Stephanie Miller on Tom Cruise Tape

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday January 17, 2008

Stephanie Miller

Radio goddess Stephanie Miller — along with voice man Jim Ward — goof on the Tom Cruise Scientology video.

They are joined by The Soup host, Joel McHale who can’t say enough about the seeming insanity of the tape.

Then Stephanie returns to the subject in the daily Hollywood gossip segment, Tinsel Talk.

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4 Comments on “Stephanie Miller on Tom Cruise Tape”

  1. Mandie Graham Says:

    Just watched the award ceremony mentioned in the show, and Joel was right, the medal Tom recieved was MASSIVE, very comical, but then again Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are both very tiny (toy people) so it was probably only the size of a penny really.

  2. SPG Says:

    Only twelve years after attempting to get the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup removed completely, once again Scientology plays whack-a-mole with the Internet! Whee! Scientology: the only ‘church’ that copyrights its ‘scripture’.

  3. JF Says:

    Here is the entire awards program with tom cruise (38 min)

    I’d download it now before it gets the smack down from the COS.

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