Mark Ebner Speaks Scientologese

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Wednesday January 16, 2008

Mark Ebner appeared on a Today Show segment in which he discussed the Tom Cruise video and explained some of the Scientology terms.

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7 Comments on “Mark Ebner Speaks Scientologese”

  1. Emma Says:

    If that video actually draws people into Scientology then they probably deserve to be conned.

    Madness doesn’t get much more vivid than that.

  2. David Says:

    Strange what passes for journalism today.

    The video is far more likely to draw people to YouTube and Google to look into Scientology than to draw them into their seedy little back street operation.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  3. SPG Says:

    At this stage the Internet is chock full of what the Scientology CULT calls “Entheta”, which outside its control is known as Bad Stuff (aka the Truth) About Scientology. If someone gets sucked into the cult now, perhaps their mental acuity is on the level of Cletus from “The Simpsons”.

  4. Sponge Says:

    Emma, I don’t think anyone deserves to be conned (although I’m sure you didn’t quite mean it like that) but yeah, certainly the quality of membership will go down and that is not good for the cult in the long run.

  5. caliwog Says:

    Mark should get his terminology straight — KSW is “Keeping Scientology Working,” an actual LRH policy. SP is Supressive Person(s) (not people). PTS is Potential Trouble Source, and it’s used as a verb. Small details, I know, but it’s just stuff like this to which the church can respond “KSW isn’t keep Scientology working, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” That’s how these guys work.

  6. Krueger Says:

    Welcome back, Mark! Score 1 for the SPs! 🙂

    Honestly though, this week has probably kept you PLENTY busy (Tom Cruise book, leaked video, etc.).

  7. Ulf Says:

    Yes, that video will get people to join….

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