Panorama: Scientology and Me


John Sweeney sets out to investigate Scientology and finds himself the target of PI’s, abuse and a massive smear campaign meant to ruin his career.

This is a terrific show which has been surrounded by much controversy stirred up by Scientology. At the end of the day, the cult has drawn far more attention to the show than it would have had without their hissy fit.

Other critics have put together websites documenting the Scientology actions against Sweeney and his program. Check out these sites:

Raymond Hill’s Scientology Critical Information Directory

Hartley Patterson’s Scientology and Me page


Here’s the report Cooper did about the Panorama show with critic Bruce Hines and Mike Rinder for Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

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180 Comments on “Panorama: Scientology and Me”

  1. Will Says:

    Thank you for what you are doing. You seem like a very nice man, and it is hard to believe some of the tricks they will pull to try to get you in trouble. Please, keep it up, I’m sure you have saved lives by exposing scientology for what it really is, a cult.

  2. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Will. I appreciate it. And it’s good ro see that South Park has made it safe for journalists to start covering Scientology again.

  3. Krueger Says:

    Mark, I have been following your blog and website since February of this year, and I can’t tell you enough how addicted I have become to seeing what a bunch of delusional people Scientologists are! Thanks for posting this recent documentary.!

    Do you plan and making any new videos with you in them again?

  4. XENU TV Says:

    Yes, but there’s never enough time in the day. I barely get the blogging done.

    As for shooting more adventures the way John Sweeney did, Scientology seems to know enough now to keep their mouths shut around my camera. They haven’t acted truly wacky for me in years.

  5. David Says:

    My comment doesn’t seem to have appeared. Perhaps I hit the wrong button. Anyhow, Scientology tactics on the BBC might work elsewhere ( USA ) but it won’t make a difference to the credibility that it is afforded in the United Kingdom. The British people have special regard for the BBC journalism, they like to attack it themselves, but treat attacks on it from the “outside” with deep scepticism and not a little resentment.

    So Scientology methodology ( YouTube ) will have backfired on it for 99.999999% of the British population and increased the credibility of the report – the apology at the end for his conduct by Sweeney will have added authority, rather than detracted it. Whereas Scientology’s petulant responses ( withdrawing celebs ) will have undermined theirs.

  6. Sponge Says:

    I’d say that the way cult is dealing with this right now might just encourage the BBC to do a “Panorama Special”. They must have miles more footage.

    $cientology “pulled it in” yet again.

  7. David Says:

    I think the article could do with a link to the previous investigation by Panorama on this issue hosted on your site. I’ve just finished watching that, and it is more informative by far and this latest report is probably best seen as an addendum to that.

  8. Artoo45 Says:

    Creepy is as creepy does. What is it about the cult that attracts nasty little ass-wads like Miscavige and Ann Archer’s evil little martinet of a son? Tiny little men (ooops, sorry, and women HK) with abusive tendencies and thirst for power over others seem drawn to $cientology like iron to a magnet.

    As for the excellent Panorama show, don’t they have any idea how paranoid and thin-skinned they look? They look like complete nutters. Sweeny’s “exploding tomato” incident? I think he showed remarkable restraint when up against the full-force of Hubbard’s harriers. Three cheers for the BBC.

  9. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    Better download this before the Co$ sues to have it taken off youtube. if you want your own copy, go to, paste in the YouTube link, then use their download link with “save as” (it may default to an .htm file, but you need to change the name to .flv). Download an .flv (Flash Video) player and you can watch whenever you want. might not be legal but it’s important. be patient with javimoya as it sometimes takes a couple of tries to get on.

  10. moontaco Says:

    Thanks for making this available (at least, it still is as I write this). I’d heard about it but hadn’t even imagined what a skeevy guy Tommy Davis is.

  11. landru141 Says:

    I watched the Panorama episode online and I couldn’t rationalize what I was watching with the reactionary hysteria surrounding the YouTube stuff. The BBC tried to get some kind of real information and all they got was this adnoidal twerp following them around town. Any hope that the temper tantrum by the reporter would gain them sympathy was pretty much doused when time after time by the arrival of Anne Archer’s kid whinning about HIS rights being violated!

    Having grown up in Clearwater, we always regarded the Fort Harrison Hotel and Downtown as a joke (in fact, it wasn’t until I left that i was aware THAT was downtown.)

    I live in Texas now and let me tell you … they wouldn’t dare follow someone like that around here. It’s one sure way to get shot.

  12. roro Says:

    Scientology’s response to this has been overwhelming. I watched a video on Youtube last night comparing Sweeney to Hitler.

    I suppose such a campaign might work to defer Scientologists from watching the show and finding out the truth, but it will have the opposite effect on everyone else. People will want to know why Sweeney is acting so crazy in the :40 clip and being compared to one of the most evil men in history. They’ll watch the special to just find out. When they do, they’ll find out who the real nuts are.

    Sorry Scientology, but the ‘wog’ world is laughing at you and you’re only making it worse!

  13. Gus Says:

    Mike Rinder has a face that begs to be punched.

  14. Frank Says:

    Mark, WOW! what can I say except but thanks!!! this is great stuff, I watched 360 lastnight and I decided to find out more, and I found your documentaries and man! you are providing a good service in exposing this corrupt organization! Thank you!

    After watching this all I want to do is to punch the lights out of that annoying bratt, it is amazing how in every investigation or interview he was there, and the fact that he is trying to state the scientology is not a cult, that just made my day!

    Thank you Mark, I hope your work does not go unnoticed!!

  15. alec j Says:

    Mike Rinder stating unequivocally that they sent noone to follow Mr Sweeney is so obvious a lie Anderson Cooper should have ended the interview at that moment– A grown man that is such a bold faced LIAR is either mentally ill or just plain evil. I dont care who they are or what group they are representing– its disgusting and definitely enough to discredit any organization let alone one with the history of distortions and lies like Scientology— its really sick that they have any members– for some reason– events like this always make me want to punch Tom Cruise in the mouth— i guess i always see his f’ed up puss in my head when i think about the screwed up nation that is Scientology-

  16. Joseph Cormant Says:


    Does anyone care about all the good things the Chruch does?

    How come you all got nothing better or constructive to do?


  17. Mike Says:

    I see the Co$ “Volunteer Ministers” going around soliciting mourners at VT. Putting up a bright yellow tent just a hundreds away from their memorial. I think it’s disgusting. I saw how the VT students did want any part of $cientology, and didn’t want them on their campus. I’ve noticed all the propaganda videos they’ve made saying their “VM” help but I’ve seen no real evidence of it. I’ve heard the “VM” bragging how they blocked people from getting real professional help at ground zero. I saw how they subjected policemen and firemen to LRH’s “purification rundown” quackery. You can help people with a “pay as you go” religion that’s based on nothing but lies.

    I consider exposing this pyramid scheme constructive. They destroy lives and families. I’ll continue to be an outspoken critic until the day they lose their tax exempt status. Then I’ll watch their empire of fraud collapse.

  18. David Says:

    Just an aide memoire as to why people choose to keep themselves informed, and spread the word about dangerous and oppressive organisations:

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

    – Niemöller

    So the question isn’t “haven’t you got anything better to do?”. The real question is, what is a better use of time than guarding over our liberties?

  19. Daniel Says:

    In the Panorama programme, the Scientology representative Tommy appeared to be acting the part of Edward Norton’s character from the film Fight Club: Maybe he’s hoping to be cast in the sequel?

  20. Naz Says:

    John Sweeney, in my opinion, didn’t deserve to be bullied by Tommy, or his scientologist lackeys. He wasn’t even trying to be biased in the interviews.

    Also, thanks for what you’ve done, there’s not enough people in the world uncovering the sickening lies and crimes that Scientology has committed… they need to be stopped at all costs.

    I’m hoping there’ll be another documentary on Scientology. Although I’m guessing these scientologist nuts will ruin it YET AGAIN. Hilarious, how they seem to be digging a grave by defending themselves so violently. They’re just shooting themselves in the foot. Repeatedly.

    Good luck to all you do, mate!

  21. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    A higher-quality version of this is now available via variious bittorrent indexes.

  22. Artoo45 Says:


    Those of us who criticize the “church” do so for reasons as varied as those who join them. Wanna know mine? Probably not, but here they are anyway . . .

    My first reason occurred back in 1978, when I was blackmailed at the tender young age of 18 by a Co$ leader in Southern California. Said leader freaked out when he found out his 19 year-old son and I were having a same-sex relationship. He had his SON call my parents saying that I was “sick” and that my parents were to blame and that only the “church” could save us. Very sad, abusive behavior on the father’s part. The hilarious, footbullet-y part of of the whole thing was that my parents knew and liked my boyfriend and he was a happy part of our homelife that summer. Result of applying Hubbard’s tech? Three new SPs were born.

    My second inspiration to criticize the “church” was the great “Time” article and the Co$ insane response to it in USA today. Add the Lisa McPherson story and Operation Clambake to the mix and I was fascinated, and not just on $cientology, but also the organizations of Moon, LaRouche, and any other mind-control organizations.

    I fully understand that my fascination with this subject says more about me than it does about the objects of my fascination. Can you say the same about your membership in Li’l Davy’s Navy? Have you ever wondered why you want to belong, beyond the usual “ruin” that crops up in the Oxford Capacity Test?

    I believe that the majority of public Scientologists are good, caring people, just like the majority of Critics are. You want to help by “clearing the planet” we want to help by warning people about a paranoid, destructive cult that many of us have been burned by.

  23. Martin Says:

    I have long been a person who has felt that $cientology is a joke that was so bad it was funny in just how bad it was. These documentaries, and news clips just confirm it.

    The sad part is that I think the people at the top of $cientology are delusional eough to believe their own drivel. Kind of like that group in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. You know the ones. I am not surprised at the brown shirt/gestapo tactics they try to use. At the end of the day the truth shall set you free, well that is what they truely fear.

    I am a huge Sci-Fi fan, and L.Ron’s work is about the worst I have read. It is all drivel. And Batlefield Earth was such a load, that even as Sci-Fi it blew. Ad he movie was so bad that my friend and I who saw it got applauded for MST3King the entire thing.

    I love this site and other like it who expose the fraud that $cientology is. Way to go!! 🙂

  24. Krueger Says:


    That was very interesting to hear about your Scientology experiences. Out of curiosity, I’ve heard rumors that Scientologists have claimed to other members that they have “cured” celebrities in the past from homosexuality, such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise. When you were a Scientologist, did they ever tell you this (at least, Travolta back in the 70s) when they found out about your relationship?

    I’m very curious as to which “tech” methods they used to “cure” you. Thanks for sharing

  25. XENU TV Says:

    First off, I’m not gay and never was but thank you for your interest. Secondly, I was never a Scientologist.

    But to the gay issue, Scientology believes we all have lived trillions of lifetimes, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman. When a person is gay in this lifetime that just means that they are stuck in a past valence and have to be brought up to present time. Once that’s done, people are cured…but don’t look at that picture of Travolta kissing a dude at his plane. That blows the theory.

  26. XENU TV Says:

    Oops, I didn’t read the earlier posts. I thought you were asking me. :0)

  27. Sweeney should be considered Journalist of the Year. In these days of spineless reporting or propaganda masked as reporting (read: Fox News) the BBC documentary was extremely refreshing. Then again, BBC has a long tradition of producing good documentaries.

    Keep fighting for information freedom as we in The Pirate Party are doing!

    Cheers from Sweden!

  28. Krueger Says:

    I recently went to the Psychiatry: Industry of Death museum in Hollywood, just as a joke and intense curiosity, after watching videoclips you (Mark) have posted on your website. I pretended to be someone that knew nothing about Scientology or psychiatry.

    Have you visited it? I’m sure they would recognize you, but I know it’s been a while and the people at the front desk were teenage Scientologists.

    It was free and…VERY weird.

  29. XENU TV Says:

    No, I haven’t been to that exhibit. I have a feeling they would not allow me near. I toured the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition years ago before they knew who I was and it was a hoot.

  30. Artoo45 Says:


    I was never a $cientologist, it was my boyfriend at the time, who started his little black PR against me and my family at his father’s insistence.

    The church now claims that Hubbard refuted all his previous edicts about member’s sex lives at some point in one of his many policy bulletins. The problem is that all that crap is still in “Dianetics”, so which is it? The man contradicts known fact, myth and himself so many times that it must be hard to keep track of what is “tech”. How enturbulating!

  31. simon wike Says:

    Love XENU TV dude your amazing

  32. Leo from Brazil Says:

    Man you’re a hero! After watching your videos and BBC’s Panorama I realized that there are much more dumb people out there than I ever imagined. $cientology is CULT and they are scary. I remember seeing some pamphlets glued at light posts talking about Dianetics and Hubbard, but never gave it much importance…Unfortunately, they are here! They’ve come to take money and disconnect poor Brazilian families. Oh my, what should I do? I think I’ll deface their website (just kidding…).
    Great job Mark, keep it up. You have a fan.

  33. […] Panorama: Scientology and Me ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday May 14, 2007 John Sweeney sets out to investigate Scientology and finds himself the […] […]

  34. Krueger Says:

    I just finished watching their anti-Sweeney movie from the site Here is an email I sent to the editor:

    After watching this video, all I can say is WOW!

    I NEVER knew how you could twist and distort so much with your cameras the scene with Sweeney losing his temper. Did you forget to add that Tommy Davis was following him whereever he went, without mentioning the fact that Sweeney never told him he would be at these places, hotels, etc.?????????

    Her response:


    Ever been to Clearwater?
    Any other town of its size?

    Best to you,

    So apparently, Tommy running into Sweeney all those times was just a coinky-dink!

  35. Artoo45 Says:

    Anderson Cooper’s show was pretty good. Mike Rinder is one of their better liars—he does it with great sincerity—either he really believes this stuff, or he just makes enough money that he’s willing to do and say anything to try and stop $cientology’s bleeding. I think they showed the Sweeny clip one or two times too many. Once would have been adequate to get the point across, at least they also repeatedly showed that nasty martinet Tommy at his best/worst. Throwing in the bit about the desert vaults was good, but where, oh where is the coverage of Keith Henson’s travails? Anybody?

  36. ben Says:

    lol, i cant belive they think they can bully the BBC. The BBC isnt like your scared litle broadcasters in the states, they wont back up or give in. The BBC report the truth, unbiasd and in the public interest. The will not be bullied by pathetic cults.

  37. Rory Says:

    Ya, exactly!

  38. daigoro Says:

    Thanks for your work. Until I found your site I didn’t realized they had murdered although from what I read somewhere else it’s possible founder, Hubbard came to an unnatural end. These people (and I especially mean the few at the top) need to be exposed and closed.
    Do they have their claws into government? I don’t understand why the FBI or some other agency hasn’t done this.

  39. ben Says:

    “Do they have their claws into government? I don’t understand why the FBI or some other agency hasn’t done this.”

    i can think of a very good example of a serius mistake when the government in the states tried to stop a much smaller cult, the Branch Davidians springs straight to mind.

  40. John Croft Says:

    Thanks to all involved for your courage and continued efforts.

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    I have read alot of L. Ron Hubbards work and I have really enjoyed it. Heck, I am probably one of a small percentage of the general population who liked “Battle Field Earth”, that Travolta what an actor!

    Anyway, I suppose my point is:
    L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer! Hello, if you plan on making a life altering decision, say like; your religious belief structure, then why not sleep on it or at least count to ten.

    The fact that Scientologists around the world claim to have nothing to hide and then hide everything should be a big red flag. Stay away from these people, if we as a society push them back into obscurity then that will be all they are, an obscure cult. Let us quit giving them substance by acknowledging their heracy!

  42. Ive never been more appaled at an orgenization in my life,save the nazis!!!These people are criminals, and the level of intelligence of its followers only shows it up for the con it is!!!from a Brittish persons point of view i urge Tony Blair(or Gordon Brown soon to be PM)never to allow these sick con-men to become recognised as a religion so they can evade tax!!!And as for Tom C, you realy are the biggest retard(sorry for the use of that term)on the face of the planet!!!!

  43. James Kennedy Says:

    The find hunt the wounded down, and eat their own young. The find ways to screw with people, and call it truth. Sure, certain elements in our legitimate governments, religions, corporations, have much the same traits and rightfully dispise them when they do and hold them accountable as much as we are able. They prey on drug addicts not because drug addicts need help, which they do, but because drug addicts are vulnerable. Now they prey on people that need some psychological help, which is pretty much all of us from time to time. Does the medical community have all the answers and all the drugs and is society free from sin. Hell no. But I would take my chances with the most opportunistic quack before I would waste my time on these wankers. If we cleaned up our justice system a lot of these problems would go away. Someone is probably making use of these idiots, and there is a special place in hell for them also, I am certain. Now when I have troubles with wankers at work I will say, “what are we, the Church of Scientology”. People simply shouldn’t treat people this way. If they are useful it is because they represent an extreme of all that is wrong with the legitimate institutions of our society, not because they are an alternative.

  44. Frank Says:

    I am going to make a t-shirt now that says “XENU is my homeboy!”

  45. Sponge Says:

    NOTE: If anyone tryng to get to the critic site http://WWW.XENU.NET is getting a “page not found” then it is probably due to demand. There is a live mirror at http://WWW.CLAMBAKE.ORG that you can use instead. The messageboard is usually still online too.

  46. The Administrator Says:

    Anderson Cooper didn’t mention the word “cult”, when talking with Cof$, not surprising. And he said other religions have secrets, like what? What is the big secret with Christianity, that God is a fish? Cults have secrets, religions don’t. What did Mike Rinder tell CNN would finish the interview, probably the words Xenu and Cult, but then CNN is owned by WB, and they don’t want to lose movie stars. John Sweeney deserves an award, CNN showed that one clip over and over but didn’t show the people following him nor did they show the interview Sweeney shouted about.

  47. Andy Says:

    Louis Theroux should meet the Scientologists in another BBC programme. That would be good an Louis is very good at this sort of thing.

  48. in response to the administrator, im a satanist, so you’ll understand my apathy towards religion as a whole, christendom is every bit as bad as this orgenization, it has exploited people for such a long time, that it has become acceptable, dont be under any false illussion, christian churches when questioned about certain matters respond with”it is not ours to know” or “god works in mysterious ways”, and my friend, the catholic church has ALOT to hide, religion as a whole is one big scam, its just more apparant with scientologists because its run by idiots who havent the mental capacity to cover there tracks like the catholic church.

  49. Rory Says:

    With all due respect Anthony, you’re the one who belongs to a cult here. Satanic groups are some of the most secretive/underground groups in the world. The Catholic Church isn’t hiding anything; if there is ever anything you want to know about the Church, you can ask myself, or even better, go ask a priest. If you don’t like what we have to say, then check us out, and see why we believe what we believe.

  50. David Says:

    In retrospect I find it quite disturbing that the celebs they wheeled out were all women. Another elephant trap? “Sweeney bullies our doyenes”?

  51. paul Says:

    Great site Mark. Keep it up.
    Paul UK

  52. satanism is in know way a cult my friend, its now recognized as a religion(in its broadest sense), fact, look it up!!and our use of the term church is nothing more than a degredation of the christian term, satanism is not a religion its a philosophy, look into the history of your church my friend, it was established as a happy medium for the romans at the time, who pressed constantine for a change in religion due to the increasing support of christian philosophy, constantine being a devoute pagan incorporated many pagan attributes into the early catholic church to appease both pagans and christians. But lets take for example your doctrine on hell fire, nowhere in the bible does it say if you are good you go to heaven,bad then hell. The scripture has been perversely distorted where it talks about gehena, gehena was a rubbish tip outside the walls of Jeruselem where rubbish was burned, and those unworthy of a proper funeral(theives,murderers ect..)were thrown to burn, the scripture was symbolic of gods resolve to utterly wipe from memory those who did not live up to his commands, but NOWHERE in the bible does it say satan roams around in a firey hell!!the reason this doctrine was inculcated into catholicism was a method of control, fear is the best way to control prople. But scriptures aside, i have alot of family in Italy, just outside rome, and the storys ive heared about the dealings of the catholic church is disgusting, the vatican is run by the maffa, FACT!!if a pope refuses to comply with the mafia, they are assasinated(this has happened in the past, with what i would say are genuine men who have been ordained as pope, tried to cut ties with the mafia and unfortunitly paid the price).And lets not forget your spiritual leader(which again is a falicy as the bible preaches no man is greater than another, all man is in subjection to god)was infact a Nazi.Im sorry if it seems im attacking your faith, i dont want to offend me, and its not just the catholic church who are involved in these sort of things, and im not trying to sway your faith, what you beleive is up to you and im happy it works for you, but before attacking other faiths look at your own(for example i can criticaly look at satanism and say, i agree with the philosophy but i was appaled at some of the things anton lavey done later in the history of the church of satan).And yes certain groups or factions under the satanic canopy are secretive and underground, but the church of satan quite clearly states its belifes and are readily acessable to all, laveys bible can be downloaded free of charge, along with Aquino’s temple of Set writtings, sadlly there are splinter groups who take things to extremes and tar the name of the church.All im saying is look at yourself and your religion and ask is this benificial for me, am i effected negatively by the hypocrisy within my faith, and(especialy in the case of scientologists)does my church seem more interested in me or my financial contribution, if your happy with your faith and it works for you good.
    Cheers Tony

  53. incidentaly, if your interested in the Catholic churches involvement with the mafia check this book out:

    The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia
    by Paul L. Williams

  54. Tom Dunn Says:

    excellent work, the church are a bunch of money hungry wankers!

  55. The Adminstrator Says:

    To Anthony Henderson,

    You’re missing the point. There may be hidden shenanigans by the Catholic Church, or by individual priests but the aims and values of the church (and all mainstream religions) are public knowledge. The point is that Scientology fails to be either scientific or religious. Its science is not peer-reviewed nor tested, and its main tenets of faith (Xenu etc) are hidden. Hence it is a cult. As for Satanism, it’s just another form of Christianity, but for those who want to pretend to be bad, all religions are as bad as each other, all Scientology does is take the worst aspects and expand them.

  56. Ok, i see your point, religion is not in question here, scientology is, and i agree, the catholic church has done alot of good for people over the years despite the things that go on behind the scenes, as do alot of religions, but it doesnt get away from the fact its based on one big lie, somthing you yourself have pointed out about scientology, and is there any difference between extorting money out of people through selling them self help courses they dont need by convincing them they do, and passing round a collection plate making people feel guilty about not putting anything in it(much of that money going on to line the pockets of church officials).And i think your understanding of satanism is a little flawed, we are not another form of Christianity, we reject the bible as a mere story invented to control peopl, the only reason satanic imagery such as the inverted pentagram and cross is used, is to stir up emotion. Lavey quite clearly states his views on all religions(buddhism,sikhism ect..)that they are all as bad as one another, not just christianity, and i feel a little dissapointed you said that because it takes away from the validity of some of your work, if you are flawed in your interpritation of Satanism, how can i trust your interpritation of Scientology:(

  57. Artoo45 Says:

    Anthony and Admin . . . crikey guys! Get a room!

  58. Dave Says:

    I’ve watched the CoS own film at and even though it’s creepy in the way of attaking the attacker rather than the message (old CoS habit), I do found it quite well produced and it does have some journalistic qualities.

    I don’t think they will gain supporters though, since people will find it strange that they make such an effort to sink an individual journalist. What other religion would do that? Still, I am sort of impressed by their video.

  59. Rory Says:

    Oh come now Anthony, you are arguing with a biblical studies scholar, who knows the history and knows which pagan traditions have been adopted, and which ones haven’t. What makes me laugh Anthony, is the flawed understanding you Satanists have about your dear “Father Satan”. I know the history on the Satan character, and I will astonish you with the things I know about him. If you are a member of The Church of Satan, then you are not considered a true Satanist by most tradtional Satanists. If you are infact a traditional Satanist, and worship this creature as a god, then that’s fine with me, I don’t care. I have by the way read some of Lavey’s books, and let me tell you, they were horribly written. Also, isn’t interesting how cults like yours and Scientology have in some way or another been influenced by Aleister Crowley.

  60. my friend you are looking for a reaction, and i was wrong to even react as i have, satanists have nothing NOTHING to do with ANY modern day religion.No we are nothing to do with Crowley,Alistair was a failure as a human, he was llike Hiter, no one appreciated the bullshit poetry(or in Hitler’s case art)that Crowley churned up, thats why he was rejected, the bullshit he churned up in the Golden Age of the Hermatic Dawn proved this. I would agreee with you that some(infact most)of laveys books are horribly written, but what makes a genius, a littery poet or a person who speaks the truth. I have rejected Lavey as of present due to his treatment of the church, and put my faith in the teachings of The Temple of Set, where true,unbiased teachings can be learned.OUR DEAR FATHER SATAN, is nothing more than a euphamism for human existance without control of some bullshit society controlling it, satan to us is a diamorphic entity, please if u want to comment about Satanism, do your reasearch first(and my friend, if you truly have read Lavey’s books like you say you have, im 100% you would not have made that comment!!!Incidentaly, ive contacted Brian Warner(AKA Marylin Manson)about ur negativity towards Satanism, and as a personal friend of Laveys before his death, he is going to come on this site and explain(better thatn i can)the beleifs of Satanists.Regardless scientology is under attack here, and its not even a religion!!!we should rid the world of this vermin, staring at tom cruise!!!!haha!!!

  61. XENU TV Says:

    Guys, rather thanks bringing more satanists here, isn’t there a satanism site you can go to?

  62. Nooj Says:


    Thanks for the Satanist 101. Interesting. Tom Cruise is no match for Marylin Manson.

  63. I response to xenu tv:
    That comment just proves your mental capacity and biased towards anything thats not christian!and as such, i;ll take your documentarys as a crock of biased shit!!

  64. David Says:

    To Anthony. This blog is about Scientology, all others are peripheral. The relationship is of course tenuous – that LRH was a Black Magician back when it was last trendy.

    However, what you haven’t realised is that this documentary is by the BBC, and not by Those are quite different beasts entirely.

    If you can’t take criticism without making a personal attack, then maybe you are more on topic than I previously thought. Why? Because you seem to be taking your cues from Scientology.

  65. haha!!!thats brilliant!!!the fact is satanism is not in the slightest like scientology, and you cant expect me to sit back and take comments about the satanic belifes that are flawed, i realise this blog is about scientology, but after hearing the comments made about satanism im wondering whether this site is merely a lynching ground for anything thats not christian???The documentary itself is not what im bringing into question, has set this site up to discredit(and quite rightly, if,IF, what ive seen is unbiased)scientology, so its the site as a whole im questioning, not the BBC’s docu.And how have i made a personal attack?im made a statement to based on its totaly degrading comment about satanists!!!

  66. David Says:

    Not Satanism. The fact that you resorted to an unreasonable attack on XenuTV merely because he had politely asked you to take the Satanism stuff to a different site that caters for it.

    Let me clarify, the link between Satanism and Scientology is L Ron Hubbard himself. If you care to read Madman or Messiah, the section that covers Black Magic and the fact that L Ron Hubbard believed, nay claimed he was the antichrist.

    “That comment just proves your mental capacity”

    There is the statement I take issue with. My personal stance is I abhor anything that requires and teaches credulity over reason and scepticism.

  67. david says:
    Let me clarify, the link between Satanism and Scientology is L Ron Hubbard himself. If you care to read Madman or Messiah, the section that covers Black Magic and the fact that L Ron Hubbard believed, nay claimed he was the antichrist.

    Tony says:
    What are you talking about you ignorant wanker!Adolf Hitler claimed he was a protestant, but that didnt make him one, Idi Amin claimed to be king of Scotland but that didnt make him king!!Just because Hubbard wrote about black magic and claimed to be the antichrist doesnt mean he’s a satanist!!he never belonged to the church of satan or the temple of set!!So because one nut job claims hes the antichrist, you have linked that to Satanists,HOW?????
    The fact is you dont have the first clue about satanism!!!its obvious from your comment!!your a narrow minded bigot!!
    Tony xx

  68. David Says:

    OK so like me you are British ( or adopting British idioms ). Therefore you should be aware of the maxim that those that resort to insults pretty much know they have lost the argument. Regardless, I don’t really rise to them.

    I said, a few comments back, that the link is tenuous. This was supposed to indicate to you that while a Satanist could claim to have some natural home discussing Satanism here, it is pretty much off topic and xenutv in his usual polite manner kind of hit the nail on the head.

    Secondly, Adolph Hitler was a Catholic and claimed to be one on many occasions and the Vatican refused to condemn Nazi Germany and facism in its most shameful episode. But we digress, you kind of make my point, that you are way off topic, and you even throw away the bone I handed you in your own reply which just goes to show.

    Either I’m not articulating my point clearly enough for you, or you are screaming and insulting in agreement with me or the final possibility is that you just aren’t reading and digesting before hitting reply.

    Apologies to Mark for further hijacking his blog, but I challenge the assertion that anything I have said, or stand for, makes me a narrow minded bigot. It is easy to label someone without any factual basis, but you will not shudder me into silence by doing so “Tony”.

  69. Ok, calling you a wanker was a little childish.My interpritation of Adolf Hitler(going back to A level history)was that like you said he was rejected by the vatican, and therefore turned to protestantism and went around destroying catholic churches, maybe my recollection is a little flawed, regardless this comparison to hitler and Idi Amin was a Parable to show the broken down logic in your statement about satanism being the same as scientology. I have given you plenty of logical retorts today, none of which you have coherently been able to respond to, you ignore what im saying and cast somthing new up.In no way am i trying to silence you, its your right to beleive what you want(a courtesy you seem unwilling to extend to others)but if you are going to attack my beleifes without understanding of them, making blind accusations, then ofcourse im going to defend them.

  70. suzanne Says:

    anthony dare i say my name you are very confrontational and aggressive and the way your type runs together reminds me of a frothing queen in the throes of a bad crystal meth run. you speak in extremes and remind me of the videos and TV show in which the representative for Christian Scientists. you could be the same person! there is no cure for homosexuality, because it’s not a disease. there is however no cure for evil, and I smell fascism here, and old, sick evil.

  71. Idiot!!if you have anything educated to say, say it!!

  72. suzanne Says:

    Tony, you are a christian scientist, not a satanist. and definitely not a christian yet most definitively a fascist. not well hidden lay off the jib!

  73. ??????ok thats quite amusing, my sullen satanist face cracked a smile there, lol xx

  74. suzanne Says:

    you’re an obsessed, lapsed catholic, buddy. there’s no other explanation for the lack of relevant history, the presence of such BITCHY hysteria, and the ranting of someone who is still as bound by guilt as he always was. sorry for you, get off the satanist track, boring if you can’t be convincing

  75. ive never been a catholic!!!????and everything ive brought up has been relevant!!!????and can you please write in english, its rather hard to understand your primitive broken language.

  76. suzanne Says:

    too much punctuation, or not enough. and all these wild insults and hysteria what was your family’s religion, if not catholic. nothing you’ve said is relevant, just insane and paranoid and obviously from the lower classes from chip on shoulder and unnecessary aggression

  77. there you go again, you cant speak english can you????
    Heres a good link for you

  78. suzanne Says:

    so spiteful and can’t spell either. you’re not that smart, are you? petulant and bitter. perfect fodder for Christian Scientists. what family religious background? you keep contradicting yourself so obviously lying do you like tom cruise?

  79. yes im a huge tom cruise fan, i buy all his films, masterbate over his posters, and stalk him wherever he goes.And as far as smartness goes, your the christian here, not me!!!

  80. suzanne Says:

    can you speak italian?

  81. suzanne Says:

    liar loser

  82. Encület barbài putàna, te spàch el cül

  83. Non capisci un Cazzo,miei, fatti i cazzi tuoi!!!!

  84. Krueger Says:


    Is there any way you can delete some of these unnecessary comments?

  85. XENU TV Says:

    I don’t see the need to delete them. I’ll delete any threats but other than that what’s the point? And I don’t care if you worship Christ, Satan or Zues. You’re free to believe anything including the myth of Xenu.

    I set up my site and blog because Scientology LIES about Xenu and has gone to the extremes of raiding homes and suing people for mentioning his name. I’m interesting in exposing Scientology fraud and abuse.

    Personally I’m not that terribly interested in the satanic debate but I’m sure someone else has a kickass site devoted to it. Hubbard’s connection to Crowley make it tangentally important here.

  86. Stormwatch Says:

    Let me just say this: Anthony Henderson is not a member of the Temple of Set, and certainly doesn’t represent that organisation.

  87. Rory Says:

    Anthony, that is the typical response that I have come to expect from you people. Here is a quote by High Priest Peter H. Gilmore of the Church of Satan, “Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will. Thus any concept of sacrifice is rejected as a Christian abberation in Satanism there’s no deity to which one can sacrifice.” Obviously traditional Satanists would reject this notion, because they do worship him as a god. An essay from the Temple of Set website written by Michael A. Aquino states: “Because it transpired that the Church of Satan finally disintegrated as unexpectedly as it had arrived – nine years after it first came into being. But just as its beginning was more precisely an evolution and a metamorphosis of a tradition which had preceded it in human history, so that tradition again did not vanish. Rather it underwent yet another change into an even more sophisticated institution – the Temple of Set.” More sophisticated, or more loonie? This Temple of Set nonsense, is yet again, another perversion of an ancient religious cult. The Temple of Set website states: “Ancient religions – of which those of Egypt are generally acknowledged the eldest….” A.) Where does this guy get his information from B.) That is just simply incorrect. Don’t get me wrong, there is some accurate stuff on the website, but there is also quite a bit of nonsense on there as well. You also stated that Satanism has nothing to do with Aleister Crowley, well I shall challenge you on that point and say that he was influential, especially to Anton Lavey. The Church of Satan also acknowledges this influence: “A few years earlier LaVey had explored the writings of Aleister Crowley, and in 1951 he met some of the Berkeley Thelemites. He was unimpressed, as they were more spiritual and less “wicked” than he supposed they should be for disciples of Crowley’s libertine creed.” (The Church of Satan website, “Anton Szandor LaVey: A Biographical Sketch”). You also stated that the Golden Age of the Hermatic Dawn proved the “b.s.” of Aleister Crowley. I will again challenge you and say that they proved nothing, and only rejected his ideas because of the schism that took place when Crowley revolted against the Golden Age of the Hermatic Dawn. Anyways, I hope this gives you a different perspective on things, and helps to get the point of view from both sides before making conclusions. Good Day!

  88. Friend of Elli Perkins Says:

    Tommy Davis works at Celebrity Center Internation in L.A.
    The Qualification Secretary is now Frank Ofman- the very Scientology “minister” in Boston who assaulted Bob Minton.
    Wow! That means that Tommy will have to see Frank if he failed to apply the exact technology in handling John Sweeney.
    Imagine that!

  89. Rory Says:

    Please insert the word “it” in the second part of the last sentence. right after the word “and”.

  90. David Says:

    I’m not oppossed to anyone believing what they want. What I oppose and abhor is religious priviledge. Religious and political teaching to children, and the blurring of the lines between religion and state.

    My view is that religious indoctrination of children is an abuse. That special claims require special evidence and that just because some johnny has got himself named as a reverend that one cannot criticise his or her assertions. I also abhor the increasing division of society across religions lines in countries like Britain ( especially given the example of sectarian division of Northern Ireland, for decades kept fresh by religious schools ).

    Believe what you like on your own time, but as soon as you try and broadcast it far and wide, you should expect to require proof, to be able to reason your way through critics and to be scrutised by industry watchdogs.

    This doesn’t mean the baby has to be thrown out with the bathwater of course, pratical applied philosophy has it’s place. But to pretend that religion has a monopoly over the definition of a moral framework and that without a diety figure(s) to fear we would automatically commit crimes is a disgraceful assertion that goes too frequently unchallenged.

    This doesn’t make me a bigot, it makes me highly suspicious. I may be bigoted from time to time bymistake, but that doesn’t make me inherently bigoted. I suffer from the next person from having to make generalisations to make a point, but the difference between myself and someone you could call a bigot is that I watch my own views, and challenge my own views as much as I challenge anyone elses.

    That the USA and Britain ( to a lesser extent ) is turning back to the dark ages as a convenience for knee jerk politicians is frightening to me.

    On the other hand I think Christopher Hitchens is frequently patronising and I have to pick and choose what views of his I agree with, and which I don’t. Freedom of thought means you don’t have to feel guilty about not being in lockstep with the orthodoxy of opinion. With an organised religion, you can get declared.

  91. stormwatch i’ll speak to u accross on the forum.And yes stormwatch is correct, im not a member of the temple of set, ive read setian philosophy and find it works for me, but the way i worded my statement makes it look like i am, so apologies to stormwatch for mis-representing the temple.But anyway, this bullshit has gone on long enough, sorry for hi-jacking ur forum mark, we’ll call an end to this debate now.

  92. andy Says:

    dave. you’re a very wise man.

  93. Daniel Says:

    I agree with Krueger comments that are off-topic should be deleted or edited. Especially multiple comments from the same person. It’s not fair on those who take the time to read the comments and visit the blog.

  94. […] WOG BLOG from XENU TV Musings from a noted SP « Panorama: Scientology and Me Free Keith Henson […]

  95. Janus Says:

    Another blow against those who would destroy democracy and freedom. Well Done! Part of the problem not enough people are taking the Scientology threat seriously at all. If more people can see the truth, greater action will be taken.

  96. azer Says:


  97. bryan Says:

    I just typed the word “scientology” at youtube, and two hours later I’m reading blogs from arguing satanists.

    I’m never going to get any work done if this keeps up…

  98. Rory Says:

    Hey Mark, I watched the video called “A Conversation at the Celebrity Center” (December 20, 1998) in the “Original Videos” section. I noticed that the woman turned off your camera. What were you two talking about while the camera was off?

  99. XENU TV Says:

    I turned it right back on. She just said I had no right to be there and I told her I disagreed. Once she realized the camera was on, she split.

  100. […] John Sweeney has backfired big time.  When they tried to derail the Panorama expose “Scientology and Me” by putting a clip of Sweeney shouting on YouTube, the BBC put their own clip up in […]

  101. Rory Says:

    Mark, what’s going on with Bob Minton these days?

  102. XENU TV Says:

    He’s doing fine. He’s settled with Scientology, though I have no details, so he’s through with it all and moving on.

  103. Teh Val Says:

    so…i live over here in the houston area and lately i have been thinking about going to a little church of scientology they got here just 38 miles away…just for the sake of having a good old debate with a camera and/or tape recorder…since i love pissing people of various religions that are clearly ridiculous off…e.g.: scientology, satanism, churches that believe in dressing like pirates and worshiping pastas….ya know, things like that…i greatly enjoy watching these videos and have been wanting to do things like this for a long time and i’m gunna…cause i’m bored…and i can ‘protect’ my mind from the brain washing crap which only seems to consist of wanting to gain control over you using your fears and such against you…sadness it is…

  104. Rory Says:

    Mark, what was with that Dr. Benjamin Wog name that you used? Was that some alias you went by? I know that a “Wog” is a term used by Scientologists to refer to non-believers.

  105. XENU TV Says:

    When I first started posting on alt.religion.scientology, I used Ben Wog as a nick. Later, I decided to give myself a doctorate in honor of Hubbard’s phony doctorate and Benjamin just seemed to flow nicely.

    Once they came to picket my house it made little sense to use a nick.

  106. […] counter the bad press from the BBC1’s broadcast of Panorama’s “Scientology and Me,” the head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, Mike Rinder, went on a live […]

  107. aNON Says:

    Hi i would ask if you could help me i wonder if there is a way we cud set it up that i cud infultrate the cult and report to you Current afairs ect? cntact me if you think it sounds like a good idea! w/b

  108. XENU TV Says:

    Anon, it’s a bad idea. Don’t do it.

  109. pierre Says:

    Hi, being an ex-scientologist of 12 years (clean sinds 1997) would like to add a comment or 2. Granted that the journalist John Sweeney losing it during the interview was unprofessional, what needs to be noted however is that mr. Sweeny was subjected to a procedure that scientologists are drilled on add nausea and it is called “TR bullbait”. This procedure is specifically designed to verbally make an individual receiving it “lose his cool” in one way or the other. My experience is that especially higher ranking scientology officials are about as good in applying this on another as being on the receiving end of it (without flinching that is) On a higher mgmt. level especially within the church the game is very much focussed on prestige, one’s standing within the group, and blind ambition, who best masters this drill combined with sufficient job skills can most comfortably muscle him or herself around the organization and enjoy the highest status. The culture within the cult is one very much based on fear and intimidation, as long as you are “with the program” you’ll be left in relative peace but as soon as you lean towards something contrary to what is considered optimal behavior you will without a doubt run into the business end of it. In the case of mister Sweeny the tactic was to throw enough TR Bullbait at him to push Sweeny into making an ass of himself. Well lots of people would make an ass of themselves when entering the ring with for instance a professional wrestler if the only sport they were ever any good at was darts or chess. The difference with a professional wrestler is, you can see the problem from a mile away giving you enough time to flee, Scientology however is often grossly underestimated, the journalist may have quite understandably thought himself superior in just about every way imaginable to what is seen by many as a group of extremely misguided and pitiful fruitcakes. The reality is that being well prepared and having a realistic sense of what you are actually dealing with is about the least you would have to be if you would hope to survive running into Scientology. These guys are the absolute masters of manipulation, first making an unsuspecting journalist who was doing his job as journalist are supposed to (one would hope in a free and open society) lose his temper. Then making it seem that by publishing this small slip up on youtube the whole integrity of the BBC interview is somehow tainted in some way, well if that isn’t a convenient way to divert attention from the cults own PR fiasco’s that are so humongous that only Germany’s Nazi party could measure up to it. If only I had had a camera to document some of the things I witnessed when I was in the cult, it would make the John Sweeney incident seem utterly insignificant.

  110. Rory Says:

    Mark, do you know of any online Scientology chatrooms I could join?

  111. XENU TV Says:

    There are two I know of. One features some of my most vocal detractors and the other is run by Arnie Lerma. I haven’t been to either in years and am not sure where they are located now.

  112. Rory Says:

    I am having a discussion about Scientology with a fellow on He is a Scientologist, but acknowledges the Xenu story, I found that sort of interesting. Other Scientologists on the website seem upset by his lack of denial of the story. Haha, too bad for them, one guy wants to declare him a “Supressive Person”.

  113. BBC fan Says:

    It seems the bbcs ‘what happened next’ program on the CULT has just been postponed for a while, shame, I like seeing the CULT get pwnd

  114. John Holmes Says:

    Wow, Mike Rinder lying through his teeth on national TV about not sending investivators to follow John Sweeny. Well I never…take a look at the Fair Game reference and you’ll see he is using it to the letter on Anderson. This program has backfired and so has the video the Church has put up supposedly exposing John Sweeny and the damage has really been done to Scientology for the new generation…they have also re-issued all their books this week and every Scientologist has to hand in the old ones and BUY the new versions at a cost of $4,000 per person. A nice little earner. And to hide any alterations you have to hand the old ones back…sounds like another regime doesn’t it???? Sounds like the Church can screw it’s critics over and it’s members!!

  115. John Holmes Says:

    The reason the Church has not been closed down by the Government is because of the secret IRS deal they did in 1993. Now the Chairman of The Board RTC works with the IRS as a type of Taxman to insure the Church toes the line tax wise and so as long as they do the Church can carry on doing business. Read all about the structure of the Church at:

  116. Ingrid Says:

    Mark, how’s Tory Christman doing? Is she still active against the CoS?

  117. Irma Says:

    hey thanks for making this site and thanks to you I have discovered more about this crazy cult, before i did know they were crazy but you opened my eyes even futher. my mom married a Scientologist and it has been driving me crazy for years. now he’s even banning peanut butter and made all he’s 6 kids vegeterian and won’t send them to school. there between the ages of 6-15 and they have NOT BEEN SENT TO SCHOOL since forever they go to the pasadena Org thats there cult routine. and he isolate’s them from society. he forces them to work at he’s instrument sho to “SHOW THEM HOW TO EARN” they work hard everyday. 11am to sometimes late at night like 2am I dont know what to do ….:(

  118. Kevin Brady Says:

    What you are describing sounds like a violation of child labor laws, and potentially a violation of laws concerning children receiving education. I don’t know the specific laws, but I would strongly suggest you mention this to Child Protective Services, or a social worker in your area.

    Children’s job, in our society, is to go to school and learn the skills they’ll need when they get older and join the work force.

  119. dAn Says:

    I think Mark bunker should get into this case about the 6 kids being worked illegally and not being sent out to school. because of there scientology father MARK you should go there and do what you did in the july scientology thing. HELP the kids and record this psycho.


  120. Enrique eschivel Says:

    Yes Mark save these kids from the scientology wrath… get your camera btw to Irma you should e-mail Mark the info and he will probably help you out,.

  121. […] to check out a 30 minute documentary on Scientology.  It’s a cult, no doubt about it.  See Scientology and Me. It’s amazing what some people will believe: really bad science fiction as […]

  122. […] To find out more about this criminal organization, visit Operation Clambake and XenuTV.  A quick primer I would recommend would be the 30 minute documentary Scientology and Me. […]

  123. Arctik Says:

    First of all, I’d like to remark upon this as one of the most entertaining blogs I’ve encountered in some time. I’m currently sitting in my apartment in the metropolitan heart of Sydney, Australia. Downstairs from this complex is the Catholic Club, which advertises Keno (a popular gambling sport) in it’s front window… through which you can see a very well stocked bar, and further advertisements for what seem like parties of some sort… certainly not the sort befitting what Catholic doctrine I’m familiar with… ahem! Next door to the Catholic Club? Why, it’s the Church of Scientology Australian headquarters!

    Earlier today I caught up with an old friend, and upon passing the building he vocalised his desire to place a brick through their large front windows… Although they only seem to advertise books and tests rather than gambling an alcoholic excess… Where the Catholic cult seems to have forgotten its roots, the Scientologist cult at least seems to be behaving itself in public. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go and talk to them. I’ve done little research on Scientology – most of what I’ve learned was in the past half hour surfing the World Wide Free Speech Web (heh heh). Nevertheless, I’ve only ever regarded Scientologists as pretty much hopelessly deluded, just based on their personalities and ability to argue. I’d very much like to witness one of these provokations mentioned by pierre a few posts back… and I intend to read up more on this baiting process. It seems like their most powerful psychological tactic, as one experienced in it is presumably at a great advantage in any persuasive or debative context. The general paranoia of criticism on the behalf of the Scientologist community seems to indicate that they aren’t teaching this tactic all too well. Or is it a serious issue of group psychological effect, where internal paranoia is being unwisely cultivated and undermining the mental strength they claim to endorse?

    Nevertheless, Scientology has never affected my life until now. It is currently a great source of entertainment. I am a musician, and I’ve been musing on a theme that today’s events have highlighted… I think the piece will be called, “The Brick Of Xenu (We Do Not Contest Your Right To Go Away)”.

    Cheers guys!

  124. Chris Says:

    I am so proud of the BBC! I don’t think that Scientology understood the reverence that the BBC are held in in the U.K. – there is simply no equivalent in the U.S..

    This is fantastic investigative journalism.

    Well done everyone.

  125. […] report and reporter losing in on XenuTV and John Travolta lobbying BBC to kill the […]

  126. jeenee Says:

    I am the worried mother of a young man with schitzophrenia who has been stable for 3 years and I was beginning to relax UNTIL Scientologists started phoning my son. He hs just purchased a ‘ basic’set of books and CD’s for the sum of £134 and as he lives on benefits won’t be able to spend much more for some time. This apart they want him to come off his medication which basically means an indeterminate period of chaos, if he survives it. I don’t know how much more support I can give my son as this illness takes it’s toll on everyone around him when he is not stable. I have tried to encourage my son to ask sensible questions of the COS and I am aware that their advice to him will be to cut me out of his life if I oppose his interest so am trying to be controlled and interested. PLEASE CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE TO HELP MY SON?

  127. chris Says:

    John Sweeney is the best BBC reporter i’ve seen for years. His arguments are clear, honest and intelligent. The cult of scientology is not wanted in my world and if you have half a brain it shouldn’t be in yours either.

  128. Phil Says:

    I can’t help noticing how Tommy Davis won’t let John speak… I mean when someone’s saying the same thing over and over again when ur trying to say something ( in this case Tommy says: ”Brainwashing is a crime” over and over again when John tries to speak) that will make you snap. The funny thing is that Tommy acts exactly the same way my 15 year old sister acts when she’s wrong and tries to win an argument… so sad to see a grown man act that way. btw I must ask if the stories of people killed by the church of scientology(like Lisa McPherson) are true or the reason that they are never featured in any reports about the church is lack of evidence?

    P.S. Great site and keep up the good work (sorry for any mistakes I’ve made in writing since english isn’t my mothertongue)

  129. XENU TV Says:

    Certainly the story of Lisa McPherson has been told numerous times in the media.

  130. Whiskey Says:

    It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me that a science fiction writer would be able to start a religion (cult) based on his/her writings. But I must admit that I figured it would take a decent writer to do this. I’ve tried reading some of Hubbard’s stuff and it is laughable. It boggles the mind to think that millions follow this pulp sci-fi money pit of a cult and they’ll go to extremes to defend its lily-white honor (sarcasm). I might be tempted to join a creepy space cult if it would just pick an author that’s worth a damn to base its bullshit on. Scientology persecutes Thetans. It drives them into the void so that its adherants can selfishly develope superhuman powers. End the madness. Support the Thetans’ right to existence and put a stop to scientology’s immoral war on the innocent space ghost victims of exploding volcanoes!
    Yep, that’s pretty ridiculous.

  131. J Says:

    hello, i just want to let you know that what your doing about the scientology “subject” is necessary and i salute you with pride. I’m a aspiring filmmaker and a self-proclaimed Screenwriter i was wondering, i’ve been hearing a rumor on the internet that L Ron wrote a detailed screenplay on OT3 is this correct? I researched on it and i found a screenplay it’s called “Revolt in the Stars” is this authentic, the real deal or is it a forgery on the rumors of the screenplay on the internet. What are the consequences of actually turning this story on the big screen? Fairgame to the highest degreee? I’m sorry for the question Im very energetic on the issue, i just want to see the OT3 story on the big Screen for SP’s and scientologist alike. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work. I’m an SP and damn proud it.

  132. XENU TV Says:

    He did indeed write a feature based on OT3 called “Revolt in the Stars.” I think you’d find they’d come down on you like a ton of bricks if you used their copyrighted material.

  133. J Says:

    Thank you so much for answering to me. Is it worth the trouble of just rewriting the screenplay? What if i did a web shorts on bits and pieces of the screenplay, not putting my name on it? By not put my name on it, almost anyone to everyone will put a web short on the subject. There are people out there that will do it for the fun of it, cause I’m one of them. What do you think? Just let you know I’m NOT a scientologist i work to hard, i’m not going to give away my money for spiritual freedom. Thank you, no thank you. Peter Alexander is filmmaker and he probly laugh so hard on Xenu screenplay.Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work. I’m an SP and damn proud of it.

  134. XENU TV Says:

    Peter Alexander’s screenplay for “The Profit” is every bit as bad as “Revolt in the Stars.”

    I try to stay away from their copyrighted material. A YouTube video someone put together using clips of Hubbard was just yanked off the net. They seem to police their copyrights pretty carefully and convince ISPs to remove even fair use clips in videos.

    But if you do it, let me know.

  135. J Says:

    Oh that serious huh. Wow i guess i have to reconsider and save myself the hassle or try to buy the rights(If i can talk to them first) then go through there red tape and hula-hoop (twisting to their motion, okay that was a bad analogy). On second thought I’ve seen enough evidence on your site that they might fairgame me. Is there anything i can do to go around or any loop holes? I was wondering have you looked at the material of “Revolt in the Stars”? If so what did you think? The reason that I’m on the issue is that a year a half ago i found a dianetics book in the garbage in my sisters room, it’s not the facts it’s in the garbage that scares me, because thats where it belongs but the fact she had it and in the mail 2 months ago a letter from the church of Scientology. I’m scared that she might be involved. Do you have any advice on what i should do? i hope i didn’t offend you in anyway. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work. I’m an SP and damn proud of it.

  136. Dee Says:

    I applaud Sweeney wholeheartedly; great interview, very captivating. My good friend in Los Angeles — his mother has tons of boxes of Scientology stuff in the car, unopened, promising to scrap them and to register their mailings as unsolicited. Good for her, and good for Sweeney. Davis looks about as tall as Cruise and deserves one, if not two jabs to the face. It would take a lot of restraint, I imagine.

  137. MB from the Netherlands Says:

    Thanks for posting this clip. I watched the BBC report some time ago on TV, but it is good to see how it was received in other media. I personally thought the BBC report was not that informative as I was used to, but then Sweeney did say all the peope he interviewed changed their mind about it later under pressure of Scientology, so I trust the BBC in having veriefied that before airing.
    So from there I started googling, and from what I found on your site and others, Sweeney was even softer to them then I could have imagined.

    About them having tax exempt status or not, I’m more confused why they are not at the other end of the bar, and not have their funds frozen like other organisations that use thier money to intimidate people. (terrorrists, mafia, RIAA etc)

  138. Rich cranium Says:

    Wow!! John Sweeney did a great job. This cult is out of control.

    Do most CULTS act this way?

  139. Robert Says:

    $cientology is maffia.

  140. Ace Rimmer Says:

    I cant understand how people are even dragged into scientology… Does no-one research anything anymore… I have only been looking at it (Not to join but to figure out why people are willing to join) for a couple of days… and have already asked my wife if she is ready for scientology to try to trash us… as they did poor Paulette Cooper… and countless others. As I was reading last night… wife watching the TV… I heard Will Smith joined Tom Cruise in scientology…. WOW… But I Guess if you got money… you can climb the ladder pretty fast… get your “powers” and be a “God”… So now Im thinking the people in the org are some of the most greedy and dangerous people on the planet… I may never see another movie with known scientologists in it… after all… I would feel I am giving my money to the wrong people… I thought it was hard to believe people are still joining with all the negitive press and the way scientology defends itself (not really defending… even in situations where they are approached by jornalists offering a fair chance to give their story… but mearly attacking with all they can… as in the Penthouse interview with LRH JR) sorry about the way this is presented to you all… but there is alot I have been reviewing and even more to say

  141. Ace Rimmer Says:

    I have been thinking of what kind of website i want to create… I think I may have found it…

  142. Ace Rimmer Says:

    And as far as the link between LRH and Satanism… from what I have read so far… LRH took what he got from Alister Crowly and streched it out over a lifetime so as to not make it apparent to those watching… as said by his heir LRH JR in the 80’s… Remember I have only been researching this for a couple of days… so dont consider me an “expert” on the topic… but I am off work due to injury and have alot of time on my hands right now… so I will be doing more research over the next while… and will be back…

  143. […] When last I checked in, the Scientologist movement was busy attempting to discredit the BBC Panorama documentary about them. Said documentary confused me as to whether I should laugh or seriously worry about the amount of hocus pocus that seems to be overtaking humanity. I seriously recommend watching it. […]

  144. Antimidas Says:

    To any former Scientologist wanting to dispose of their materials, I would love to dispose of them for you. i think that all of the information should see the light of day and am willing to ake the necessary legal risks to do just that as I am sure many others are. i just don’t want to pay the CoS for them causing them further profit.

    While Anonymous goes on attacking the presence of Scientology on the net, it is getting harder and harder to see the story from that perspective. That is a side that should continue to be available. Only by being able to see the contrasting viewpoint can we make our viewpoint stronger. CoS materials are not damaging, but enlightening. This should not be a war of attrition, but a war of information ensuring that that information is available for all to see without payment so that the populace can unmask this cult and protect people before any more are brainwashed.

    If we can save but one person, the war is worth it.

  145. Ace Rimmer Says:

    i have found that $cientology has made it difficult to get their side of the story.. as they will not defend themselves.. the stories I have found online all say pretty much the same thing.. and watching them in action backs up the stories I’ve heard.. From my own research, I have found them to be almost, if not actually a military entity within the world society, and not for the good of us all, but more for world domination. I recommend anyone who is up for it to go to UTube and check out the video by Legion. They are trying to have a boycott at all $cientology centers around the world coming up in Febuary.. I fully support them in their cause and wish them success in their actions..

  146. K Mac Says:

    wow really great stuff. you really did the world a favour. no need to aplogize for yelling. i would have lost it long before you did. that footage is absolutly amazing. i find it scary how brain washed some of these people appear to be. stunning

  147. K Mac Says:

    wow really great stuff. you really did the world a favour. no need to aplogize for yelling. i would have lost it long before you did. that footage is absolutly amazing. i find it scary how brain washed some of these people appear to be. stunning

  148. Ace Rimmer Says:

    Im not sure the people are so much brainwashed as they are blackmailed… giving anyone the deepest darkess secrets that you have is the problem that I keep seeing.. Imagine if some of the big stars that are associated with $cientology had their secrets exposed to the world… im guessing it would cost them.. and for the yelling.. i would have done the same thing. My thinking is the only way to talk to them when you are trying to get the truth is to not listen to anything they say unless they are responding to the questions asked.. which is unlikely.. Any redirection they may try needs to be ignored.. and there will be redirection. they claim that anyone that opposes them is not treating them fairly and getting their side of the story.. but you will never hear their side from them.. its against the rules… So I dont think you will ever hear (their side)So the best you can do is to yell it seems.. They have people who are proffessionals at redirection.. so the only opinions you will get are from people who have been there and left… and there is alot of them.. or from the people who oppose them.. and besides.. who wants to be a part of a society that has one of the longest enemies lists I have ever seen

  149. […] counter the bad press from the BBC1’s broadcast of Panorama’s “Scientology and Me,” the head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, Mike Rinder, went on a live radio show, […]

  150. […] the follow up to Panorama’s “Scientology and Me” expose. It’s mostly a recap of the show, with John Sweeney talking about the explosion of his […]

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  152. KosMos Says:

    can you spot the comment that does not belong?

    Also I believe your videos are down.
    Love all videos.

    I found this place around 12 and it is almost 5 now, so I need some sleep.

  153. KosMos Says:

    I mean on this blog.

  154. Travis Says:

    Mark thank you for everything you have done. Most important, thank you for opening my eyes to seeing more than my own anger. Tom Cruises interview with Matt Laur insenced me, I went through depression & even put a knife to my throat at the time, I had no idea these kinds of things were happening. Takeing peoles meds away is nuts & vile. I now also have siesures my use of dilanton have stopped my siesures & my use of paxil has helped me get through deppression. PLEEEAASSE keep doing what you’re doing & please give Tory Crispen my love. I’ve studied this for years and I wanted to let you know I’m with you, GOD bless

  155. LAM Says:

    Crowley had little to do with what modern christian cults call Satanism.
    Many of Crowley’s writings revolve around ancient magic and culture, not modern religious cults such as modern NIV christianity.
    Crowley, like Dee and Solomon (a christian hero) contacted what christians now call the angels.
    Only a tiny amount of research is needed to tie King Solomon’s working with “angels” and Crowley’s same dealings.
    Hubbard was part charlatan, part priest, and a hundred percent Crowley detractor.
    Xemu is older than time. The name changes every two thousand years, but the “God Who Loves to Hurt and Destroy and Murder” remains the same. Christianity takes its own part in that same ancient story.
    You are brainwashed. $cientology is wrong, and so are you. Cults have no place in a smart and savvy “culture.”

  156. LAM Says:

    Anderson Cooper is a Scientologist

  157. LAM Says:

    Lam laughs at everyone here

  158. I’m an ex-scientologist. I barely started learning about this stuff back in 1974 in Denver, Colorado. I started noticing that these people new like myself to this subject accepted without investigating anything that was told to them or accepted anything in the course manuals or policy directives. I found that very strange to give yourself over completely to anything without checking and waiting to see. I suppose when it’s something like spiritual freedom which seems to be something that is very deeply felt by everyone, you can hook em easy so that anyone will lend themselves over to anything without hesitation…hmmmm.

    This being said, I stuck around to see and see and hear and hear. After a time and a few courses I picked up on how this all seemed to work in the Scio Org. I picked up on how these people allowed themselves to be trapped and then exploited. Until one day after so much auditing and telling all your most inner secrets there was truly no way out or else they would use your stuff against you even if you just wanted to leave.

    I love the auditing tech. Most of the tech if used and applied correctly without trying to use it to hurt someone can be of benefit. Sometimes it helps just a little sometimes a lot. I think that the biggest mistake made in that organization was that they allowed administrative personnel to be in charge of the organization without being audited to the point of sanity, clear and being OT and then checked to see if it really really stuck.

    If a person is TRULY CLEAR AND OT they will place ethics on themselves and do whats right. Much like a spiritualistic person from another religious practice might do. This however cannot be said of those administrative Scientology persons who were not and are still not audited. They act like mad men and rabid dogs. These are the creatures who are in charge of The Church of Scientology today. Fake OT’s, fake clears and non audited administrative persons.

    The real OT’s, Clears and others that still feel that special feeling deep inside that there really is something here….Well…., they’re outside here with the rest of us in the FreeZone.

    You are either a person who has a true deep spiritual desire and belief to seek the road and find the path to spiritual freedom no matter Scientology, Tao, or some other way to find God, the creator, why we exist or how we can finally leave the physical universe and go home…….


    You like drama and trauma and the details that go with it…lol

    Either way I hope your having fun.

    Michael a teacher in a high school

  159. Emily Says:

    I enjoyed the Sweeney video. He’s very brave and I like how he doesn’t back down from them. Sometimes you have to get emotional to get passionate I think. One thing I always love is when someone mentions to a Scientologist Xenu. It’s like their weak spot and you can see their attitude shift and they get on the defensive. The best thing you can do with a Scientologist is never be on the defensive side because that means you’re losing. Oh and every time there is proof that someone from the church is spying on a person they should get their asses sued since that is illegal without a warrant and the only way you can get a warrant is with probable cause. Going after someone for their first amendment right is not a probable cause. I love how the spokesman guy (Tommy?) followed around Mr Sweeney and went on about the freedom of religion in the Constitution. It goes both ways with the freedom of speech and the press. Mr Sweeney is on American soil and as such can do his job as a reporter. If the Church of Scientology doesn’t like it than too bad. If he loves the Constitution so much he should respect ALL of it. Not just the parts that suits him and his agenda. I thought Mr Sweeney did a good report and was a true reporter. The only thing they (Church reps) do is try to defame a person instead of putting out facts and information. It’s quite sad.

  160. Gary Says:

    Go John for standing up to them during the kirstie ally interview the way they mock him for talking about Xenu was deplorable and you can see all the hallmarks of brainwashing

  161. Scientologist fantasist Says:

    Oh gee, id just love to have tom cruse mount my gullable ass and ram me up my tender asshole til it prolapses. It just feels so great being a scientologist, its such a brilliant fashion statement! but dont tell me that its stupid because im bound to regurgitate some blind moronic shitvomit i heard on tv on how i have freedom to believe/be brainwashed in anything and think that it, and only it, is right in the world!!! (even though all scientology really is to me is a “cool club” where i can feel supereior to others who dont have special cock rings!!!) Me thinking this has nothing to do with stupidity/human nature at all, nope not at all!!! PENETRATE ME TOM!!!11!!!

  162. […] Donna Shannon – Panorama Interview […]

  163. […] 1983-4 Perry Scott , story Phil Scott -quotes Dr. Donna Shannon – wife of Mike Henderson Panorama Interview, Radar Magazine Interview,Infinite Complacency Article, Abuse In The Sea Org Michael Linn […]

  164. […] in an attempt to attack the credibility of the show. Watch "Scientology and Me:" Panorama: Scientology and Me THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Read more about this episode of Panorama: Scientology and Me – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]

  165. […] Magazine 1983-4 Perry Scott -story Phil Scott -quotes Dr. Donna Shannon – wife of Mike Henderson Panorama Interview, Radar Magazine Interview,Infinite Complacency Article, Abuse In The Sea Org Michael Linn […]

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