An Ode to Buddy’s Injury

I love this video.  Some wag has taken my material and whipped up this amusing salute to “Buddy.”

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8 Comments on “An Ode to Buddy’s Injury”

  1. Ulf Says:

    Yes, poor Buddy…Here is another funny video

  2. Remember kids, Scientology helps us to overcome our independence, and improves your grammar though Applied Scholastic Schools (A.S.S.).

    “My name is Bubby. I had truggle readigg but drough de powebuhr of ASS I was aggle t’ obehcome. Gawlly! I now spell webuhll ‘n speak like a Harbard professor.”

  3. lgattruth Says:

    Anonymous on the Radio, right now, on KROQFM

    Can anyone get an audio copy of this?

  4. David Says:

    I have to wonder why “Anonymous” is bleeding into every blog entry like an unwelcome pop-up advert.

  5. Vote for Xenu in 08' Says:

    My favorite part – “What is your foot crime?” Love the site and keep up the great work Mark.

  6. Martin Says:

    It’s after things like this that I bet these guys are sitting at home thining to themselves, “Oh why the heck did I say that?”

    Love it!! LOL 🙂


  7. me, TremblingEagle Says:

    That guy should bend over and kiss your feet if he ever gets out,

    If they ever get out of that cult can u imagine the GUILT these people must feel?

  8. That’s a classic, Mark!

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