Dr. Dave Returns to Countdown


Okay, whose bright idea was it to keep Dr. Dave out on the street? Did the cameraguy get locked out of the studio? The segment was shot in front of ongoing traffic and it’s mighty distracting…but oh, well. Professor David S. Touretzky once again proves himself capable of handling any interview, no matter what the circumstances.

Keith Olbermann again tackles the controversy surrounding the filming of Tom Cruise’s latest movie in Germany, where he is getting a rather chilly reception. Keith quotes Rev. Gandow’s recent comparison of Cruise to Joseph Goebbels and asks if that’s fair.

Thomas Gandow, 60, the German Protestant Church’s chief spokesman on religious cults described Scientology as a “totalitarian organisation” and said that, because of his position as film star, Cruise had become “The Goebbels of Scientology.”

In his film Valkyrie Tom Cruise, 45, plays Claus von Stauffenberg, a German army officer and aristocrat who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944 by planting a bomb inside the Nazi leader’s East Prussian headquarters.

However Gandow dismissed the film yesterday as “Propaganda for Scientology”.

He added in a reference to the favorable publicity won by Hitler’s Nazi party during the 1936 Berlin Olympic games: “This film will have the same propaganda advantages for Scientology as the 1936 Olympics had for the Nazis.”

Gandow insisted that Cruise had simply come to Germany to campaign for restrictions on Scientology to be lifted.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rev. Gandow, I’ve met the man several times in Leipzig for the annual Alternative Charlemagne Awards which you can see on XENU TV.

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14 Comments on “Dr. Dave Returns to Countdown”

  1. Mary McConnell Says:

    Thanks for getting this up on the internet. Dave did a good job and Olbermann certainly gave ample time to getting the message across.

    As well, thanks for the links.

  2. Shane Says:

    Honestly, Keith Olbermann is one of the most hateful, bigoted, ignorant, and fuming leftist extremists on television, and on a network that is a pathetic attempt to try to overtake CNN and FOX News.

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Wow. You are so wrong.

  4. Shane Says:

    Seriously. He makes Bill O’Reilly, a fairly dense and belligerent guy, sound downright tempered. Having a list of the most “evil” people every week? What a schmuck.

    Now, if we could only get Mike Wallace back…

  5. XENU TV Says:

    Keith doesn’t have a list of the most “evil” people every week. Each night he does a tongue in cheek list of the top three “Worst Persons in the World.” Are they really the worst persons? Of course not. It’s a silly gimmick to point out some obnoxious behavior generally done by right wing tools.

    But thanks for pointing out that you have no idea what Keith’s show is like. You know, I’ve watched O’Reilly before commenting on him.

  6. Shane Says:

    The clips I saw indicated it as weekly. It’s nightly then? Wow, not disturbing it all. Not too dissimilar to SPs, for that matter. Olbermann and Hubbard, fruit from the same tree, it appears.

    You call it a silly gimmick. I call it no different than Nixon making an “enemies” list. This is the guy whose show had a conversation regarding whether a congressman’s wife dressed like a prostitute. Such stunning reporting, worthy of the Daily Star.

  7. Mary M. Says:

    I love Keith!!!! And I love the “Worst Person in the World” segment. Shane probably only watches FAUX News.

  8. Mark Bunker Says:

    As a viewer of Keith’s show, I know that segment you referred to was done the week that Keith was on vacation. I saw it. I also saw Keith, when he came back, apologize in very strong terms for the segment having aired and made it known he was very upset about it.

    For passing along ill-informed, slanted coverage of Countdown with Keith Olbermann without even seeing the segment he slams, Shane is today’s Worst Person in the World!!!!

  9. Mark Bunker Says:

    You see how that works now, Shane? You aren’t really the very worst person alive on the planet today. I merely commented on your slanted, uneducated attack with a whimsical reproach.

    And everybody but you is amused.

  10. Shane Says:

    I only watch Fox News, eh? I guess that’s why I don’t like O’Reilly, either? Marvelous stereotype, Mary. Though, I would expect no less a narrow-minded view from a Keith fan.

    As for a whimsical reproach regarding the “Worst Person” segment, this is a man who took a 10 minute rant, garnished with blanket, baseless statements, and made himself out to be a completely clueless jackass calling out Bush and Cheney, not weeks after prostrating himself before Bill Clinton and practically drooling over him and his works. He is a partisan hack, the exact kind that got Crossfire cancelled after over two decades. And even though I don’t like O’Reilly, do you see him with 10 minute diatribes on Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the most unpopular congress in recorded history?

    I don’t like Fox News. I think they are better than MSNBC, but then I think CNN is too, and I don’t like them either. I just hate the people who are quick to decry one blowhard because they are politically opposite them, but shower with praise a like-minded blowhard. It’s hypocrisy, it’s ignorant, and it’s making me shake my head.

    Like I said, bring back Mike Wallace and Lowell Bergman. Keith UberBushMan is a punk, citing his journalism experience from ESPN Sportscenter, which he attained by collecting baseball cards. Seriously. Check him out sometime:


  11. Mark Bunker Says:

    O’Reilly? Saying the Daily Kos is the same as the KKK and the Nazis? That O’Reilly? Oh, yeah, he’d never do a diatribe.

    Oh, wait, he tried to scare Americans about Pelosi before the last election.


    Congress is indeed unpopular. It’s unpopular with me right now, too. But still all the polls show Americans want more Democrats to be put in charge so we’ll see what happens when the Democrats aren’t blocked by Republican votes in Congress.

    And what I wouldn’t give if the biggest thing we had to worry about now in America is a blowjob. There’s a reason why Bill Clinton is the most popular politician alive and would easily win re-election if he could run again.

    And I didn’t even vote for the guy. Either time.

  12. val Says:

    the video doenst work

  13. jesokingcryst Says:

    A mirror for the deleted YT video:

    WARRING: you’ll have to sit trough advertisements

  14. Reblogged this on It's _____ Day with Justin Ray! and commented:
    Wish there was a transcript now that the video no longer exists.

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