Tom Cruise, Call Niki!

Oh, for the love of Xenu. I haven’t blogged in ages and when I do, I’m not even mentioning the lawsuit filed against Scientology in Belgium (except I just mentioned it.) Well, more about that this weekend.

Niki YanI just got a YouTube notice that someone posted a video response to one of my videos dealing with Tom Cruise. I took a look at it to approve or disapprove the video and it turned out to be a two minute clip from E! News about a young Asian gal who wrote “a book” about Tom Cruise. Cruise was nice enough to invite her to the set of MI:III and she gushed about how great he is.

Well, I approved it. It was off topic but not offensive so why not. Then I was curious to see who posted it and it turns out to be the actual Asian gal, Niki Yan. She wants someone to finance her book. She even listed her personal phone number on her YouTube page so investors could call her.

Well, that’s nutty so I took a peek at her blog and it turns out she moved to L.A. and now can’t pay the rent and is hoping some publisher will come through any second to buy her loose leaf manuscript which is sure to be a best seller.

And the name of the blog? “Tom Cruise, You Did Not Call Me Back!

Yikes! I never thought I’d feel sorry for Cruise. On the other hand, what did he do to pull her in? Is he PTS to an SP?

And by the way, hot nutty Asian chicks are welcome to write a book about me anytime. I’ll call.

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22 Comments on “Tom Cruise, Call Niki!”

  1. Beth Says:

    I’m so glad you led me to Niki’s blog. Did you see that her old blog was called “MarryTomCruisein30days”? I also noticed she was recently reading “Catcher in the Rye.” Tom better watch his back!

  2. Tilman Says:

    This is sad, but not unexpected. She’s a bit of a mental case.
    What is even more sad, is that there’s an easy guess how she will get funds to survive in LA. But still better than to end in scientology.

  3. Mensch Says:

    Making fun of others’ misfortune is low.

  4. Niki Yan Says:

    Hi mark:

    to answer ur question….I went to Scientology center cause Tom scheuled for me…I am NOT interested in any organozation….I am a free spirit

    I am broke…..yes, rent has not been paid for two months…life is on the edge

    If you can lend me some dough let me know, or anyone here can lend me some dough can call me, I am REALLY desperate NOW!

    By the way, everyone should shut up till you read my goddam book!

    God bless you all


  5. rtdrury Says:

    I’ve read Nikis book and it’s better than Catchers in the Rye – it’s in a genre all its own, will be a NYT bestseller and will be censored in communist china and banned in the bible belt.

  6. Niki Yan Says:

    Thank for your support…Don’t we need more rebels in this world? The answer is YES!
    Keep you eye on, the book will be out Spring 2008…NIKI YAN

  7. Brian Says:

    Well at least we know this book will be well-written.

  8. Arudius Says:

    I really am confused, if Niki Yan can not pay rent, why is she even online? Where are the priorities here? Things just don’t add up to me.

    If you can’t pay the rent but yet you have a computer and you are getting online to publish an online blog – the ultimate in ego-masturbation, then something is not right here.

    rate: 1/10 – Fake

  9. black_mamba Says:

    Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  10. Niki Yan Says:

    Still working hard on my book…’s funny, entertaining….

    I would like all you guys read it after I post it on my new blog:

    Thank you, & god bless u all

    by the way, anyone who has the ticket for Tom Cruise new movie’s premeiere at AFI FEST , let me know, Thanks.

  11. Niki Yan Says:

    I posted my book on my blog, everyone is welcome to READ. GOD BLESS…NIki Yan

  12. Asian Guy Says:

    Where exactly on your website can you read your book?
    The links appear to be circular. They don’t lead anywhere except to the same webpage. And there’s that annoying music in the background! You really should get rid of that. It’s not conducive to reading.

  13. Niki Yan Says:

    well, it’s a blog….so everything is on the blog

  14. XENU TV Says:

    Here’s the correct url to the blog. The book appears to be there as blog entries. I haven’t had tme to read any of it:

  15. Terry Boydon Says:

    Diana author names Tom Cruise as ‘World Number Two in Scientology’
    World Exclusive: Contents of Andrew Morton’s biography of Cruise revealed … and the star’s fury over shocking claims.

  16. Niki Yan Says:

    My book will be availbe on Amazon As E-Book ! Check out soon!

  17. Niki Yan Says:

    It’s also available on!

  18. Tim Says:

    You can go to this site to order her book:
    Everyone MUST read this book, I mean EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you are 14, or 40, this book is going to take you to an Inspirational Journey! Yes, funny too! Yan’s Language is sharp and full of humor, certainly she is NOT a die-hard Tom Cruise fan, Tom Cruise is just a bridge and metaphor in her book( at least this is my opinion). Obviously Miss Yan has an important Message for the WORLD, and that’s the liberation of every HUMAN being! Yes, to reach the kingdom of heaven! And the heaven is NOT where you go after you DIE, the heaven is right here, right now! She has very interesting titles like: ‘Life on Sunset Blvd.’,‘From Lemon Chicken to Spaghetti’, ‘Swimming with the Sharks’, ‘Let me in! America’, ‘The City of Angels’, ‘Like a Virgin’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘The Odyssey with Cruise,’ ‘How Tom and Niki met on another Planet’, ‘Don’t Cry for me, Los Angeles’, ‘In the Mood for Love’, ‘Mulholland Drive’, ‘I fall in Love with a Super star.”

    Niki completely gives herself in the book. You will cry with her, laugh with her, and sometime you think she is inside of you, since her dream and journey reminds of YOURS. Obviously she is talented, passionate and funny all together, I’m sure this book is going to shock and shake America and the rest of the world! Now I think I’m going to write my own book: “ My Love for You, Niki Yan, –A Desperate American Guy’s Confession.”

  19. Niki Yan Says:

    a lot of people asked me if I am a member….well I am NOT, Not in a million years…
    Even though I did get a special tour ( actually three) at the celebrity center at the request of Tom Cruise. It’s NOT Tom’s fault, he is just a victim, & he is stuck. I Believe Tom Cruise is innocent when he is promoting for Scientology. I believe Scientology did help him, ( Actually a lot of msg are very postive about the Scientology, like no drugs, like spiritual healing, like Positive thinking, like discover your own potential, it’s all GOOD), the problem is the organization, I don’t TRUST any organized things ( religion or political parties), If you want to improve your life, you can practice at home, read the book, I have read the Ron Hubble’s book, some of the msg is uplifting, & i agree, but we don’t need to go to a church, you can learn at home, we are OUR own GOD, and we discover our own potential, & LOVE is everywhere….Unfortunately, Scientology falls in to a place that makes me wonder their TRUE motivation. But still you have a choice, you don’t have to become a memeber, It’s UP to YOU! I feel like Cruise did get the best treatment of Sciebtology & I did believe he received some postice changes, that’s why he is speaking for them, but he is Innocent, he just does NOT see the darkside of an organzied religion…But he is INNOCENT. SO Please DO NOT equal Tom Cruise & Sciebtology, even when I was meeting with Tom, we talked about it…I do agree with them on Drugs, Healing etc. But You see, I am NOT a Scientologist, I believe the same thing he did. A friend told me they also use some kind of machine…I think that’s bullshit….the bottom line IS, know that YOU are GOD, You are DIVINE. You are Infinite. You can do anything. So you don’t have to rely on any religion & organization to become a DIVINE human & accomplish your dreams, ALL organized religions fail to help people become more centered & aware who we reallY Are. We are DIVINE & we are GODS. So don’t blame anyone, you have a choice, if you realize YOU are your own God, and you don’t need any man-made religion to accomplish your mission, then all the Religion/organization will fail to Power. If you DO want to join some groups, there are some BETTER ones, like Self-realization Fellowship, like the church of Religous Science…It’s all about Spiritual…Not Control…So find your way home, remember You have a choice, if nobody join in them, the will NOT exist.., and the mission is accomplished. I have compassion for all My fellow humans, we are all seeking for TRUTH, & a Better way to live our life, I want to know ojust thing: YOU ARE GOD, & YOU ARE DIVINE. YOU ARE THE POWER. NObody can control You. cause you are the DIVINE, You are infinite. & YOU ARE LOVE. Realize how beautiful LOVE you are…You will know what to do. LOVE TO YOU ALL. NIKI

  20. maestro powe Says:

    nikki is an imperial, aspiring, and intellectual writer, and person of my friendship, and correspondances;with a delightful outlook on life,” and is so simular to my own!!my background as being of native american, asian,cajun descent,” leads me to connect with her in so many ways,” also…i truely think that through it all,” her struggles will eventually lead to successes in the very near future!!

  21. Brian Says:

    I encountered Niki on Craigslist–back in the day when Craigslist did that kind of thing. I was in film school in LA at the time. Niki had a screenplay, and I knew slightly more than nothing about editing screenplays. So I edited it into that format for her on Google Docs. I was reticent about meeting her in person for the reasons people assume here–the “looking for money” bit–I was shopping at the 99 cent store as a poor student, and I advised her to try that out. But, y’know, she’s probably more creative than most who would criticize her. Anyway, the part of the screenplay that spoke most to me was a bit about how the main character was the reincarnation of a spider, who had been saved by someone’s act of kindness, and so that person’s life was to come back and help him. I think of Niki when I save a spider these days. Hope she’s all right.

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