Hellbound Alleee

Hellbound AlleeeWell, I just spent a delightful hour listening to a podcast from Hellbound Alleee.  It’s located on what I’m assured is America’s Greatest Blog.  Alleee took a few audio clips from the talkSport radio show, sprinkled in some sound bites of Hubbard and mixed it all together with some really infectious music.

I have to admit that music is not a big part of my life.  I never listened to the radio as a kid.  I never bought records except for comedy albums till much later in life.  And when I listen to a podcast like this or Harry Shearer’s weekly public radio series Le Show, I realize how much I’ve missed.

I grew up on TV.  Specifically movies on TV.   When I was a kid, every weekend there would be multiple Abbott and Costello movies or Hope and Crosby.   When the rest of the kids were embracing the London invasion, I was hearing the Andrew Sisters.  When others grew up with Lennon/McCartney, my favorite songwriting team was Van Heusen and Burke who wrote most of Bing Crosby’s songs during his peak days at Paramount Studios in the 40’s.

I know,  I’m a dork.  I know the Beatles because they made movies.  Until MTV came along, I was completely oblivious to whatever the current music happened to be.   I’m an outsider where this is concerned and I just love it when someone cracks open the door for me and gives me a peek at what I’ve been missing.  Not the mainstream stuff, but the buried, offbeat, wondrous and often kitschy stuff where people are clearly having the time of their life making music.

So I hope you enjoy her podcast.  I know I’m going to jump in and listen to many more of her shows.

And as a Star Trek fan, I especially loved the  musical tribute to Kirk, Spock and McCoy!

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One Comment on “Hellbound Alleee”

  1. devilbear Says:

    Interesting music

    You may like this song, it uses that L. Ron audio at the 16:00 also.

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