Happy 4th of July!

This seems like as good a time as any to mention how popular these videos have become across the web.  The 4th of July videos are the most viewed of any I have made for XENU TV.

Wherever Dan Murnan, Mark Perkins and Goatee Boy are today, I hope they are having fun…and not running around a pole in the desert.

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21 Comments on “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. Andrew, Summoner of Xenu Says:

    Wow, that last comment was great, I think I busted a rib!

  2. Chuck Says:

    Do you have any idea if Dan Murnan et all are even still in Scientology? Was Tori aware of their status when she got out?

  3. XENU TV Says:

    I hear Dan left his job and joined staff a few years bacl. I don’t know anything about the others.

  4. devilbear Says:

    Your Day 3 fourth of July video hooked me and got me watching and reading all about scientology. I have been approached a number of times and asked odd questions while working in a store on a main road in NC. Questions like, “What are you afraid of?” Out of the blue. And conversations the lead to someone telling me they don’t get sick, ever. Another wanted to know how long I could stare into his eyes without blinking. I don’t play that game. I didn’t realise these people may have been scientologists until I saw these videos. Scientologists also may be trolling NA and AA meetings in NC.

  5. The Hordesman Says:

    Have Dan reached mascot status here? Just wondering, he’s right up in the corner on this blog and he did afterall inspire this site’s creation, not to mention is constant appearances. Someone should do a chibi caricature of him, and t-shirts could be made since a cartoon version is not the same thing as some person’s photograph after all. Possible title for it could be “Hello Danny”
    That would be funny.

    The way scientologists work is baffling- they hide behind a law through breaking it? Is that even logical in theory? Apparently, yes, or the ones who should check such stuff are too busy counting their bribe money.

  6. Chuck Says:

    I can’t believe for once that Murnan or even Tom Cruise for that matter would stay in CoS if they knew how DM and Tommy Davis (aka Rinder 3000) ran the place. It’s scary. Then again Cruise is very driven. I wish someone would go after them but just drop the whole Xenu/Thetan angle and stick to the issue of paid salvation, corruption, fair game, high pressure tactics, etc. I mean really Travolta, Cruise, they’re not stupid, can’t the see what’s going on. If you got them all together and debated not the faith, but the management, how couldn’t you make progress. BTW is there anything to this Travolta rumor that he once criticized the CoS management (late 70’s) and was silenced…

    I heard the recording of Rinder and some other guy promoting Sci on the UK sports show. Was that you calling in from San Diego as the blogger noted? Did you ever get connected again?

    Finally, what’s your opinion of Rinder, is he a true believer who’s blinded, or does he know he’s essentially protecting DM and a corrupt organization. I’ve read Robert V. Young’s open letters and for some reason I see Rinder as Darth Vader figure. I think it the whole story about his daughter dying and DM telling him to get over it in the early 1980’s. He also seems to twitch a lot in his interviews and I’ve read he’s still a low level OT. I guess I feel pity for him, human condition and all. I mean after spending what is essentially his entire life in Sci/OSA/Sea Org at this point can he break away even if he wants?

  7. XENU TV Says:

    Yes, that was me calling the radio show and no they wouldn’t let me back on.

    I don’t know Rinder personally but but my opinions have been formed by his behavior which I find creepy.

  8. dorothy Says:

    I would LOVE a Dan shirt- I want that picture of him all froggy and frowny looking outside of Mark’s house holding that sign- and then around it, it would say WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES and other great Dan lines!

  9. Rory Says:

    You really have to feel sorry for guys like Dan Murnan and Mark Perkins because they have been victimized by the Church of Scientology.

  10. patrick Says:

    >>the german government


  11. Rory Says:

    Hey Mark, who was this postal worker you were referring to by the name of Mark Wartman?
    Was he just some made up person?

  12. Mark Bunker Says:

    A friend from long, long ago. As far as I know, he was never left in a ditch by anyone.

  13. Rory Says:

    Haha, I hope not!

  14. Craig Says:

    Mark, I really enjoy the investigative and personal edge your journalism has to offer. I would advise, however, that you tone down the mocking-slash-snide remarks. in doing so, you’re reducing your credibilty as a respectable journalist.


  15. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Craig.

  16. Scott Says:

    Mark, I don’t know how your able to argue against nonsensical rhetoric such as that. I think that you should right a book, and I think I have your title; “The Idiot’s Guide to Talking to Dummies”. Have your people call my people.

    P.S. Keep up the fight!

  17. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Scott!

  18. gman Says:

    Good work mark… keep it going mate!

  19. Renko Says:

    “What is his service”?

    “Service? Do you mean, like in the Sea Org”?

    What a classic line – I wet myself laughing:)

    Seriously though, thanks for your courageous effort, felt a 20-year ago nightmare heal as a result.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Did you know that your July 4th #3 video isn’t loading from Youtube? The Google version is so glitchy it times out loading. Please repost it!

  21. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks. That YouTube account was cancelled.

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