Countdown – Germany Says Nein to Cruise

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE – Tuesday June 26, 2007

Countdown It’s always nice to come home from work and turn on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. If only all news shows were as good as this and covered the important news of the day, from Bush’s latest blunder to Bill O’Reilly’s latest bluster.

A wonderful added benefit for the SP’s in the audience is that Keith will invariably cover the latest wacky Scientology story in a segment he has come to call “Tom Cruise Scares Me.”

Tonight, Keith looked at the controversy over Germany’s refusal to allow Cruise to film his new Nazi-era movie in government and military buildings. Governments refuse cooperation to filmmakers all the time. Usually it is because they are worried the film will show them in a bad light. This time, they came right out and said they are refusing him permission because Cruise is a Scientologist and they consider the group a cult.

Germany has very strict laws governing paramilitary cults such as Scientology. They were put into effect after WWII so another Nazi-like group could never rise again in their land. They take this seriously and they are not letting Scientology get away with their religious-cloak.

On a happier note, today is the birthday of my sweet Magooski, Tory Christman! Hooray and Huzzah! Let the world celebrate the wonderfulness of this completely enchanting woman we first met as Magoo.

Happy birthday, Tory!!!!!

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7 Comments on “Countdown – Germany Says Nein to Cruise”

  1. Jacques Says:

    Two good news in one day !

    1. I think someone should survey Tom Cruise’s choice of film – as an actor or a producer – in the recent years, let’s say since the Last samourai. I wonder whether there is a pattern ?

    2. From all the videos I saw on, Tory seems to be a nice person. Even when she was still inside, she was lying in such a nice way, putting her galaxies away from the other lady visible in your birthday piece.

  2. Artoo45 Says:

    Cheers and thanks to Tory on her birthday. Her ability to remain steadfast to her cricisism AND civil with $cientologists in the face of bull-baiting is inspiring. Being honest with others is certainly a virtue, but being truly honest with one’s self, as she showed us during her liberation, is truly moving and life-changing. Thanks Tory!

  3. Mary McConnell Says:

    Happy Birthday to Tory!! What a wonderful birthday present, Mark!! I bet she got a big kick out of it! I know I did.

    Loved the Olberman / Countdown video! The german and french governments are taking the lead in exposing scientlogy as a cult . By banning the movie from being filmed in Germany because of the cult, the message is clear that they will not back down. I agree.

  4. devilbear Says:

    Happy Birthday Tory!

  5. vicky Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m noticing a lot of your videos are coming up as no longer available…. Evil forces at work here?

  6. Mike Says:

    Keith Olbermann sucks.

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