Contractor Demands Payment


I don’t stop over at the Operation Clambake message board too often but a few days back I saw a thread with a link to an interesting video from Detroit. I’ve captured the video and have it here for your enjoyment.

Barb had some good comments to make on the Scientology policies which keep businesses wondering as to when they’ll be paid.

“Good luck on collecting. This HCOB suggests Mr. Wecker might have to wait a long time to get paid. Hubbard wrote that the church was to use a ‘Dateline Paying’ method of paying bills, which means a date in the past is selected according to how much money the department has, and then any bills due past that date are paid.” – Barb


“Tell Accounts, ‘Give me every bill we owe prior to August (three months ago).’ Add these up. Let’s say the amount exceeds our cash. Cut it back one month. Order ‘Write cheques for every bill up to July 1.’ (That’s four months back.) That we can cover fully with cash.” (HCOPL of 28 January 1965, “How to Maintain Credit Standing & Solvency“)

If important bills are overdue and threats are coming in, “Still try to use the above system. But if you can’t, pay it and retard other bills accordingly. And thereafter, don’t pay that outfit’s bill on any other terms than threatened trouble… Be very proud and haughty about bills. NEVER propitiate.” (HCOPL of 28 January 1965, “How to Maintain Credit Standing & Solvency“)

In the case of a tradesman demanding for a bill only slightly overdue you will usually find they have done poor work or slow work if you’re at all solvent and paying your bills. Don’t say ‘We’re too poor and we can only send you a little but we will try.’ Say properly ‘I don’t see that your bill is much overdue. It takes a bit of time to pay a bill you know. I will check over your account and see if it is all right.

And by the way, people who dun us either have insufficient finance to handle our business or something is wrong with their bill. I am setting your bill aside for audit and if you call again about it, we will sever the account.” (HCOPL of 28 March 1965, “Emergencies and Accounts Personnel”)

“Disbursement NEVER pays from a received bill alone. All bills received are first filed in the Disbursement files. Then the file is reviewed as a whole when the time comes to pay bills. It is forbidden to short circuit this line and pay bills just as they drop into the In basket. They are filed. Then all files are reviewed once a month, summated and the result entered in a statement sheet in the file folder and on a Bills Summary Sheet…. when thereafter requested to do so, the Disbursement Section makes out the cheques as indicated or readies the cash.” (HCOPL of 6 May 1964, “Accounts Policies”)

Thanks to Barb for digging up the policy letters, Navy for posting Barb’s comments and SomebodyElse for starting the thread about the video.

Barb’s book and online store.

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4 Comments on “Contractor Demands Payment”

  1. Rory Says:

    Well I would have never guessed, the Church of Scientology is bloody cheap as well.

  2. JJ Says:

    They all have that same arrogant stare down with full eye contact on the person they are relatiating at. I’m actually surprised he touched the mic but I’m sure he wanted to stir the pot a little bit. Made a fool of himself.

  3. Ulf Says:

    If you join the friendly church and give them your money, you will also learn the great scientology communication tech. It will never go wrong, it is after all from the source of wisdom, the great hubbturd himself…

  4. dorothy Says:

    wow! I drive past that place every day and stare at it and shudder… it always looks so dead- no one coming in or out.. I couldn’t believe that is going on in my area!

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