this will make a difference or not but I felt I needed to respond to anonymous, the group of people who have taken down Scientology’s website and taken to the streets to silence Scientology.

Read more about Scientology vs. the IRS.

Locate your government representatives.


Don’t do anything illegal in speaking out against Scientology.  Follow Andreas’ suggestions and make a real difference.

anonymous’ First Video 

anonymous’ Second Video 

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37 Comments on “My Message to anonymous”

  1. Jo/Montyollie Says:

    Mark, good stuff, as always. A couple of points of note:

    If you want to make a feature length documentary (Oh yeah!) you should take advantage of this surge in people like me who have only recently found out about the $cientology abuses, and put a PAYPAL link and take donations towards that goal. Seriously. There are tons of us out there who would love to see a full length piece from you!!

    Secondly, re: ‘call your congressman’… : I am Canadian, and many of your readers are international and as you know, $ci is all over the world. Having it outlawed or the tax exempt status in one country revoked doesn’t do a lot of damage. It’s hard for the average person, who is VERY angry at only just finding out at how bad it is, to think that calling a congressman helps. I have been involved in politics for years, and VERY VERY little gets done at that level. It is revolutionaries and ordinary citizens who are going to change the world. Look at New Orleans as a prime example. The government does nothing while grassroots organizations use volunteer labour to rebuild that city. It’s insane. I’m not even an American, but if I were, I would have NO faith in my government at all, and I would sure as hell not trust them to take down $cientology.

    Sometimes radical revolutionaries have to stage a coup in order to get done what needs doing. I’m not advocating illegal behaviour, I’m just saying that there are people out there who need to do more than just call their congressman. There has to be a happy medium.

    Anyhow, again, thanks for all you do. I’ve spent more time on your site the last week than I think anywhere else on the net in recent months. FANTASTIC stuff, and all in one place. You are living proof of what one person can do (legally! LOL)

  2. Chip Gallo Says:

    Well, at least we know what everyone’s position is on this. Thanks for taking the time to do this and all the other things you do. Looks like a real battle royale is shaping up!

  3. caliwog Says:

    I think it’s good to take this stand in case Scn tries to tar you (Mark) and anonymous with the same brush, but I don’t know that I’d worry a whole lot about it. I agree that anon’s way isn’t the right way, but Scn has had web-based attacks before and sooner or later these kiddies will get bored and move on to something else. I can see the church saying “See what people like Anonymous and Mark Bunker and Andreus do to discriminate against our religion?” The answer is “Just because a bank robber uses a car to flee the scene of the crime doesn’t mean everyone who uses a car is a criminal.” Apply the Scn marketing tech (openly and admittedly stolen from Jack Trout and Al Ries) — when you’re on top, ignore the competition in your promotion material and just keep on doing what you’re doing.

  4. JP Says:

    New video Mark, this is getting bigger and bigger

  5. Brett Says:

    Hi, Mark… GREAT video. It is exactly what “Anonymous” needs to hear.

    I’ve tried twice to post favorable comments on your videos–and a couple of other videos by Scientology critics–and each time, my comments “evaporate” into the ether. I’m not sure what’s going on with that (since I definitely DO know how to post comments on YouTube), but I thought I’d mention that for the record.

    And I also thought that I’d come here, and make a favorable comment, since I can’t seem to do it anywhere else.

    I admire what you and others at are doing.


  6. Inscrutabledrum Says:

    Thanks for that message Mark. I believe wholeheartedly that temperance is the best policy when it comes to taking down Scientology. We do not need to hurt people. Information is best. Folks can make up their own minds. After all, isn’t that what all of us are after? Free thought regarding Scientology and the free flow of information about this so-called “religion” I’m sure is an acceptable goal. Getting rid of their tax-exempt status is a very worthy goal. I sure hope that Anonymous takes heed and listens. Who better to listen to than the folks that have been battling Scientology for years?

  7. An Anonymous Says:


    To start off, I don’t speak for the group, so don’t take any of what I say here as a voice of the majority. This is purely my own opinion, and in no way should the entirety of the group be judged by my own voice. I have, however, been a long time visitor of one of the websites which Anonymous resides in, so I feel I can likely give you a fair report on the the type of people who comprise the group. I tell you this because I believe you are one of the people who is fighting this the right way and believe you could be a very powerful ally.

    This whole rally against Scientology is something which is known as a “raid”, a call to attack against someone the majority has deemed worthy. This can be for any number of reasons, some noble, some not so. One of the more inspiring stories is that of Anonymous’ attack against Hal Turner, the owner of a racist talk-show and a regular visitor of Stormfront and other, similar websites. After repeated attacks on his website, he was eventually left alone, at which point he survived for a few weeks longer, then ceased his web-activities. It was a real “flavour-of-the-month” style thing. Less noble stories involve raids against MySpace users or other similar social networking sites.

    Essentially, these raids have carried on until the point where they have ceased being fun, then Anonymous has left the targets alone. Though the core leaders behind this attack on Scientology have done their research and are fighting the good fight because they know the history behind the group, the ground troops, the endless amounts of DDoS machines out there, are manned by people who are doing it simply because it is a new target. These people do not understand what is being fought for here.

    I can honestly say that I was one of these people until I actually underwent some research. I’d heard about Scientology before and dismissed it simply as some cooky psuedo-religion, laughing at many of their founding principles. Now I have seen it for what it is and am deeply disturbed by the amount of things I didn’t know yet are available for anyone to see.

    I will also honestly say I am doing everything I can to ensure this attack goes well. There is a world-wide picket scheduled for the 10th of November at almost all Scientology HQs and many of us will be attending these. I am hopeful that this will turn out to be a non-aggressive protest, though with a group like Anonymous which is large, unwieldy and difficult to communicate with entirely, I am very worried about it turning out differently. Though I am not taking part in the fax machine attacks, the prank calls or the DDoSing as much of it seems childish and certainly not flattering to our cause, I will do everything at my disposal to ensure the protest at the London branch of the Scientology offices go well.

    Anyway, that’s a little off-track. I do not believe Anonymous will make the difference we need. In order to take down an organisation like the RTC, we require more than just childish pranks, something that is outlined incredibly well in your video above.

    However, I believe that the number of people like I who have learned a great deal about Scientology through this somewhat primitive movement numbers vast amounts. These young people embody the ideas you speak of and are energetic about doing something about it. If nothing does come of this through the movements of Anonymous, stand affirmed that a whole generation has been educated on the ways of Scientology and their activities, and we will not stand silent.


    p.s., You’re right, that little advert did come off as a little self-serving.

  8. An Anonymous Says:

    10th of February, even. I’ve gotta learn to check these comments before I send them off.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Some anonymous running an *effective* picket in Orlando :

    It’s heartening to see how much support they get from passers by.
    Learn from this example, /b/rothers!

  10. David Says:

    This is not going to end well.

  11. JP Says:

    Mark I know you must be busy working but I really think that you need to take some action.The message to Anonymous was good but they need more from you.Your knowledge and experience is going to help this cause a lot.In fact, this is happening in part thanks to you because of your videos and everything you did before.

    They choose this next February 10 because Lisa McPherson born that day.

    I just want to ask you that try to be there for these people.I don’t know if you are going to picket that day but I hope you will.
    Don’t worry about the money for the documentary because you are going to get it.This is your opportunity to shine even more.Everybody is talking about this on the net.
    Give more tips to Anonymous, now they are going to picket their offices.They need your expertise.HELP THEM!
    They are kids so I don’t think C0$ will sue them or try to do something crazy with a hammer.But you never know..
    Keep with your good work Mark!!

  12. Stephan Says:

    Hey Mark, thank you for exposing as much as you did so far.

    Now this may be asking for a bit to much, but could you perhaps post some well written letters that can be send to goverment officials?

  13. starbirdcanada Says:

    Thank you for being a voice of reason in this whole matter. I have posted your video on my blog (I hope that’s okay) and my comments concerning this whole affair. I have also added your blog to my blogroll.

  14. Martin Says:

    One thing I would like to add to Mark’s comments.

    Mark is 100% correct. Taxes will seriously hurt them.

    Remember that even Al Capone did not go to jail because of all the murders he committed or ordered. Her went to jail for Tax Fraud. Think about that. One of the top ten gansters in American History was brought down for Tax Fraud!!

    I know, through contacts I have in the IRS Compliance Department, that they *are* looking into Scientology. Help them do that. Help them get Scientologies Status revoked (By the by, it is not a 100% tax exempt religion. They actually didn’t qualify for that. They got a service organization exemption, for which they must meet certain criteria each year, and the IRS is looking into violations of that. Food for though.)

    Anyway, Mark knows how to get in touch with me. I am a lawyer, and will more than happily discuss legal ramifications with people if they decide to take on Scientology. Always better to go in fully armed.


  15. Artoo45 Says:

    Excellent video Mark,
    In my experience, nothing makes $cientology look more foolish than their own writings, rantings and attacks. Trying to dis them, shut them down or “suppress” them makes them wrap themselves in the tattered martyr’s rag known as religious persecution. The uninformed will always fall for this tactic and sympathy will be generated. The Anonymous video though well intended, is clearly the work of people who just don’t get out enough . . . kinda sounds like the sort of thing Sea Org or OSA members would craft to “shudder people into silence”.

  16. starbirdcanada Says:

    Hi Mark, I have just been re-reading some of the comments here, particularly one by AnAnonymous. My concern is that this group calling itself Anonymous will not be able to control the various factions and splinter groups that it will ultimately breed. Anonymous’ stated goal is to bring down Scientology. Will it end there? Who will the next target be? I think we can all agree that Scientology is a dangerous cult. Is attacking their websites really the best method of shutting them down. I agree with those that say hitting then where it hurts will be the best way of bringing them down – financially. Recently the financial dealings of several “ministries” have come under scrutiny. Good. Put more pressure on politicians to look into the dealings of these organizations. If no one says anything, nothing will be done. Anyway, continued success to you in your work to bring this organization to everyone’s attention.

  17. Bill W Says:

    I liked the warning Mark gave. I don’t think Anon can truely understand the fight they have picked with CO$. I think they will understand soon, very soon. Not that I am underestimating Anon or CO$, but this is a fight that will last for decades. Not years, or even months. CO$ is such a multi-national group with enough money to back up any type of attack, loss or adverse condition that it will take means that reach to the highest levels of all government to make a real diffrence. I wish Anon as much luck as they need.

  18. SF Says:

    no matter what happens…… a whole group has now read about co$ and know about them. They will make a huge difference by being educated enough not to be tricked into co$. That in my opinion is worth celebrating.

  19. Rory Says:

    What is Anonymous’ website?

  20. […] Chanology blog – XenuTV – – /b/ – Encyclopedia […]

  21. JP Says:

    mark…i need to talk with you …..please send me an email when you get a chance.

    Thank you,

  22. Thanks for explaining to the anons the background, the history of scientology and it’s tactics against free speech. You are so right. Doing illegal things makes it too easy to get trapped by the cult because the cult is experienced at doing covert illegal activities and twisting truth to suit their evil deeds. It is a vindictive organization. The idea is to use the internet to it’s disadvantage. To use one’s right to speak freely and spread the word about the misdeeds and intentions of this organization. That, in itself, will ruin them utterly.

  23. Garg Says:

    In my humble opinion, Scientology should be the first evil to be removed. We should systematically remove all religion from our society.

    Freedom of religion, or freedom from religion?

  24. Bill W Says:

    Anonymous seems to have taken Mark’s advice and has said they will “spread the knowledge of the truth until all the world knows it.” They (someone in ANON) said as much in this video:

    This is my first attempt to imbed a video link. Should it fail, go to youtube and look for a video posted 1-28 called mesaage to scientology. Posted by anon0708196

  25. Charles Says:

    Scientology has responded… (or have they you never know but it is odd they accuse anon of being pedophiles, a classic Scientology claim they make toward all SPs)

  26. An Anonymous Says:

    We thank you for your kind comments….

  27. “What is Anonymous’ website?”
    We don’t have a website. We are everywhere. We used to mainly stick to certain sites (I won’t mention them, as a general rule outsiders have to find us), but if you wish to learn more about our cause, please visit our information sites. Anon welcomes any friendly support it can get, and we have used Wise Beard Man’s (our nickname for Mark Bunker) information and research and integrated it with our own. We believe he is a very valuable ally, and may plan a mass donation to his foundation so that he may produce his documentary.

    2/10/08. Expect us.

  28. fenrir Says:

    I want you to understand, Annonymous are serious. Don’t treat them like a bunch of attention seeking kids, their cause is a worthy one. You say Annonymous shouldnt do anything illegal, but taking down websites is not hurting anyone. Forcing people to have abortions so that they can continue ‘service’ to the church of scientology IS. Dont preach about ‘morals’ when $cientologists collectivly know nothing about them. Annoymous is not about having ‘fun’. Its about human rights. Annonymous needs stronger methods than the ones you suggest.

  29. Lindsay Says:

    you kick ass! very smart stance. illegal activities will reinforce their claims that SPs are amoral, in my opinion.

    I am not anti-Anon, however and I love that they are showing the Co$ you can’t bend the internet to your will. as long as they stay non-violent I will support.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to go about legal measures to remove the COS’s tax-free status. However this would scare the shit out of me as they would soon become aware of who I was and declare me Fair Game. Perhaps you can see why people are going about non-legal and morally flexible activities to protest COS. They are playing COS at their own game.

  31. XENU TV Says:

    Taking down websites will hurt the whole Anonymous movement by making it appear illegitimate in the public’s eyes and put the members who risk going on the street in jeopardy should Scientology convince a willing police department to lay the blame on them.

  32. responee Says:

    There have been times in history where when people are not protected by their government, illegal activities have protected human rights. Sometimes criminals or criminal organizations rise through absolute trickery and there is justification to do back to them what they do to others. Look at the american civil war and war against hitler. What would we do if those fighters did not make a stand? They were not easy decisions to make but they were right in both cases. If there was ever a case in modern history to make the same stand it would seem now is the time. Like sure sell dvd’s and write to congressmen but change is not going to happen without the same full on attack that cos itself has spewed forth. We are not talking about a harmless organization here. It is incredibly dangerous and is operating in real time. Anyone who makes a stand against that only has to answer to one judge and one law and if they are true in their hearts they will prevail.

  33. The People Says:


    Recent events and actions that are taken place in the act to educate people about the wrong doing of a false religion, commonly known as ‘Scientology’, has taken a turn for the worst. ‘Anonymous’, a group whose only point and goal is to eliminate the religion from the face of the planet, is taking things too far, like what Mark Bunker, more commonly known as ‘the wise beard man’. We agree with Mark Bunker. Anonymous has gone the wrong route in the past month in trying to express their opinions. We feel the need to ‘interject’ ourselves in this conflict. Anonymous has a bad reputation, and rightly so. Their actions were irrelevant to expressing their opinions. When performing such actions, you need to realize what is going to happen or benefit from them. Obviously, they weren’t thinking straight.

    We are called ‘The People’. We are a variety of voices from all over the world. We express our voices responsibly and reasonably. We know activism isn’t as simple as it dictates, and we fully understand that. Which is why we all have to use patience. It’s essential. We act as a neutral party who wish to make our voices be heard. We are not an organisation, or a cult. We are people. People that have the same understanding of the issues that surround our culture and us. We are people who use reasoning and research about our topics. We don’t post threats or blackmailing gestures to harass people/organisations/religion. We are sensible, understanding neither ignorant nor neglecting. We hate ignorance, and neglecting of our voices. We will be heard. We will follow what we feel is right in our eyes, whether it looks like we are siding with groups/people or not. We will not back done from a challenge. We will stand our ground. We are The People.

    The People are a group who will make known of the lies these people and cults hide from public, corrupting lives, ruining families, and/or causing death of people. We are associated with no one, unless the situation arises when we feel that there is a need to co-operate with other groups/people who share the same vision. We do not mock. We do not hate. We do not create offensive material the some people/groups/organisations might find offensive. We do not discriminate. We spread truth that was originally hidden from you and us. We want to make known that the story that these people/groups are expressing is only a vague fraction of the truth and that they are not the reality of their jest.

    We the people do not imply on having a religion (which, to us, is classified as having a set of beliefs to live by and follow) but members may be associated with anything they choose to be with and follow. We do not show favouritism, but we do follow reasoning. Our voices will be heard. We will not be destroyed or corrupted. We are The People.

    Recently, there have been comments about a group called Anonymous posted on CBC’s Search Engine, which is hosted by Jesse Brown. Those posters were not in any fashion and/or way associated with us. They are people who requested and attempted to perform illegal actions similar to what ‘Anonymous’ had performed. We no longer look at those individuals as a member of The People. They are disgraceful, cold hearted and immature to the point where they will only cause themselves harm.

    We do not have a leader, but we split in groups dealing with various issues. We do not request people to join The People. The choice has always been theirs. We do not disown members unless they disown us. We will not be ridiculed. We are the neutral voices. We are the People.


    -The People

    PS: I also want to point out to the Anonymous that we were not responsible for the comments posted on Search Engine. If you feel the need to discuss, feel free.

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