What Happened Next?


Here’s the follow up to Panorama’s “Scientology and Me” expose. It’s mostly a recap of the show, with John Sweeney talking about the explosion of his explosion spreading across the web.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are the funny spoofs they briefly show in the segment. As a Dr. Who fan, I especially love the Dalek Sweeney.

Thank you, John Sweeney and Panorama for tackling Scientology in such a remarkable way and maintaining a sense of humor.

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10 Comments on “What Happened Next?”

  1. Krueger Says:

    Thanks for the updated video! Interesting spoofs “YOU WERE NOT THERE AT THE BEGINNING…OF…THIS… BANANA!” hahaha

    It’s also very easy to tell which Sweeney videos were posted by Scientologists, because hundreds of comments are all anti-Sweeney and not ONE comment is allowed to be posted that defends him, or the comment box is then disabled.

  2. Rep Pill on Topix Says:

    Yeah, I was a poster on one of their YouTube videos that showed John Sweeney melt down. They thought the public would see things their way, but when the comments became overwhelmingly pro-BBC they deleted all but the few that favored them. Cowards!

  3. D. Says:

    “hundreds of comments are all anti-Sweeney”

    I wonder. In the comments section of the Washington Post, one person posted multiple comments, using 28 different names! (Identified in the end by spelling and punctuation mistakes, and the repeated use of certain words and phrases.)

    If this use of sock puppets is typical, then ‘hundreds of comments’ may just be a few people posting over and over again.

  4. Krueger Says:

    Good point D, I bet you’re right

  5. Chuck Says:

    They had me at “further update program before the end of the year.” I think I jumped 30 meters in the air 🙂

    As for the repeat posters leaving negative feedback, you can clearly tell someone is from Sea Org by the lack grammar skills as they were treated like serfs most of their lives.

  6. johnnwhite Says:

    tommy fuck wit ,or what ever your name is , i would like to see you for just a few seconds to show you what i think of you. it will be quite painless i can assure you.


  7. Rory Says:

    Hey Mark, did you notice the Scientology cameraman who was on the roof with Tommy Davis while he was interrupting John Sweeney’s interview?

  8. Mark Bunker Says:

    Yes. As I recall it was our old pal, Spencer. I think I also saw the guy who was usually out on Watterson Street as well.

  9. Rory Says:

    Yes, I found that quite amusing!

  10. Epex Says:

    “Scientology and Me” was really good and it shows how dangerous this cult really is.

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