O’Reilly Factor: Andrew Morton

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Thursday January 17, 2008

Andrew Morton faces off against Bill O’Reilly who — as usually — is blustery and pompous.   We do learn that one of Bill’s childhood friends is a Scientologist.  And —  hey — who cares about Tom Cruise, anyway?

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5 Comments on “O’Reilly Factor: Andrew Morton”

  1. Very interesting interview… Thanks for getting this tape up, Mark. 🙂

  2. kilia Says:

    I’m sure that Greta, being a scientologist as well, makes Bill think soft of them.

  3. Chris Says:

    O’Reilly has been purchased. Cruise trashes people, slanders, and becomes vicious. He is evil. This was a worthless interview with who I now consider a coward.

  4. O'Reilly is a nasty piece of work. Says:

    O’Reilly is hardly critical of Cruise here, I for one do not trust the guy, he is nasty piece of work and a thug.

    Andrew Morton has written a fantastical book and it’s a real piece of journalistic intellect, something brought out Bill’O wouldn’t know much about.

    O’Reilly states one of his ‘friends’ is a Scientologist, that in my opinion is highly suspicious, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had been paid off. I doubt Bill’O has an Scientology ‘friends’, more like ‘customers’ of his pathetic brand of journalism.

    Scientology is a wicked, evil, criminal and quite pathetic cult that attracts the most vulnerable & naive people in society. It does so not to build their characters and show them a better way of life, but does so to exploit and use them in nothing more than a giant MLM (multi-level marketing scam), pyramid scheme.

    It’s a fact, it’s all about body thetans, Xenu, space aliens killed inside volcanoes, that’s the mythology – which are bizarre even when compared to the writings of the old testament.

  5. Mike T. Says:

    I’m sure plenty of folks got to Bill before this interview took place. He may have even been given a list of his “crimes.” If they were true, he probably did do whatever they told him to do, lol. Even if he weren’t payed off or threatened and everything about this friend were true, he’s still an idiot who got sucked into their trick. Everybody gets sucked in because they play the religion card.

    “He’s persecuting us because we’re a religion. We aren’t harassing him, we’re just filing lawsuits suing him for millions of dollars.”

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