Jamie Kennedy Returns to Bubba’s Show

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Friday January 18, 2008

Bubba the Love SpongeBubba the Love Sponge welcomed back the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard to his show for the first time since Kennedy visited Clearwater, Florida back in late 2000 to host a fundraiser for the LMT.

Bubba marvels at how much interest there has been in the earlier interview and Jamie talks about his family’s reaction to being part of the Hubbard bloodline.

Download the mp3


Here’s video of Jamie’s 2000 appearance in Bubba’s studio.  Bubba keeps his studio very dark so it was shot in NightVision:

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18 Comments on “Jamie Kennedy Returns to Bubba’s Show”

  1. yo Says:

    thanks for putting that up it was pretty interesting. have you ever met jamie dewolf or thought about interviewing him for xenu tv?

  2. XENU TV Says:

    I put some video I shot of Jamie on the page here for you.

  3. Krueger Says:

    Is this the same Jamie Kennedy as the guy from Scream?

  4. Krueger Says:

    Nevermind, just watched the second video

  5. frmad Says:

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  6. Sponge Says:

    Thanks for webbing this Mark. If you want the part 2 clip (mainly just studio gang babble) then let me know.

  7. SF Says:

    well I’m multi messing up by trying to do two things at once. IS it the Jamie from Scream or not? I don’t want to re listen to the whole things again

  8. XENU TV Says:

    No. It is not the actor.

  9. SF Says:


  10. caliwog Says:

    Do you have an mp3 of the original show, so we can hear the caller with whom he is arguing at the beginning of the show?

  11. XENU TV Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t.

  12. Touchstone Says:

    I was a little disappointed, since Jamie had a number of his facts slightly off, such as L. Ron’s death-date (actually 1986, not ’89), e-meter functioning (electrical resistance, not blood pressure), and maybe a few more. It was energetic and entertaining enough, however, so thanks for post.

  13. Iago Says:

    Hi, interesting listening to the radio interview. Since I’m German some of what is said got lost on me, so I’d like to know if there is a transcript of it, or, since that seems unlikely considering the length, if some of you guys could help me understand the -for me- blurred pieces. Now don’t worrs, not asking for the whole thing, just the part about Travolta, must be about 30 mins in or so. I got something like “scientology has had to cover up some blunders when he yelled (?) with paying large amounts of money”…What exactly is going on in that situation Jamie is referring to? Would be much appreciated if you could help me shed some light, since I’m could certainly need it to back up my position in an omline debate on a German site about this topic.
    Thanks, keep up the good work Mark.

  14. Iago Translator Says:

    He said something about there being rumors that (Travolta, Kristey Allie) they are given “fast tracks” through scientology, maybe even skipping over the famous level 3 Xenu thing. Also that these stars might not have the financial obligations to the church as regular people.

    Furthermore, he said there is a network of people that watch over these people and the religions general interest very defensively He said Travolta was trying to pick up some guys at a bath house or something and have sex with them and it was covered up.

    This guy is either really full of it, or has the most dirt I’ve ever heard on scientology. I’m leaning towards the latter.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    #1 Its Ron DeWolf (aka L. Ron Hubbard Jr.)
    #2 He passed away in 1991

  16. Iago Says:

    Hi, thx very much for translating!

  17. Maggie Says:

    Why do you have to keep effing and blinding? It doesn’t add anything to the discussion.

  18. Lyza Says:

    How could any of this be better stated? It contlu’d.

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