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As an example of a Scientology footbullet, their attempt at discrediting the BBC’s reporter John Sweeney has backfired big time.  When they tried to derail the Panorama expose “Scientology and Me” by putting a clip of Sweeney shouting on YouTube, the BBC put their own clip up in defense.  That clip is now one of the most viewed and discussed clips on YouTube.

Scientology runs their Orgs on Stats.  Look at these stats, Scientology:

#93 – Most Viewed (This Month) – All

#7 – Most Viewed (This Month) – News & Politics – All

#7 – Most Viewed (This Month) – News & Politics – English

#28 – Top Rated (This Month) – News & Politics – All

#27 – Top Rated (This Month) – News & Politics – English

#1 – Most Discussed (This Month) – All

#1 – Most Discussed (This Month) – News & Politics – All

#1 – Most Discussed (This Month) – English

#1 – Most Discussed (This Month) – News & Politics – English

#17 – Most Discussed (All Time) – All

#1 – Most Discussed (All Time) – News & Politics – All

#17 – Most Discussed (All Time) – English

#1 – Most Discussed (All Time) – News & Politics – English

#41 – Top Favorites (This Month) – News & Politics – All

#36 – Top Favorites (This Month) – News & Politics – English


So, thank you David Miscavige.  You may be tiny in stature but you’ve brought huge disapproval to the cult you currently run.  Will you remain in charge until you drop your body, as Hubbard did?  Will you be overthrown by people who can make legitimate reform and stop the abuses in your group?  Or will you just oversee the continued downward spiral in Scientology’s own stats?

Time will tell.

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21 Comments on “Top Honors”

  1. gumbygodamnit Says:

    Thanks for the PR man, we have been hammering away on th Sci,s sent the video came out. Once again, thank you.


  2. swebb51 Says:

    Hehe! hall we start posting here too??

    $cientology bleeds you dry!

  3. Jurrk Says:

    yay for the power of the internet!!

    the cult shot itself in the foot bad this time.

  4. jonnyvasuki Says:

    l ron hubbard never anticipated the internet. once the truth is out you cant delete it, it will always be there, if 1 site goes down a new 1 will come straight back up. the truth on scientology on the internet has been out a long time and theres nothing they can do to stop it. what happened(and is happening) on youtube is unprecedented. number 17 all time most discussed in 2 weeks and still rising. all scientologists or pro scientologists who have tried to defend scientology on the comments list have had there arguments destroyed. mostly trying to deflect the story onto sweeny being a bad reporter or juvenile name calling because they could not(or are not allowed) to answer the critical questions against scientology. they shot themselves in the foot? i say they launched a nuclear missile into their foot!!

  5. Anyone but Heber Says:

    The video has reached 16th most discussed ever and still going fast…

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    Once again, I have to ask the question, why, oh, why does the cult not get the fact that crazy, loopy, obnoxious behavior doesn’t play well on TV? Crazy polls fairly well, loopy can be kinda fun, but obnoxious is just, well . . . obnoxious.

    And what is it with the preponderance of lilliputian men in $cientology? Li’l Davy and the Tiny Tommys (Cruise and Davis) seem just like my Pughuahua (Pug/Chihuahua mix), teeny, slightly insane and ferociously aggressive. Sadly, none of them are anywhere near as cute as my dog.

  7. David Says:

    David Miscavige and the OSA should continue, they are doing a great job.

  8. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    Co$’s “Panorama Exposed” video is online, in case you haven’t seen it:

    Also avaialble as a WMV download. Very entertaining. Love the way the Co$ security cameras give such a great view of the people walking on public sidewalks across the street from their buildings….

  9. John Fox Says:

    Is it just me … or does that guy look like a wannabe replica/clone of Tom Cruise?

  10. Alen Says:

    ^^^yeah lol


  11. Cyberatog Says:

    I am currently working on a parody of $cientology which also covers this issue- the sweeney scene will be paralleled, but the character will kick Tom in the crotch instead of shouting at him, but many things will be intact.

    Sweeney is an amazing human being to be able to just shout since I would become so furious I would kill that Tom guy on the spot. He was objective, and he stayed objective. It was the cultists who didn’t want to share information or understand that the critics actually have alot of valid points, their own damn fault.

    Religion: The worship of one or more dieties.
    Cult: To make people unable to contact the outside world, or be hindered from what they want due to spiritual reasons enforced by others.

  12. max Says:

    The real stats are that more people are getting into Scientology in England as a result of the BBC expose than ever before. Not quite what the intended result was. But as I’m sure you know by now, SPs have a hard time actually hitting a target. Too busy kicking the cat, most likely.

    The person of average intelligence reading your blog cold can pretty easily spot that the few guys spouting off on blogs like this have an axe to grind. You can find similar blogs seeking to demonize any religion (Moonies, Quakers, Catholics, Baptists, Jews, or Muslims). And they are all about as effective as this one – spitting in the wind.

  13. XENU TV Says:

    Welcome Max. Are you my mustachiod friend from Clearwater? Welcome to the blog. You are free to join us here any time.

    I’m glad to hear that Panorama has increased your stats. If that’s the case you should welcome more journalists turning their attention to your group so as to continue helping Scientology grow and prosper.

  14. James Says:

    Looks like we have some Scientologists on the blog attacking everyone now Mark.

    You know it’s a successful mission when they start coming out of the woodwork!

    That video on YouTube is now climbing the most discussed rating very rapidly. Discussion all very much around exposing the truth about Scientology.

    What a pathetic cult is really is.

  15. James Says:

    By the way Max – Scientology isn’t a religion. It might be in your little hole in the US, but the rest of the world sees it for the joke that it is.

    Hubbard never anticipated the existence of such open information distribution networks such as the Internet. The Internet only completely undermines things like Scientology, no amount of legal threats can hide the truth 🙂

  16. Cyberatog Says:

    It seems max didn’t read the bottom information of my post, but if he did he would see the clear difference between what classifies something as a religion and/or cult. Something can be both, yes- but scientology lacks diety. Thus, no religion. Buddhism is no religion, true. But many Buddhists think it is wrong to call it religion too, except some who have dieties, so they can call it a religion. Buddhists make sense, $cientology is a pseudo-science and a scam, which is why it doesn’t make much sense.

    It’s like the pyramid scheme of cults, or something.

  17. Sean Says:

    Gandhi said it best:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  18. Gumby Says:

    It saddens me, to hear2 more people died, because of someones involvement with the Church of Scientology and its teachings. Some how, somewhere this madness has to be stopped.

  19. SparkRekindled Says:

    The Cult of Scientology will be gone some day. It is only a matter of time. Max has taken too many of those special scientology vitamins. It is a cult, not a religion. I wish people would stop refering to it as a church. They don’t worship any diety, nor do they pray. They do not make any reference to any god(s) as far as I am aware. They worship only your hard earned CA$H.

    Once they get you in their clutches, they defraud and embezzle your hard earned money from you until you are broke. If you are one of the lucky ones, they will offer you volunteer work to pay for the courses and give you a room at “flag”, then they con you into disconnecting from friends and family. It is then, they have almost absolute control over you.

    I was lucky to discover the truth about the Scientology Cult before I got deep into it.

    Their cult is based on the FICTION of L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard wanted to become a millionaire, so he plotted and schemed until he came up with Scientology. I am amazed at how much video and audio of Hubbard himself is floating around the internet. You can see and hear about Xenu and hear how Hubbard went to Venus and saw life there with his own eyes. *shiver*

    To this day, I ponder how it has come to be that the Cult of Scientology is allowed to continue to commit fraud. The Federal Governement needs to launch a new investigation and follow through until the cult is disbanded and gone for good. The powers that be within the cult need to be held criminally and civily liable for their actions.

    I honestly feel sorry for the followers who believe in the Cult of Scientology. Hopefully they will see the light sooner than later.

  20. Anonymos Says:

    Looks like the video got pulled. 😦

  21. […] of Sweeney losing his cool at the “Industry of Death” exhibit in Los Angeles. This is the clip Scientology put on YouTube the weekend before the broadcast to try to blunt the impact of Panorama’s show. Instead it drew a […]

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