Goodnight, Mr. Reilly

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Nelson Reilly who I always found delightful in his every TV appearance.  I was well aware of his career as an actor and director of serious Broadway fare and loved that he was able to be treated seriously at the same time as being accepted as a funny, outrageous man on game shows, talk shows and kid’s fare.

Of course, as an X-Files fan and a critic of Scientology I was giddy over the fact that Charles got a great late-in-his-career revival as Jose Chung, a journalist on an episode of Millennium and then later on the X Files.  On Millennium, Chung was writing a story about the leader of a Hollywood cult which had amazing similarities to Scientology.

Darin Morgan wrote the episode, which integrated humor into a grim show brilliantly, and FOX and the production team had the guts to shoot the episode and air it when all others were cowed into silence.   Many thanks to them all.  And thank you, Charles, for the fun you brought to the planet.

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2 Comments on “Goodnight, Mr. Reilly”

  1. Trams Says:

    I remember him from the 60’s an 70’s on the game shows tho I never thought of him as a serious actor. Here’s a website from BBC network it has a lot of X files on it and its called TV Links better than remote control. TV links I know your on the go most of the time but when time comes check it out. thanks for your work Sam

  2. Mary McConnell Says:

    Charles Nelson Reilly did a great job here. Thanks so much for finding this. This episode by Darin Morgan IS briilant! I have no doubt that the show is spoof on the cult of scientology!!

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