Andrew Morton on Today

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Tuesday January 15, 2008

Andrew Morton discusses his new biography of Tom Cruise on the Today Show.

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10 Comments on “Andrew Morton on Today”

  1. David Says:

    I never ceases to astonish me that when Scientology or a Scientologist claims that it is against their ethics to harras a critic that whomever the critic is doesn’t go on to quote rulings from the Paulette Cooper material, or the Bob Minton case or the Mark Bunker case or the Keith Henson case as pertinent examples where the viewer might wish to draw their own conclusions.

    Too many unchalleged assertions go past interviewees.

  2. Nathan Smart Says:

    I’m with you guys on Scientology for sure, but I’m not sure about this guy. What about his claim (and I’m still watching the video so I don’t know if it’s addressed) about the Hubbard sperm? That seems a bit over the top.

    Although, if it can be proved it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.. ha.

  3. Nathan Smart Says:

    Nevermind about the sperm, the moment I hit submit it came up.

  4. David Says:

    His claim isn’t about the sperm, but about what members of Scientology were claiming to each other at the time.

    But of course, Scientology wants you to think that he is making the claim.

  5. Kim P Says:

    Thanks Mark for this. I have been watching all the videos out and sharing them with my kids.

    Kim P.

  6. Arel Says:

    Although I think Cruise deserves this scrutiny and we should all boycott his products in order to keep money from flowing through him to $cientology, nevertheless, there is too much emphasis on him as an individual and not enough realization that what has happened to him happens to everyone who is drawn into the Kult that deeply. If you know former scientologists, you know that it often takes time–sometimes years–before they stop babbling just like Cruise. Their brains have been damaged by literal brainwashing techniques. (Hubbard published–or rather plagiarized–a book on Russian brainwashing methods the same year he founded “Scientology,” a name cribbed from the book “Scientologie” by a German psychiatrist.) Some scientologists escape this effect, somehow keep their sanity or recover it quickly when they leave, but others–like Cruise–are deeply damaged. When I picketed $ciclo orgs, I used to say, “No matter if you use cold water, washing a brain makes it shrink.” Counterpicketers would say, “That’s not funny!” I would say, “Exactly!”

  7. JJ Says:

    Jaime Kennedy (LRH’s grandson) will be on The Bubba the Love Sponge show on Sirius tomorrow. I’m curious to see what he has to say about all this.

  8. Sandra Says:

    (This comment is not specifically directed to the video above)
    Thanks for all the interesting and informative videos your posting! I think such a resource page like this is very important, especially right now, where surely a lot of people (including me) are getting more aware due to the book and the Tom Cruise video.

  9. Mike T. Says:

    I found it interesting that almost every single one of the questions appeared to be something a scientologist wrote. I also liked how the first woman interviewing him fell right into their trap and felt so sorry for the poor little “religion” that this “mean spirited author” was bashing.

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