The Eric Von Wade Show

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eric Von WadeI appeared on the Eric Von Wade radio show out of Corpus Cristi, Texas on Tuesday to talk about Scientology. Minutes before the show started, I gave the url to Eric’s website on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup, encouraging folks to listen.

I waited till the last minute so Scientology would not be able to harass Eric prior to the show. I knew, however, that they would be instantly alerted and would respond. Before the show was half finished, Scientology PR lady Pat Harney was on the phone, itching to respond.

The producer of the show asked me if I would be willing to have her be part of the show and I said, “Absolutely. I would love to talk to her.”

In my solo first half of the show, I brought up as much material as I could to respond to Eric’s questions. He wanted to know about the beliefs so I filled him in with the mythology of the evil overlord Xenu blowing us up with hydrogen bombs and covering us with BT’s. I explained the bait-and-switch aspects of the religion. How low level members have no idea what lays ahead and yet clearing Body Thetans is really what you set out to do when you start on to the Bridge to Total Freedom.

We talked about the expensive nature of the courses, the fact that OT’s can’t talk about the secret material to their closest family members or friends, the various methods Scientology uses to find new members through stress tests, drug rehab programs or business management courses. How Scientology “finds their ruin” to get them in and methods they use to keep them in.

I brought up Fair Game and Eric wanted to have an example of someone who was attacked with Fair Game and I gladly filled him in on Paulette Cooper and the evil tactics they ran on her and how her name was cleared only after the FBI raided Scientology’s headquarters and found the detailed operations in their files.

We talked Snow White and the fact that Mary Sue and other top officials went to prison for their crimes. I brought up KR’s and sec checks and did my best to make it all make sense to people who may be unfamiliar with the subject.

Then at the half hour mark, Pat got on the show and was outraged that I would tell such “lies” and that I was well known to her. She repeatedly accused me of spending months “outside her door,” shouting obscenities and videotaping her. Now, I have no idea where “her door” is but she has to be referring to the the Clearwater bank building because that’s where I would occasionally see her working. As for shouting obscenities, I would love to see those tapes because that is not me at all.

The other charge she made a few times is that I was in Clearwater “till my money dried up.” It sounded like she was almost sorry I was gone. “Gee, it’s a shame your money dried up because I enjoyed the shouted obscenities.” Sorry I had to take another job, Pat.

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ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pat HarneyShe repeats both of her insults about me in the radio show you’re about to hear. This was her hour and she wanted to make the most of it. She brings out the usual defenses for the group but answers honestly when Eric asks her where she is on the Bridge. She admits she is not yet Clear. That actually surprised me. All those years and not yet clear.

Pat talks about the wonderful programs like Narconon and Applied Scholastic and the Way to Happiness and then at the half hour, Tory Christman calls in and Pat has to respond to someone who actually has some inside knowledge of how the group works.

This unsettles her. Tory talks about Disconnection and Pat says “We bring families together!” Tory talks about Joel Phillips and Religious Freedom Watch and Pat has no idea who he is. Tory calls Pat out on the truth of how much it costs in Scientology and Pat freaks out and pretends she was totally honest in her estimates.

In the final segment, I’m able to call in and point out the Scientology policy of TR-L and explain how Pat told an acceptable truth when she said the day before that she had been in Scientology for years and had never read anything about Xenu and BT’s. Yes, because she is not even Clear.

What happened next almost made my jaw drop. Pat admits TR-L was a church policy and I read a definition from their technical dictionary. Eric asks if she was trying to not discuss things she wasn’t supposed to talk about and she says…”Exactly!”

Does your church train it’s parishioners to lie? Or is this yet another way Scientology isn’t like any religion the St. Petersburg Times knows?

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Here is just the final phone call from me and Pat’s response which may get her in a bit of Ethics trouble back at the Org. She says I’m not an expert on Scientology. It seems I may be more of an expert than she is.

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32 Comments on “The Eric Von Wade Show”

  1. David Says:

    The biggest mistake Scientology made in the last 8 years was to antagonise Tory.

    The second biggest mistake Scientology made in the last 8 years was to take on Mark.

    This audio clip is a prime example of that. Scientology should never put up an ignoramus against either of these two.

  2. Great stuff Tory and Mark.

    Well Pat,either you have no idea or your head is in the sand.
    I believe Tory.I don’t think Scientology is any different today than it was back in 1967.

    Pat says”in Scientology we bring families together”. “we do not commit illegal acts” with regards families.I say- thats a lie.
    I was an 11yr old child still stuck in Scientology, in the Sea Org,with no family for months and when my Father came to get me, he was not allowed access. When i asked “Why i could not see him” i was told “You know the rules”.ie; Your Father is an SP and therefore you cannot communicate with him.Am i bitter,your damned right i’m bitter.

  3. Pat Harney has been in scientology how long? She states that she’s not Clear yet. I heard her say that. She’s not listed in any of the completion lists so I don’t imagine she has had much training as an auditor, either, despite her claim that she’s taken lots of courses. Next time someone needs to pin her down on how far along the training side of the bridge to nowhere she’s gone. It’s amazing that she’s lasted this long in the Sea Org and as a PR spokesperson for Scientology, considering all the Xenu talk that must come her way from the “wog” world. I bet she’ll make a run for the woods once she opens that OT III pack and see’s the irrepressable story of Xenu 🙂

  4. Krueger Says:

    That picture of Pat in the yellow suit looks familiar. Was she in that BBC documentary “Scientology and Me”? I remember one scene in which Sweeney is in Clearwater and he is talking to an African American woman who tells him”I’ve heard that English people are very polite and nice, but unfortunately that is not what I’ve heard about you, and that’s so sad!”

    It looks and sounds like the same person.

    Fascinating radio show. Go Mark and Tori!

  5. Mark Bunker Says:

    Yes, and you can see Pat handling the city officials in my video here:

  6. god Says:

    i hope you’re watching o’reilly right now, mark…

  7. Bill W Says:

    I loved the part about an acceptable truth. Yes, Pat says she hasn’t heard about aliens because she’s not even clear. Holy Cow !!!!! How can anyone hold a position such as PR Director without at least having some information about the inner working of an organisation?? It makes PR really easy when the answer to all your questions is “I don’t know”. If family was really as important as Pat says, Scientologists would spend less time paying for auditing and more time teaching their kids about The Bridge or the Way to Happiness or whatever makes Scientologists happy.

  8. xenubarb Says:

    Jenna Miscavige Hill, David Miscavige’s niece, has this to say about Scientology’s skill in keeping families together. In a letter recently released, she says,

    “I will suggest however that maybe you should spend the manpower and time of drafting your masterpiece rebuttal – why don’t you take the high road for once and put that time towards repairing the families you have destroyed, starting with the family of David Miscavige himself – hell, if Scientology can’t keep his family together – then why on earth should anyone believe the Church helps bring families together!”

  9. Martin Says:

    Pat is correct about one thing. As you grow as a person, you are able to more rationally deal with spiritual issues. However, unlike Scientology, in other religions, you know what it is you’re dealing with (ie. the whole carpenter is son of god thing). Additionally for me to become a better Jew or Christian or Muslim I don’t need to pay. I love how she says they have an endowment and Co$ doesn’t. The financial stablility doesn’t matter. The other faiths still do not charge for “courses.” They may have dues at the Synagogue or Church, but certainly no fee for class work.

    These people irk me.

  10. kyle Says:

    hey mark i would just like to say keep on the good fight brother. and ill join up with you guys some day because you folks are doing some good but you need some youth behind you and we can help give a voice to truly put a end to that cult and plus i think they be surprised to see a bunch 20 year olds out there and i have alot of friends, thanks mark for the information and keep up the good work and email me i would love to have a conversation some time .

  11. hkalk Says:

    i’ve come across a few references to xenu’s first/given name, but not the source thereof. it would appear to be an anagram. consider a link to mickey mouse. does it appear in any scientology literature, and if so where?

  12. Ulf Says:

    Here is a message from Hubbard to Pat about Xenu aka Xemu.

  13. Sponge Says:

    Here’s something for Pat. A quote from Hubbard the racist……

    “The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world — he is probably impossible by any human standard. ”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, PAB No. 119, 1 September 1957

    What do you think of that, Pat?

  14. JJ Says:

    Mark, I think in those situations, you should press the PR individual to say the word “Xenu”. They won’t say it because it is forbidden. You are closing in on them. We are listening and 100% behind you.

  15. Ulf Says:

    It must be hard to be a cultist these days

  16. Martin Says:


    Out of curiosity, what was your reference to Mark Rinder? Did he leave the Co$, or was it that he had Pat’s position before she did? Thanks 🙂

  17. XENU TV Says:

    Rinder allegedly blew Scientology a few months back.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Scientology is evil… And will be stopped by peaceful means or any means necessary.
    They suppress free speech, and they suppress their true information about their organization. If Scientology does not want to change then Anonymous will change it for them.

  19. ntelekt1 Says:

    Hey Mark, these two interviews are amazing! You did a great job in informing about Scientology with the alotted tie. Also, never have I seen a PR person do such a poor job of damage control, and in fact, add to the damage (thanks to your effectiveness).

    Admitting the policy at the end and that she’s not even a Clear yet was so Awesome for us! Thanks for the bang up job!

  20. anon Says:

    fight the good fight mark. you rock.

  21. reg Says:

    I disagree with ntelekt1 a little. I thought Pat ‘handled the fort’ reasonably well. Remember, it’s a radio show and before you have time to think about a particular point up comes another one. There’s very little one can do except keep the pressure on, and this is what Tory and Mark did well- with facts. Pat lied, but how can a listener determine this if they are not already committed one way or another.

    I went on to an English website recently and read the ‘creed’ of the ‘church’. It sounded very nice. It is only through the effort of personal research possible to know that this creed is a cynical abuse of language. Others, in search for inner peace or whatever, look at the waggly worm dangling in front of the ugly angler fish and bite.
    They are unable to see the obvious, to examine the evidence because they are afraid to lose that which they desire-roughly speaking, a way ,direction and meaning.

    We must develop skillful means if we wish to be effective in the fight for freedom and against tyranny, and to help people steer away from this bottomless pit. Truth is on our side and so is the patience of Mark Bunker. Look how he presents his information: gently and with compassion. This is the best part of the show. Thanks Mark for taking time out to do it.

    Rinder ‘blew Scientology a few months back’ Do you have any more on that?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard. Expect us.

  23. Dan L. Says:

    Personally, I think this radio host gave WAY too much time to Pat. I understand he had to try and be fair, but I found myself shouting “She JUST talked and ranted! Give Mark (or Tory) 20 seconds here without Pat barging in!” And he LET her interrupt almost everytime! Mark and Tory: great job on being so patient with this host, I would have lost my temper with him. When she called in on Mark, she got the right of way… and when Mark called in on her, she got the right of way AGAIN.

    To digress, I must say it is kind of a genius move putting this woman as a PR spokesperson. As someone who probably knows nothing of OSA’s dirty tricks or the Co$’s high level wacky ‘doctrine,’ she is the perfect naive voice to talk only about the more harmless aspects of Scientology, and to speak of them honestly (in her experience).

    I would have loved to hear Tory say: “Eric, your listeners should know here, one of us is right and one of us is wrong, it’s that black and white. And the truth of the matter is, I’ve been in for 30 years, was LEVELS higher than Pat, and have the proof to back-up everything I’m saying.”

  24. By7712a Says:

    What an ignorant woman she is. She cares NOTHING for Lisa McPherson, absolutely NOTHING.

  25. Koby Says:

    I like how she says Mark is not an expert in the religion because he is not a part of the religion. I don’t think you have to be a part of something to be an expert in it…Let me give you an example: Theology professors. Most of them are secular.

  26. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Not an expert? Why the hell are you doing radio interviews, how come you have slept 20hrs in the last three months, why has DM squirrelled all the text so you can re-sell to you, how come not so many new faces around the Mothership, how come you admitted so much!
    Thats all

  27. tsimento Says:

    this is the 10th time i’ve listened to this broadcast in the last year or so…it’s always fun hearing Pat scrammble and avoid questions… almost as good as the classic Hebert Jentch (however you spell it) and Denis Elrich broadcast!

  28. Cornelius Futz Says:

    “The people in Scientology are some of the most intelligent people you’re gonna find.” (Pat the Scientology PR person.)

    Like David Miscavige, the high school dropout leader? How about Hubbard, the college flunk-out.

    I don’t think Pat has been finding bright people in the right place.

    What do Scientologists expect of critics? That they are going to promote Scientology, and lie and exaggerate all the great things about Scientology like they do.

  29. roger may Says:

    you were talking about a record sniper shot this morning and stated the distance of 1680 yards being a mile and a half. the actual correct distance is just less than a mile, as a mile is 1760 yards. as well you said the ragheads could only hear the bullet impact at that range, again untrue unless the sniper weapon was silenced. even a .22 is easily heard at a mile and a half. of course the ragheads may have been too stupid to know but that’s another issue.

    as gun owners and shooters we must be accurate in our comments as the anti-gunners will use anything they can against us.

    i enjoy your show.

  30. Hello, every time i used to check webpage posts here in the
    early hours in the dawn, as i like to gain knowledge of more and more.

  31. Ted Muniz Says:

    I enjoyed Eric’s talk show for many years in the past. Lately, he appears going through a transition in life where his main topic is himself. He talks about his body weigth, his eternal youth, his formidablehealth etc. In the process he neglects his audience who are eager to hear latest events in the country. In a few words, Eric has become a mirror of vanity and narcisism.

    Eric, you’re losing your what used to be a vast audience.

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