A Life in Scientology

RECEIVED BY E-MAIL:  Friday July 6, 2007

I am always happy to hear from people whose lives have been affected by Scientology and who have found XENU TV to be helpful to themselves or loved ones.   I was asked to share this story and am happy to do so.

– Mark Bunker

My Life in Scientology

I spent most of my early life in Scientology. My parents both joined when I was 3-years-old.  I am now 28-years-old and although I have had little contact with Scientology over the last 10 years I have only now realized how much the “tech” and how being brought up within the culture of Scientology has affected my thoughts, my identity, my treatment of others and my view of the world.  Being in Scientology during my most impressionable stage of my life, I did not know there was anything different. I did not know there were other ways of viewing the world around us. The Scientology view was the only view I had ever known and what is worse is that I believed this view was the only view that was valid.

I wanted to post my story in the hope that this will stop people from entering Scientology, particularly those with small children who are not given the choice. To any parents, please think how a “Scientology life” will affect your children later in life.

My father was very respected in Scientology before being thrown out for reasons unknown to me. As a member of the SO, and having reached the state of Clear, he was sent around the world to start up missions. He was sent to countries where previous attempts had failed. He was very successful in this regard. At least one mission that I know of is now Saint Hill size. He was also a top-performing registrar, owing his course selling skills to his previous job as a salesman.

My mother was on staff at the local org.  My mother was not really taken in by Scientology.  My father wanted her to join the SO but she refused. She joined the local org as she had little work experience and had two small children to look after. She was able to bring my sister and I to work everyday.  She initially signed a 2.5 year contract and extended for another 2.5 years again due to our age.  After 5 years of working for the local org, she decided to leave and find another job. According to her, it was a struggle to leave.  At one point she was cornered at a fellow Scientologist’s home and hounded to sign another contract. Thankfully, she did not back down. After she left, we had no contact with any of the other Scientology kids and the people who my mother thought were friends.  She basically had to start from scratch.

I also had a step-sister who, at the age of 15, joined Sea Org.  During my early teens, I saw her occasionally on her Rec day. Little did I know that on these visits, she not only came to see us, she was also trying to persuade my mother to come back into the Org.

In my mid teens, and preying on my troubled years, my step-sister got me into Scientology where I did some minor courses on PTS types etc, and some auditing as a student pre-clear.  During this time, I also signed a billion year contract with the SO.  At the time I was desperate to join, but fortunately my mother talked me out of it.  After that I did not hear from my step-sister for 3 years.

I again had troubles during my late teens and the only people I could turn to for help was my step-sister and my father. The only help they could offer me was Scientology Tech. As a result, I did a bit more auditing and also Therapeutic TR’s course. It was not something I wanted to do but I did anyway.

The next ten years, I had nothing to do with Scientology and only occasionally heard from my step-sister and father. Having a very separated family has had a huge effect on me.  I wish that I had a normal close-knit family. Unfortunately, that will never be the case.

A couple of weeks ago, I again had some troubles and turned to my step-sister for help.  She told me that I could get some auditing to fix my troubles and to go into the local org.  As I had always believed in the “tech,” I decided to give it a go. After all, I could only benefit, right?  I went in did a personality test, an IQ test and asked for some auditing. A staff member took me up to an auditing room for the standard interview after which they would call me to arrange a time to come in for the auditing I had asked. After this visit, I had renewed interest in Scientology and decided to start my way up the bridge to Clear.  I emailed my plans to my father and he offered to help me with the costs to go Clear.

I was not sure of the costs so I started to browse the internet to get a rough idea of how much it would cost.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon Xenutv.com.  I initially closed the page and continued my search, but kept finding more and more sites on the negative side of Scientology.  It wasn’t long until I started reading and eventually led me back to Xenutv.com. It wasn’t until I actually saw the video footage that I started to believe the negative side of Scientology. Thank you Xenutv.com!

For the next 24 hours straight, I watched video after video and read story after story. It was then I started to realize how Scientology had affect my view of the world.  I was very scared at this point.  That night I was literally scared. My heart was beating faster and I got a little paranoid.  I was scared that Scientologists would “perceive” my new found objections and turn up on my doorstep.  I was scared that Scientology thetans were watching over me or would “perceive” my damning views and somehow harm me with their minds. That night I turned on all the lights, locked the doors, turned the TV on and called my partner. Needless to say, there was nothing to fear.

Within 24 hours, my view had moved 180 degrees and was now heading in the right direction. I had finally discovered what had been holding me back for so many years.  The source of my troubles was Scientology itself.  Growing up in Scientology, I had all these Scientology views and opinions implanted within me and I did not even know it and even after 10 years of not stepping foot inside an Org I was still being affected.

My mind had been so warped and stuck in a Scientology world view that I rejected anything that was to the contrary.  I looked at people and thought how deluded everyone was walking around in this world without knowing the real truth.  Little did I know I was the deluded one. I was introverted and worrying about my case instead of enjoying and experiencing life like everyone else around me was.

Now after watching video on Xenutv.com and reading stories, all of a sudden my mind was open to new ideas around me. While I am still slowing working through my problems, I am now experiencing life with new vigor.  “Clear” has taken on a different meaning for me now. “Clear” is now clearing my mind of all the harmful effects of Scientology doctrine.

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9 Comments on “A Life in Scientology”

  1. Chuck Says:

    A bit confused here, he says his father was “thrown out” but that he was still willing to help pay the costs of going “clear.” Odd to say the least.

  2. Artoo45 Says:

    Could be authentic, but then again I can’t imagine a Scientologist saying they were worried about “Scientology thetans” watching over them. Odd indeed . . . but a lovely sentiment nevertheless.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Thanks mark for posting my story.

    Just a bit of clarification on my father. Although my father was thrown out for discretions I am not completely aware of and also declared a Suppressive Person, he still believes and supports the views of Scientology. And still hopes his family, including me, continues up the bridge. It is funny that he will freely offer to assist me financially up the bridge, yet will not help with my course fees that will lead me to a profession that will get me ahead in life. That is odd to say the least.


  4. JustCallMeMary Says:

    Dennis, I loved reading your story. I know what it’s like to be out 10 years and not be free of the mindset and fear. I thank God for the internet and resources like xenutv.com

    Regarding your reply to Chuck about your father : Your father is still of the mindset that Scientology is the only way. While he languishes in the land of the ‘declared’ . He may well have been labeled an illegal PC and there would be no point this lifetime to fight the declare order. He most likely thinks he will come back next life time and the slate will be clean. How else could he help you and fammily up the ‘bridge’ and be able to remain connected? Taking money from an ‘SP’ when you would not be allowed to be connected to him in order to get the services is not logical. Perhaps he thinks he needs to be disconnected from. Perhaps he was mentally overwhumped by the RPF and sec checks and can’t shake the memories of degradation ? Whatever it is, perhaps it’s time you got him to start talking. Tell him you want to see the declare order and you want to know what his plan for his own life is regarding scientology.
    He loves you but he thinks Scientology is the only way. He’s been brainwashed to think that. Help him out of it by talking about it.

  5. Dennis Says:

    Thanks Mary.

    I am in two minds at the moment whether to open up this line of conversation with my father and step-sister.

    My father is quite old now and don’t know if it will do more harm than good in “opening his eyes” about Scientology.

    My step-sister has been in SO for nearly 30years and it is all she has known. Other Scientologists are her family and her friends. And being in the SO from so young and for so long has not really prepared her for the realities of the real world. She s also not in great health due to a genetic disease. A result of bad genes (hereditary) and not her case as she ans Scientology believes.

    I just don’t know whether to raise it with them as they are both strong minded people and are totally indoctrinated in Scientology. They cannot speak highly enough of the tech.

    At this stage I think I should just leave things as they are… and let them live their life as they want. Though my mind changes every other day. It is just something I will have to decide to confront….or not confront.


  6. Andrew Says:

    Woot! Welcome to the real world Dennis. In spite of it’s bad points I think it’s fairly nice, And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    As for as your sister and your Dad go, I’m sorry to hear that. This very thing is the reason that I speak so loudly on the subject. True I didn’t lose anyone to Scientology but other people have and that upsets me.

    Good luck with whatever you do, and I wish your dad and sister the best.

  7. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    Mark, you can’t go this lnog without a blog post… always makes me worried that you’ve been “Mintoned.”

    Dennis, open his eyes… it’s never too late to tell the truth.

  8. Colamix Says:

    1 human has only 5 senses.
    So all Scientology stuff isn’t compatible with our human senses.
    Just forget it.

  9. Tara Says:


    I’m new here and perhaps not qualified to comment on this but, you say that your dad and step-mom are both elderly and in poor health. From the sound of what you say, neither is likely to change their mind on the subject of scientology. Frankly, I don’t see any advantage to attempting to change their minds at this point. Chances are it won’t happen and you’ll only create a rift in your family. Be thankful that you’re out of the cult and try to maintain a good relationship with your parents while you have them. Just don’t let them draw you back in!!!

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