Comparing Myths

I’m taking a brief break from all the Andrew Morton/Tom Cruise shows that I’ve been collecting to share this video with you.   It was inspired by a conversation with a co-worker last night.  While recording Tom Cruise on TV, I stepped outside and taped this piece.  I hope you like it.

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6 Comments on “Comparing Myths”

  1. oddvincent Says:

    Excellent work. I think another important difference between Scientology and other, older world religions is that the ancient myths were constructed in pre-scientific times to explain and understand the world while Scientology was created in the 20th Century and rejects and perverts science and knowledge.

    In short, I think there’s no need for a new religion at all because we have science now. We’ve learned how to understand the world as it is. We’ve learned how to learn and therefore we don’t need to make up fanciful explanations from whole cloth in order to understand the universe or ourselves.

  2. sonofwalt Says:

    Excellent work. Glad you are back.

  3. brownsfn Says:


    I am a Christian. I am also addicted to your Blog. The strange things the CoS does is too wierd to ignore. I laughed out loud when I heard you describe my religion in the same way that a scientologist might find out about theirs. I thought I would point out another couple of differences:

    First, My church does not have a team of lawyers waiting to pounce on you right now for anything you might say or do that would be contrary to my beliefs or disparage my beliefs in any way.

    I will not be calling you names, asking for your crimes, and picketing your home for comparing Christianity to Scientology. 🙂

    Second, the grace and love that Christ gives is freely given to everyone and not just those that can afford it.

    Thanks for the excellent commentary and the help that you are providing others.

    (BTW – you have ruined me on watching any Tom Cruise movie in the future. I really wanted to see MI3…) 🙂


  4. Warren L. Stieb Says:

    Mr. Bunker……………….I have theory in regards to the need of people to subscribe to or become involved in religion. Now, to begin, I am not highly educated nor do I consider myself an authority on anything in particular. That being said, I do feel as though I am intellegent and the recipient of a very special gift….the ability not to worry. To be perfectly clear, I don’t believe this is some great skill I have developed, it is simply the way I am “put together”. This allows me to think about a problem or situation, decide if there is some action avilable to me. analyze weather or not my actions can affect the situation and then move on. My whole life ( I’m39), until recently, I have wondered why everyone doesn’t do this, I now realize they can’t. Worry is part of life, at least part of the lives of everyone I’ve ever met. Even mine; My wife worries, my mother worries, interestingly enough my twin brother worries and inevitably this affects me and everyone else around them. I believe that religion is one of the mechanizms people use to deal with the issue of worry. It not only distracts them from the thier worries in general, but gives answers, irregardless of the logic or feasability of the answer, to the things that people worry most about i.e. death, or to be more exact, life after death. It seams that the bigger the worry, the more ludicris the answer might be. You see, by simply having something to divert thier attention, something already “written in stone”, they need not worry about it. I am aware that I may be oversimplifing the problem, I’ve been accused of doing that. However, consider the people around you. If they don’t seem to be immersed in worry, they are most likely immersed i something else. Thank you for your very interesting and informative site.

  5. Canada Says:

    My boyfriend and I have been looking at all this scientology all day b/c of the tom cruise video release. We can’t believe the culture of fear around ‘fallen’ scientology members or imagine the political economy that makes scientology powerful.

    Scary. And incredibly interesting that such a blatant fascistic group has followers. I wonder, do you think the high level scientologists actually believe the values of scientology or (as in pro wrestling) do they know its a con? or a “work”?

    Great video. All the videos are great.

    PS. Glad you’re still alive. Good luck. Keep on rockin in a ‘free’ world.

  6. vicky Says:


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