Tom Cruise and Scientology

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Thursday January 17, 2008

Here’s a short piece about the video and the Tom Cruise book.

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2 Comments on “Tom Cruise and Scientology”

  1. EvilPoet Says:

    Scientology can try and catapult the propaganda all they like it changes nothing. Cruise et al. are standing on a foundation of lying and deceit. A foundation built on lies and deception crumbles under the weight of the truth. They can try and shore up the facade and outrun the truth, but eventually it will catch up with them. We all reap what we sow, it doesn’t matter who we are. The only thing amazing about this whole thing is that Scientology remains open for business. If it were a restaurant it would have been shut down a long time ago for health and safety violations. BUT it claims it’s a religion and as a result has been getting a free pass for far too long.

  2. vicky Says:

    I wish the video had not been “heavily edited.”

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