Germany Considers Scientology Ban

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Saturday December 15, 2007

Here’s a piece from CNN about Germany’s move to ban the totalitarian organization called Scientology.

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13 Comments on “Germany Considers Scientology Ban”

  1. Ulf Says:

    Why would they want to ban the nice church…?

  2. Cathy Says:

    It cannot be religious persecution — $cientology is no more a religion than amway is. And the US State Department will be singing a different tune very soon. They will be banning $cn from the US when the s*** hits the fan in a few months.

  3. Rory Says:

    What do you mean by that Cathy? Have they accumulated enough evidence to finally declare the CoS a criminal organization?

  4. Claire Mendoza Says:

    Guess the U.S. will have to open our doors–this is an outrage, but coming from the Germans, not surprising. The 3rd Reich evidently sleeps just beneath the surface.

  5. Ulf Says:

    Claire, it must be a conspiracy by the evil Psychiatrics…!!!

  6. They should be ban internationally

  7. Rory Says:

    So Mark, I haven’t heard from you for a while, how have you been?

  8. mikeologist Says:

    ok, did she just claim that there are over 500,000 pages of scripture? ya, i think she did. my question is, does anyone have information as to the real amount of scripture they have? that sounded a tad..umm, shall we say…. tall taleish lol must one of those “80 million members” things eh?

  9. mikeologist Says:

    and to claire, it sounds like they don’t want another reich, if you ask me. and to mark…last double post..sorry 🙂 it wont happen again

  10. XENU TV Says:

    Actually, Mike, in this case it may actually be true. Every utterance of Hubbard seemingly has been transcribed and bound into a book somewhere.

    They consider every scrap of paper part of the sacred scriptures of course. Even his directions on how to properly tuck in the corners of a sheet when making a bed.

    Yes, he did write that all down in detail.

  11. mikeologist Says:

    wow, even the making a bed? now thats some crazy stuff. it is’nt even the belief that they study that gets me going. it is the way this cult,company,church,political party is imposing their ways on us and the way the government seems “does” to allow them to do this. i fear they have a great amount of power here in the USA and they may “do” have people inside or law system. scary stuff if you ask me. another scary thing is the way they can just rip this stuff out of the open. they even have large portions of the press running scared and it is getting very hard to find any information about them. there should never be a war of information in this day and age, we seem to be slipping back into the dark ages in regards to religion and state. ok rant over lol

  12. mani Says:

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