Tom Cruise in Germany

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2007

ValkerieThis newscast deals with the difficulty Tom Cruise is facing as he shoots a movie in Germany. At first, the German government refused to allow him to shoot at any government or military location because of his connection to Scientology. That news swept around the world.

Then the Germans gave the film several million dollars to make up for the snub. Hey, how about some for a documentary, guys?

Now, they are rejecting his plea to film on the historical site where his character in the film, a heroic member of the German resistance during WWII, actually died. It’s considered sacred ground and they don’t want any film crew there, hanging Nazi banners.

I see their point.

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10 Comments on “Tom Cruise in Germany”

  1. Chuck Says:

    So Tom is a Nikon boy. Go figure, “good looks, bad sensors” LOL I love Nikon’s film cameras, but their digital’s CCD sensors aren’t that great. Either way I like how I worked that into a Cruise Physcotonomy comment.

  2. Artoo45 Says:

    Man, those jodhpurs really make Tommy look fat . . . but he’s standing in front of a nice Fokker. And who doesn’t love a nice Fokker? I just hope the Fatherland keeps the enturbulator turned up to 11.

  3. Colamix Says:

    In Germany nazi banners are forbidden.
    Only allowed by documentary.
    Computer games like Call of Duty2 US version or rtcw are forbidden, too.

  4. Charles Says:

    I can understand banning actual Nazi banners, but for the purpose of a movie I believe it’s benign as long as the film is not intended to promote the Nazis in a good way. As far as banning a computer game, I’m confused because that borders on the level of pretending it never happened so people are not influenced to mimic it. I think the saying know your history so you don’t repeat it is very important in this matter. I know history is taught, but banning something only turns it into something of interest. In this day of CGI however I don’t understand why they don’t just hang green screens and then do a replace in the computer.

  5. Arnie Lerma Says:

    I’ve been deconstructing how Hubbard crafted the scam dba Scientology for 14 years. But even I avoided the occultic connections.. until, Paulette Cooper mailed me her copy of Dusty Sklar’s “Gods and Beasts”…

    The summation of what we have discovered has been webbed here:

    The absolutely creepiest tidbit found recently has to do with david miscavige’s own birthday and the corporation called CST that owns scientology. See the link on the left sidebar of David Miscavige’s webpage here:

    Arnie Lerma

    PS; Thank you for a splendid blog Mr Bunker.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The video was taken down.

  7. tanz Says:

    hmmm… video no longer available on youtube……… something smells like salmon….fishy!

  8. Tom Cruise, nice looking dude, but, he thinks he is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced ham!

  9. Dotty Radney Says:

    Tom Cruise daughter Suri is so cute and sweet. What a lucky child to have beautiful and famous parents. I wonder if some day she can also be a famous star.

  10. I have seen Tom Cruise Mission Impossible and I cant wait to see his latest one MI:4. He is my hero and I don’t think anyone can replace him

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