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The Now ShowHere’s a fun clip from the BBC4 radio comedy series, the The Now Show. In it, the hosts respond to listener’s mail and manage to joke about Panorama, John Sweeney’s shouting, the meaning of Scientology and intergalactic rulers. What’s not to like? …unless you were a corporate head of Scientology.

I hadn’t heard of the Now Show before being sent this clip but it sounds like a fun show that I’ll have to check out. You can listen each week on the net. Find out a lot more about the show at Wikipedia.

Download mp3


A big thanks to Sponge for providing the clip and for putting into context a big joke at the end of the segment in which they play audio from this 70’s vintage TV commercial

Now, it’s even funnier!

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5 Comments on “The Now Show”

  1. Les Hemmings Says:

    From hearing it on R4 this morning over breakfast to it appearing on the Wog Blog in under nine hours. Well done Mark and JAFAW… :o)

    It deserved a wider, more permanant airing. Just goes to show how derision of clams is now a mainstream activity.


  2. Sponge Says:

    Thank’s Mark.

    Incidentaly, for young or non-UK listeners, the bit in the middle of the clip with the aliens is actually from an early 1970’s TV advert for Cadbury’s Smash instant mashed potato and can be seen here on YouTube (Thinking about it, it’s rather like Scientology. Instant cult – Pay for it and then add boiling water).

  3. Lafayette Says:

    The Now Show has been running since 1998, and takes a sideways look at the news of the preceeding week. I’m not a big fan of Mitch Benn myself, but he still managed to raise a smile on this particular subject. Interesting to see the religion placed firmly in the UFO cult camp. One of the more baffling aspects of Scientology defence is their refusal to publically admit to believing in the Space Opera that litters their literature.

  4. D. Says:

    It is a very funny show.

    “Critics have said of course that Sweeney’s film was unfair, that it was one-sided, it was prejudiced, it was unnecessarily insulting towards the culty nutters- to which I say… *yes* we’re the BBC, what did you think, that we were impartial?”

    Long may the BBC remain biased against culty nutters!!

  5. Artoo45 Says:

    No Fair!! It’s our cult dammit and the Brits are having all the fun! Now there’s the fabulous new musical “Xenu is Loose!” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We do have the wonderful “A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant” and, of course, South Park on our side of the pond, but we need to have more fun with Li’l Davy’s Fake Navy in the arts. Where is that scathingly funny Hubbard biopic which should star Jeffrey Jones?

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