Count This as a Win


This is another story sent to me from someone who found my videos on YouTube and wanted to speak out.  I’ve removed the name and location of the person who gave me permission to share their story.

– Mark Bunker

When I was a 19 year old boy back in 1975 I dropped out of college with a drug problem. At a rummage sale I encountered one of Hubbard’s weird auditing manuals “Scientology 8-8008“. High on speed, all that science-fictiony malarkey appealed to me, so I hitchiked to New York City and found the Scientology office (“Org”) there.

The first thing they did was put me on an e-meter and asked all kinds of questions designed to find out hostile infiltrators and suchlike. Then I was interviewed by an OT who told me about Scientology’s “drug treatment program“. Anyway, in a few months they had most of my lower middle class parent’s savings and I finally caught on that they were a fraud. I had never taken money from my parents to buy drugs but I went to them for this and they were all too happy to spend my younger sibling’s college money to get me what we thought was treatment.

This little life story has a happy ending. I felt so unbelievably guilty about what had happened that I quit drugs went back to work and eventually got my degree. As for my younger siblings, they’re brilliant and got academic scholarships, so hardship was averted. All of us kids were able to make my parents very comfortable (they’re still alive) and all lived happily.

I’ve followed Scientology’s comings and goings since then in the media. Your video site has taught me a lot more about them. I know now that they’re more (or less) than the out-and-out ripoff artists I always knew them for. Scientology is a subversive organization spreading damage wherever it goes and its followers are rabid devotees of a creed propagated by a megalomaniac. They’re hurting people.

Thanks for opening my eyes to what with a little insight I should have been able to figure out from my own experience.

And thank you for sharing what is now my favorite success story for Narconon.

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2 Comments on “Count This as a Win”

  1. Great post, Mark! I just love reading statements like this from former victims who’ve managed to get their life back. Continued wellbeing to him and his family.

  2. maggie Says:

    Yes, they are hurting people. And the only way they’ll stop is if people keep speaking out who have had direct experience. Scn, Inc. definitely has a growing statistic on ex-members, and together their voice is the one that will be finally heard by those with who have been given authority by the public to address it as the corrupt and destructive organization that it is.

    Thank you to the writer for telling their story, and thank you Mark for all that you do.

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