Throwing in the Towel


The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

Vince Daniels has called it a day. He quit his current radio show and also quit speaking out about Scientology. As he said on the show, without naming Scientology, it’s not his hill to die on.

That’s true. We are all appreciative of the many shows he devoted to Scientology and Narconon-Stone Hawk. It’s a shame it ended this way because Scientology got to boost its stats this week by effectively “shuddering him into silence.”

Without going into details, they did so by visits from this man, Eugene Ingram. They didn’t dig up any dirt on Vince. They didn’t blackmail him. They did exactly what they do. They ran a “noisy investigation” to scare him into silence.

But did they really win? This is yet another clear example of how Scientology is pure evil and as the St. Pete Times pointed out years ago, not like any church we know.

Download the mp3


As you will see in the comments, Vince felt that I misrepresented his departure from the station and that was certainly not my intent. Scientology had nothing to do with his departure from KCAA. That’s why I kept the clip separate from the video of his farewell appearance on the station.

I prepared this video for his website. Here is his final segment which contains no Scientology material. I call it The Many Moods of Vince Daniels: Farewell for Now.

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23 Comments on “Throwing in the Towel”

  1. Toby Says:

    How do you know Ingram was behind this, Mark?

  2. XENU TV Says:

    I talked to Vince yesterday. There’s nothing sordid or juicy in the story. It’s just the standard noisy investigation working out just the way Hubbard intended. 100% Standard Intimidation Tech.

    By revealing this, I mean no disrespect for Vince. After listening to his comments on the air, I thought it best to have that out in the open. They didn’t have him by the balls. They didn’t blackmail him. They just scared him, which is the real purpose of a noisy investigation.

    He’s not the first. This is not meant to in any way be a slur against his character. Bigger media titans than Vince have backed down before and will again. It really is not his fight at all. He did what he felt comfortable doing and that is great.

  3. Raymond Hill Says:

    Thanks Mark, that is nice of you of providing us some information on that.

    Here is another informative link to learn more about Eugene Ingram:

    The sad realization is that the Church of Scientology will keep using these dirty tricks as long as it works for them. And unfortunately this was an instance where it worked, again. Let’s hope one day everybody will say enough of this.

    Will we ever get to know what was the huge announcement promised by V. Daniels before he shuddered into silence?

  4. XENU TV Says:

    Probably not, but he’s told me he was never doing a show on them again in the past and then did more.

    Maybe I should just do a show?

  5. Krueger Says:


  6. Krueger Says:

    Typical of Scientology, that is.

  7. Krueger Says:


    I know that they intimidated you a few years ago by coming to your home, following you, etc. Do they still harass you nowadays?

  8. vince Says:

    Mark, stop it! Don’t do what everyone else in journalism does. You write: “Vince Daniels has called it a day. He quit his current radio show.” I never said that on the air, and I never said that to you. I don’t know how much of my 25 minute diatribe you captured on the mp3, but I made it very clear on the air and to you yesterday that I am moving on to another radio station at a date uncertain in the months ahead. My reason for departing KCAA had to do with a comtractual dispute with the owner. This Scientology stuff is a side issue … and you knew that when you printed what you printed. In my ending talk, I made that distinction abundantly clear.

  9. XENU TV Says:

    Vince, I captured the show for you as you asked and am waiting for the video to finish encoding to send you the full clip. I just put the Scientology section on the blog.

    You said you are leaving the station and moving on to another. I don’t believe I said otherwise. I said you quit your current station. That implied, at least to me, that there will be a next station.

    Clearly, the Scientology stuff was a side issue and I certainly didn’t mean to imply that it had anything to do with you leaving the station. It was the section that had relevance to the people who read my blog.

  10. XENU TV Says:

    In fact, Vince, here is the video of your announcement which just finished encoding:

    I spent the whole afternoon putting this clip together for you. It was never my intent to hide it or distort your message. I hope you understand that, and I will modify the blog to reflect that.

  11. Toby Says:

    But I’m still not clear, Mark, did Vince tell you Ingram was pestering him? Did Vince tell you he was afraid to do the show he had been promoting?

  12. XENU TV Says:

    I was told Ingram was doing the typical noisy investigation but we talked only about that, the departure from the station and getting the video for his website.

    I know people like to build up vast conspiracies which is why I posted this blog entry to begin with. It’s just the routine crap Ingram has done since he lost his job as a crooked cop in L.A.

  13. RIPODB Says:


    I’d be happy to donate what I can to help buy some air time. I’m sure there are many more people who would do the same thing. Let’s make it happen. You’ve got a voice that was made for radio and lots of experience dealing with the cult.

  14. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Rip. I’ll look into it this week.

  15. lgattruth Says:

    Bravo to Vince Daniels for all the hard work he has already done in the past, exposing the front groups of controversial groups and movements. Unfortunately, I’m sure we can empathize if he was paid a visit by this Eugene Ingram. We must all be grateful for the free speech that he has delievered to the airwaves before this terrible incident, whatever it actually was.

    And to Mark – yes, I too would be interested in helping in whatever way I could in your potential new ventures related to this matter.

  16. Kim P Says:

    Whatever the reason for Vince resigning I have only this to say: Thanks Vince for all you did to raise public awareness about a very serious issue.

    I am sure that whatever happened has many facets to it that we are not privy to. Your voice will be missed but your previous work lives on regardless.

    To scientology who will be counting this as a BIG WIN – remember that sooner or later the truth will come out – all of it. Not the whitewashed version from scientology but the unvarnished truth.

    People will hear about this quashing of free speech by a specious cult and more will search out the information that is available.

    Like always this action will only serve to create more critics and expose the policies and procedures of scientology for the evil they are.

    Where ever you go Vince and whatever you do remember you done good here and that cannot be erased by anything scientology says or does.

    For those of you who are angry at Vince I would ask that you turn that anger and frustration to where it belongs. Take all that energy and shine the spotlight on scientology and its immoral, unethical, and illegal practices and procedures. Expose them for what they are. This is far more effective than anything that can be said to Vince at this time.

    Whatever pressure was brought to bear (and Vince? given the history of this cult we can safely assume pressure was brought to bear) it behooves us to thank Vince for his efforts and offer him support as he goes through this transition – hope that his next adventure in life brings him happiness and joy.

    No regrets Vince – you done good and that, in the end, is all that really matters.

    Kim P

  17. lgattruth Says:

    I second what Kim said.

  18. […] Throwing in the Towel ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: August 4, 2007 [image] Vince Daniels has called it a day. He quit his current radio show and […] […]

  19. Colamix Says:

    The German TV ARD “das Erste”:

    Scientology is trying to get German politician into their cult in Berlin.

    Both in German:



  20. abc Says:

    Hi all
    Ursula Caberta is pushing for the ban of scientology in Germany

    They say, that they have collectet enough material for a banning of this “anticonstitutional, extreme and inhumane” group.,1185,OID7248148_TYP6_THE_NAV_REF1_BAB,00.html

  21. David Says:

    Well I didn’t read into this what Vince did, but maybe I read an edited version. The message I got from reading the bit before you added the Vince thing was that he had quit his show AND stopped talking about Scientology and only the latter was because of the noisy investigation.

    Either way, not something that was entirely unpredictable. Well done to Vince for what he DID manage to do which was a hell of a lot.

  22. XENU TV Says:

    Vince and I hashed this out on the phone after his post. The throwing in the towel title was a bit harsh and misleading. I didn’t mean it to apply to his radio show but I can see how that created some instant confusion for him since the show was his main concern, not Scientology which was what I was referring to.

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