The Great Debate

XENU TV, the leading producer of quality video productions covering the world of Scientology, has extended the offer of a no-holds-barred debate between former Scientologist Tory Christman and the internet poster known as Truth Seeker.  This debate will be videotaped and presented unedited on the internet on XENU TV, YouTube, GoogleVideo and made available for Truth Seeker’s own website.

Tory Christman was a 30 year member of Scientology and valued by the group so much that she appeared in many of their publications including the coffee-table hardcover book, “What is Scientology.”

Since leaving Scientology, she has been a much sought-after guest for newscasts in the U.S. and abroad.  She has appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, MSNBC, CBS, FOX and the BBC among many others.  Her knowledge of Scientology’s technology and the inner workings of this once mysterious group has helped laypeople understand why many consider Scientology less a religion and more a cult.

Truth Seeker has presented him/herself as the only official critic of Scientology and has urged others to avoid information presented on such widely respected sites as Operating Clambake.   He argues  that these are decoy sites set up by Scientology to ensnare  a person’s private information and thus use it to destroy the websurfer.

Fortunately, I am a well respected journalist with an Emmy to my name and my credibility is impeccable.  Truth Seeker does not list my name in his many posts of covert-Scientologists who pretend to be critics.   I also have the respect of corporate Scientology who do not list me as a dangerous individual on their website, Religious Freedom Watch.

I have, to my knowledge, only one person on this planet who dislikes me and that is Shirley Jean Wilson, but I forgive her for her harsh judgment.

The wide distribution of this debate on video portals such as YouTube and GoogleVideo will ensure that Scientology could not do as Truth Seeker fears and use the video for nefarious ends.

Tory Christman agreed wholeheartedly on June 12th, 2007 to appear for this open and honest debate.  Will you, Truth Seeker agree as well?

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13 Comments on “The Great Debate”

  1. Tony Van Owen Says:

    I would love to see this happen.
    I don’t think it will….but I would love to see it.

    Although I have only meet you once in person (the honor was all mine) at the LA picket, I have no doubt that you would be fair to both parties involved.

    By fair I mean no editing to make one side look better than the other.

    To Truth Seeker:
    It’s time to put up or shut up.


  2. Kilia Says:

    I would love to see this too, but like Tony, I won’t hold my breath. lol

  3. Artoo45 Says:

    I’m unfamiliar with TruthSeeker’s “work” but if he/she will debate Tory, then let the fur fly! It’ll probably only be TruthSeeker’s fur that flies however, since Tory is the clam’s worst nightmare incarnate. Smart, honest, enormously likeable, funny, and fully aware of where all the skeletons are buried, Tory could make mincemeat out of Rinder or li’l Tommy Davis any day.

    I can’t imagine they would send anybody to debate Ms. Christman, let alone a fake “critic” they cooked up to try and undermine Andreas’ and Mark’s successful critic sites. Lame. Lame. Lame.

    Poor little clams, they seem oblivious to their PR nightmare. They are a totally unlikeable group. Their only really likeable personalities quickly show how thin their veneer of geniality is when pressed with tough questions. Then they turn all vicious like Elron taught ’em to. “What are your crimes?” “Did you rape a baby!!?!!??” Like we’re gonna respect that kind of ugly, aggro crap? Riiiight.

    Mark, my fingers are crossed for a positive RSVP.


  4. Nooj Says:

    Hey Mark. I don’t really see any reason for two at the same side to go at each others’ throats. That’s not how peer review is supposed to work.

  5. roro Says:

    How about Tory vs. Mike Rinder? Or Tom Cruise, even? Hell, I’d pay to see that.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    Nooj, I believe that it’s because they are NOT, in reality, the “same side” that Mark has offered the venue for debate.

  7. Krueger Says:

    TruthSeeker will not show up. It’s much easier to debate when he’s hiding behind a computer.

    Also, if Tory were to debate with him, TruthSeeker will just be shooting a stupid videocamera at her the whole time.

  8. Nooj Says:

    Hey Artoo. I should clarify. Peer review should be testing each others’ points, not their credibility. I’ve read TS’ posts at a.r.s., and his methods of criticism are either suspiciously harsh, or honestly awkward. Now some critics are biased as well (like I find Lerma’s criticism mostly biased). I’d like to advocate David Touretzky’s style of criticism: academic, disciplined, and structured. He probably wouldn’t be right all the time, but he is doing this professionally. Mark’s letter of invitation for TS seems a little harsh, as if he’s lowering himself to also having a personal vendetta. All I’m to Tory and Mark is, tread carefully, because they both have a lot to lose and nothing to gain.

  9. Artoo45 Says:

    Thanks for the fine clarification Nooj. I too admire Touretzky’s methodical and structured style. He definitely keeps his cool. I also admire Mark’s composure and humor under fire. I myself come from the “Let Hubbard’s own Insanity Speak For Itself” school . . . and am also clearly influenced by my years studying at the “Warner Bros. Acme™ Academy of Wisecracking and Smartassdom”. Hubbard and all his “works” are simply irresistible to me, since the more serious they get, the funnier they are (oh, except for all the dead people, ill-gotten gain, and the occasional small-child-in-the-chain-locker stories).

    As for bias? Are you a large, relatively hairless primate? Then you’re biased. Any scientist worth their salt would tell you that bias is their constant companion. I say, just admit it and be vigilant
    and honest about it. We wouldn’t all be so interested in this organization if we didn’t dislike the way it does business, eh?

  10. raiko Says:

    I’ve been checking out some of the Xenu TV stuff in YouTube, and I must say it’s quite interesting. The way, for example, how mr. Bunker patiently and rationally handles totally inane accusations, is admirable! I highly advise these videoclips to better learn how to elegantly stand against this kind of attempts to vex. Xenu TV is also journalistically proffessional.

  11. David Says:

    What happenned to this debate?

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Oddly enough, being nothing more than an OSA op to distract people from looking ar critical sites, TruthSeeker refused to show his/her face in public or even respond rationally to a question on the internet.

    In short, TruthSeeker is a lying coward. The perfect example of the end product of Scientology training.

  13. David Says:

    Sounds just as expected. Hope the idiot gets a life one of these days, something high powered like flipping burgers for MacDonalds.

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