Stephanie Miller – German Flap

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday June 28, 2007

Stephanie MillerStephanie Miller took up the story of Germany refusing Tom Cruise permission to film in government and military offices for his upcoming Nazi-Era film.

Once again, someone in the Stephanie Miller brain trust shows off a fairly thorough knowledge of Scientology buzzwords as Tom Cruise jumps on Oprah’s couch.

Voice guy Jim Ward gives a pretty good demonstration of why Germany might be wary of granting Scientology access to their offices.

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2 Comments on “Stephanie Miller – German Flap”

  1. Tram Says:

    Hi to everyone, its been awhile since I said anything , so I’ll get to the point. My second love is going to the movies but I first go to the place to read about the movie I’m interested in. The movie is called Celestine Prophecy so I’m reading the comments and out of nowhere the person said ,
    This is a work of fiction, so the author was probably not intending it to become the foundation of a worldwide movement. But then maybe L. Ron Hubbard had good intentions, too, but the next thing we knew, we had Tom Cruise jumping up and down on a sofa and then planting his demon seed in poor little Katie Holmes and now we’ve got to mount a rescue mission to get her and her child away from those people. Gee, I wonder what Peter Graves and Marty Landeau are doing these days?

    This says alot and I’ve got to say the news about scientology is looking mighty sad and thats not bad kind of makes me feel glad. Later

  2. Ana Says:

    so Tram want to break up the cruise family just like scientology destroy the previous Cruise Kidman family?

    Idiot, you should save Tom, but you’re afraid, lameass

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