20/20 on the Tom Cruise Book and Video

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Friday January 18, 2008
20/20 takes a look at Scientology’s hold over actor Tom Cruise.  Features an interview with Scientology expert Professor Stephen Kent.

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11 Comments on “20/20 on the Tom Cruise Book and Video”

  1. Emma Says:


    Thanks again for grabbing these shows.

  2. Eldon Says:

    This really shows him at his freakiest. It should be called “Interview with the Mental Vampire.”

  3. King Says:

    It’s the last thing he says… [quote] She asks me, “I want to know who you are”, “I’m a scientologist”. “No, she asks, I want to know who YOU are”. Laughs. “I’m a scientologist”. [end quote] That’s the tell, tell part right there… Scientology “processing” can and will “process out” a persons individual personality and replace it with a “Scientology personality”, which is nothing less than what Hubbard designed the person (meaning any adherent) to become. This is a step by step process, cunningly constructed so that one isn’t aware of it. Some do become aware of a “strange change” occurring, yet if they speak out are put through an exhaustive set of powerful intrusive processes that sometimes fail but usually succeed at squashing one into submission for many more years if not for life. It’s diabolical and inhumane. Bottom line- Cruise at this point has no objectivity and can’t “see” that anything is off at all. It’s sad but he’s “in” unless he “snaps” or dies (from losing his mind or naturally).

  4. Thanks for posting this, Mark. Cruise is the celebrity Hubbard always wanted.

    I used to be as crazy for scientology as Cruise is. My family gets a big laugh out of it now but back when…… I scared the heck out of them, and they were too afraid to question anything I said because as a scientologist, I was so right all the time. bwahahahaha!

  5. JJ Says:

    What continues to amaze me is when the subject of psychiatry comes up, their eyes just get filled with rage. Mark, I think you were the one that told the story of being at a Celebrity center and a teenage boy came up to you and said that psychiatry was responsible for the Salem Witch trials. You responded by saying there wasn’t any psychiatrists back then. He said: “Oh, well it was the drug industry then!” I’ll never forget that story.

  6. Tom Padgett Says:

    As always, thanks Mark for archiving all this as it becomes available.

    Steve Kent’s is as always, great.

    Cruise’s wacky stuff posted on Youtube is downright creepy….yet priceless to preserve.


  7. Another Tom Says:

    Cruise’s own words in this video: “We are the authorities on getting people of drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions…”

    That doesn’t sound like a religion to me.

  8. vicky Says:

    this is all so very interesting and large-scale disturbing. great web site. hey, what if tom is actually trying to escape? this would be the best acting of his career. the church umbrella should be revoked- let them pay taxes on the programs they sell. they could just change their name to pyramid and be done with it. also the word reptile brings to mind david icke’s theories. thanks again for staying on top of this.

  9. Diane Says:

    Why do we care? Isn’t Tom Cruise, like the rest of us free to explore and promote any religion he chooses. Can he not enjoy the same liberties of freedom and choice because he is a celebrity. Richard Gere for instance is a high profile Buddhist, as it Keanu Reeves, Mel Gibson, an over the top Catholic, yet it is Scientology that has people all freaked out. He hasn’t knocked on my door to influence my children and control my mind yet so let him believe what he wants. What would the world be like I wonder if we all held such convictions and passion. Instead we judge what we don’t understand and what scares us like we are all “the authority on Tom Cruise”.

  10. Ulf Says:

    Diane, please watch this video…

  11. tanya Says:

    This is all so crazy to me, until not so long ago I thought scientology was the study of science, not a religion…lol But I`m not far off, from what I`ve learned the members of this ¨group¨ (I refuse to refer to them as a religion) are from outer space, a whole new group of crazy!! Everyone has their own opinions & right to their beliefs and there is always controversy about religion but it seems to me this scientology goes after big stars for the publicity & their money. What religion costs $100,000 +?? To me, religion should be free. Life sometimes forces people to lose faith or question their religion, it has me, and like many, you go in search of answers in search of something new because you really need the hope something else is out there. Maybe your god let you down but a new god won`t. Scientology seems to chase movie stars as so many of them have even more demons then the avg. joe…(it`s like rehab-religion for the famous) it`s mutually beneficial…actors seem to need more then just trying different faiths or churches, that`s not radical enough it`s like they need something SO BIG, SO OUT THERE, SO DIFFERENT that it can`t possibly fail and Scientology benefits from the publicity once again & if they`re lucky enough they find a ¨Tom¨…someone they actually manage to brain wash into thinking they`ve changed, cured, whatever. Then they`ve hit the jackpot. But poor Tom is too far gone. It does make me wonder how many accidents he`s driven by and stopped to offer help at though? lol yeah right!!

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