Message from Xenu

This seems like a good time to retransmit this intergalactic message from Xenu to Tom Cruise.

And here is a live rendition.

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10 Comments on “Message from Xenu”

  1. Another Surfer Says:

    I haven’t seen this one before! Thanks for posting it.

    Glad you are back up and running. Earlier, your site was down — thread here on ARS:

    Thanks, Mark, for continuing to document everything about scientology, its critics and the cultural phenomena occurring right now around the world with regard to scientology.


    Another Surfer

  2. Oggy Says:

    Great clip and song. I hope it makes it on the mainstream video hit sites on T.V. Keep up the good fight and help bring these idiots to their senses.

    Og, from AUS

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Please take the last comment from me as a joke.

  5. David Says:

    It was obvious it was a joke, a Scientologist would never say “sir”.

  6. Green_Salad Says:

    I absoulutely love this. Whoever created is a comedy genius…I only wish I’d thought of it first!

  7. Green_Salad Says:

    I also wish I could spell!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    We are taking down Scientologi now. The war has started. We are many. Check link for more details. And this youtube video sums it up.

  9. TheBear Says:

    That was a great video. I would love to get an mp3 of the song to play.
    I have an Internet Radio Show on
    Scientology is a scary cult and you’re a brave man for doing what you do.
    I’ve been checking XenuTV for a couple of years, have seen many of your videos and have to admit I don’t have half the guts you do.

    The Bear

  10. John Walters Says:

    Awesome video. I have a question for anyone who has tax experience. It seems to me the REAL god of scientology is money. Is it possible to bring pressure on the IRS and the Federal Government to reexamine the tax exempt status they now enjoy? Why can they deduct the costs of purchasing Scientology material/courses, yet no one else can? It looks like a very vulnerable point with them. Go after their money source. That will really hurt them. It’s all about the money. If you really want to fight them, that is the way to do it. Cheers.

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