Inside Edition – Tom Cruise Videotape

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday January 16, 2008

This segment explores the Scientology Tom Cruise tape with Mark Ebner again explaining the Scientology jargon. He again mispeaks when saying that KSW stands for “Keep Scientology Working.” Shame on you, Mark. You should know it means “Keeping Scientology Working.”


I have been told that Mark Ebner IS correct to say KSW means “Keep Scientology Working” because he defined it in the context Cruise said it.  Scientologists are prone to saying KSW in different contexts ie: “Well, I  KSW”….  or “You have to KSW” or just ” In that situation, he didn’t KSW” ( meaning the application of the reference KSW.

This comes from a former course supervisor for Scientology, at different orgs.   Universally, the word KSW means either the ref KSW itself or the application of the ref KSW.

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6 Comments on “Inside Edition – Tom Cruise Videotape”

  1. Eldon Says:

    Picky, picky! 😉

  2. petraph33 Says:

    Great that you put this up for all to see!!!
    I would like to share this little story…. to show what a video such as this can do:

    I well remember in 2004 when I had been out of the cult since 2 years and had just started my new life well away from where I was working in the Sea Org for over 15 years, and I visited some of my old early Scientology friends in the organisation where my involvement in Scientology had started. I was just in the area visiting family members that, due to my cult involvement, I was out of contact with for over 10 years and which I was very, very happy to re-unite with. So, being in the area I thought to drop in. When I walked into the door of the Scientology organisation, after a couple of minutes, I was giuded into the filmroom by the Executive Director (an old friend of mine) who wanted to show me something “great” and on came the TC award ceremony that is now all over the net.
    I can remember exactly how I felt when I saw this video from my new and “unattached” point of view. It was so obvious to me that this was showing an absolute fanatic and it was a shock to me as to how much I had the same ideas and ways when I was still involved with Scientology. I was so glad I had taken my distance from it now and realized that I have to do more to make others aware of life “on the outside”. I started contacting old friends to tell them how happy I am now in my new life without Scientology and tried to direct them onto the internet to find out the truth about Scientology for themself, just to be hit with that same fanatic attitude and disconnection letters from my so called “friends”! Shortly afterwards I then found myself declared a “suppressive person” and basically being “excommunicated” by the “church”, as I had tried to influence my former friends and also my brother, who is still involved, and tried to make them look for themself and see how fanatic this all is. This resulted in my brother being forced to disconnect from me as he wants to carry on with Scientology.
    It is a great relief for me to see that this exact video that got me thinking now gets a lot of media attention, and I hope a lot of people visit the net now to find out what really is going on behind the scenes which brings them to get out of there and starting a new and happy life just like I did.
    best regards, Petraph33

  3. Rosemary Thyme Says:

    I was educated in Scientology.I was not a Celebrity. I did not get an education.
    However i did learn all about Disconnection from family,the hard way.

  4. caliwog Says:

    KSW is a key policy. this is Hubbard saying “My way is the right way, all other ways are wrong. You need to accept this, know this, and simply ignore anything that is contrary to my way.” It even says that being open minded to other ways of doing things is a sign of a low IQ!

    Read it here:

    This is easier done with a Scn dictionary, which I’m sure we all have lying around. *G* Keep in mind that being “reasonable” is a bad thing in Scn. LRH redefined it to mean (and I don’t have a dictionary handy, so I am paraphrasing, which is out-tech and very, very, very bad) that someone is open to coming up with reasons to change one’s mind. If your neighbor is unusually crabby with you one morning, and you let it go, reasoning that their cat died yesterday and you know their whole family is upset, that’s being reasonable. Shame on you! Bad Scientologist! Get thyself to ethics!

    So, anyway, reading KSW is a good way to understand the mind of the Scientologist and why they view Hubbard with such reverence. If he’s right about some stuff (regression therapy, aka dianetic auditing), he must be right about everything (like space aliens and volcanos).

  5. caliwog Says:

    More jargon, anyone have a tech dictionary handy? PTS is (if I remember correctly) simply someone connected to an SP. They are also the cause of sickness. If you get sick, it’s not because you were in close quarters with someone who has a cold. It’s because there’s a PTS on your lines (in your life). Find and handle. Note how the Church says Ebner is misrepresenting the Church. Technically, since he is providing “verbal tech” (telling you what LRH said rather than pointint out the exact words in a book, verbal tech is verboten!), he is. That’s how they roll.

  6. Gnosis Says:

    It is one thing to work hard and be sincere for a good cause and another thing to work hard and be sincere to line someone’s greedy pockets. DELUSIONAL is the operative word here.

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