Scientology…Losing it!

And by “it” I mean the war on the Internet. The BBC has what should be a spectacular show next week on Panorama and I can’t wait. It’s all about how Scientology attacks anyone who speaks out against them. The producers were wondering if they had changed over the years and found out first hand that Scientology hasn’t and can’t change.

Scientology apparantly had PI’s follow the filmmakers everywhere they went and spy on them in their hotels and restaurants and it’s all on camera. This will be a fun, fun show.

How do they combat the upcoming bad press? By leaking some of the video that they shot of the BBC crew and reporters. Last week, a journalist at the Telegraph was shown a clip that presented the reporter John Sweeney “in a bad light.

In the course of interviewing a Scientology spokesman, the BBC interviewer, John Sweeney, lost his temper. And I mean REALLY lost it, shouting at the top of his voice straight into the face of an interviewee standing only inches from him.

How do I know? I’ve seen the footage. You see, the Scientologists were – predictably – filming Panorama filming them. And yesterday they gleefully showed me the results.

And now that clip has seen the light of day, and it is brilliant. Sweeney is playing with the Scientologists and using their own drills to be “at cause” over them. His pause in the middle of the rant is a clear indication he is playing around.

Compare Sweeney’s “rant” to the demonstration of this training drill by Vaughn Young on a British TV show from 90’s called Network First. He is at cause over an ashtray.

If you’d like to see the TR used in action, there’s no better clip than the assault of Bob Minton. Boston Scientologist Frank Offman has his hands in his pockets, screaming at Bob Minton, trying to get a reaction from Bob.

Make sure to see this Panorama show when it airs on May 14th on BBC1. You can also see it online at their website after it airs. Here’s the brief promo from the end of last week’s Panorama to give you an idea of what’s to come.

From the Panorama site, John Sweeney says there are three rules in journalism. First, find a crocodile. Two, poke it in the eye with a stick. Three, stand back and report what happens next. What happens next week should be priceless.


John Sweeney has posted a response to Scientology’s YouTube assault on the BBC website. In it, he says he did indeed lose his cool. That doesn’t quite comport with his mellow comment in the middle of the shouting but I have no reason not to accept his account:

As often in life, I snapped over something completely different and quite trivial.

Top Scientologist Tommy “Don’t mention the word cult” Davis had been goading me all week, and on the seventh day I fell into his elephant trap. He shouted at me and I shouted back, louder.

If you are interested in becoming a TV journalist, it is a fine example of how not to do it. I look like an exploding tomato and shout like a jet engine and every time I see it makes me cringe.

I apologised almost immediately, Tommy carried on as if nothing had happened but meanwhile Scientology had rushed off copies of me losing it to my boss, my boss’s boss and my boss’s boss’s boss, the Director-General of the BBC.

I lost my voice, but not my mind.

The Times reports that Scientology has sent out 100,000 copies of a DVD  answer to the show in an effort to blunt the impact of Panorama’s report.

In a preemptive strike that is costing the church £30,000, it is sending copies of the DVD to all MPs and peers, religious leaders and other “influential” figures.

So determined has it been to neuter claims in the programme that it is a cult that its film makers tailed the journalists, employed CCTV and repeatedly confronted reporters.

John Sweeney has my respect and I know that this YouTube assault on him is only going to draw more attention to the show. Here’s another clip featuring Scientologist Tommy Davis running from Sweeney’s camera.  They won’t let me embed the clip, so double-click on the video and it will take you to YouTube’s version.

Can’t wait. And with 100,000 copies of the Scientology DVD floating around, it sure would be nice if one of them made it into my hands.

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19 Comments on “Scientology…Losing it!”

  1. Glen Says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Scientology thought they had ‘the goods’ with this leaked footage of Sweeney bullbating the bullbaiters. How the scientologists could foolishly believe that Sweeny was out of control, is comical.

    Sweeny didnt lose his cool, if he did, why did he mid way return to a soft spoken voice? Kudos to Sweeny for this bit of footage, it makes scientology look more inept than ever. But what could anyone expect? Scientology came from the mind of a wife beating, drug addicted sociopathic pathological liar named Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

    It isnt that often that the cliche ‘must see T.V’ is justified, but in the case of Panorama’s story on scientology, it IS must see T.V.

    Props for another excellent blog Mr Bunker. Have you considered changing your name to DeBunker? I say that because your site and history of involvement with exposing scientology makes you a debunker of scientology through the facts.

  2. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Glen. The Scientologists never think one step ahead to how embarassing it will be when their latest lie is exposed. They just want to pull the wool over your eyes and hope for the best. It worked for Ron for decades before there was a way to instantly rebut their claims with FACTS.

    I’m reminded of the time I testified in Clearwater and Scientology’s attorney, Paul Johnson showed the court video of me saying to a Scientology cameraman, “did you ever fuck anyone in an auditing room?” When I replied that they didn’t show the preceeding moments which made it clear I was repeating Scientology’s question to Stacy to show how reprehensible it was, the judge got very upset with them.

    They are not good at context.

  3. Anyone But Heber Says:

    This sounds like one of those videos that I’m going to use to beat sense into peoples heads.

  4. Artoo45 Says:

    Poor Li’l Davy and his Li’l Fake Navy™©®, whatever are they going to do now that the media gloves are coming off? Kudos to Sweeny for being able to bullbait them right back without actually getting mad. The whole organization behaves generally like a two-faced schoolyard bully who would slug you and then run crying to the teacher saying you hit him. Watching their creepy, disingenuous behavior back in the LMT days used to make me crazy!

    Scientology™®© has Hubbard’s narcissistic/borderline personality disorder writ large all over it and I stand by the tactic of simply letting Hubbard’s written and recorded insanity speak for itself to discourage new potential members. Sweeny did that beautifully by mirroring their completely batshit crazy behavior back at them for the camera, not that they noticed, but everyone else did.

    What are your crimes!? What are your crimes!? What idiots.

  5. Kerry Says:

    Seriously Mark, what the heido ho are YOUR crimes? I mean bring it! You’re glib, irresponsible, and I know more about videography than you do. I’ve studied it! I know the HISTORY of videography and YOU DON”T. And YOU SHOULD. If you don’t like Criminology, pluck you! Seriously, period.

  6. Yergle Says:

    The Scientology cultdroids have posted another DA video of Sweeney.

    The cult is very very worried about this documentary…

  7. Sk8mike Says:

    This is great I can’t wait!

  8. Fran Says:

    Well, guys, to the uninitiated, Sweeney’s outburst looks like sheer unprofessionalism, losing it bigtime.

    I have no brief for the Hubbardites, but I’d say Sweeney has scored an own goal with this one.

  9. programmer_guy Says:

    Hi, Mark

    I like your blog.

    I have a request – would you time stamp your entries at the top?

    Best regards

  10. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    100,000 copies? How will $cientology reach al 8 million members it claims to have? Unless…. unless…. nah, Scn would never lie about membership numbers, would they?

  11. […] the media spin here in the UK is that John lost it. But over at XenuTV they understand exactly what John was doing: That clip has seen the light of day, and it is […]

  12. […] what is called bull-baiting, one of their own techniques. Don’t believe me? Here is some previous video.  Even one of their own training sessions. I believe Sweeney. I believe he lost it, and kept it […]

  13. […] Loads of Scientology-related video clips on the Xenu TV blog. […]

  14. David Says:

    100,000 DVDs?

    Doubtful. Probably the same ratio of spin to reality as their membership figures.

  15. WB Says:

    Recommend both parties sit down with a cup of tea and a copy of “The Hog’s Wholey Wash: A Complete Allegorical Manual on Consciousness & Cosmos……” – one brilliant satirical-cum-visionary ‘cryptogram’ positively exploding with points on all sides of this – recently hailed (but not shouted) as a “Jonathan Livingston Pig” of a thing ~

  16. terminaleyes Says:

    Sweeney said on the BEEB that he had lost it but I believe that it was a case of superb Double-Double Bluff by Sweeney. The best part of the prog was when Sweeney was interviewing an anti-cult individual in a car park and Davis came out of a MPV, with his own camera man and started ranting about interviewing a pervert. The BEEB crew then started following Davis as he started to go back to his MPV and he speed up his walking pace, like a scared rat.

  17. Jean Stains Says:

    Sweeney was set up. Continuously throughout his contact with Tommy Davis, Sweeney was treated with what in Scn is called cut comm. i.e. you keep interrupting someone when they try to communicate and the known eventual response is exactly how Sweeney responded. He admits he lost it, but at some point during his first tirade he regained consciousness and this is reflected in the slight quiet pause prior to his second tirade.

    Despite all that, funniest thing I’ve watched in ages.

  18. Tom Padgett Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Continued praise for your coverage of the $cientology mysteries. The BBC story is huge. Mr. Sweeny was courageous and properly zealous. Tommy Davis is an example of just how years and years of the cult’s training (Tone – 40) can be used to intimidate.

    Your use here of Stacy and Vaughn Young demonstrating TRs (training routines) is priceless to best understand how their hypnotic indoctrination works. And of course my personal favorite, Frank Ofman going off on Mr. Minton, as just how OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives are trying to “handle” their critics. Ofman has verbally slandered me too in the past.

    Keep up the great work Mr. Bunker. You provide a grand service to the public with this blog, and as well, XenuTV.


  19. ronbothunter Says:

    Power Comes From Knowledge of The Enemy

    Ronbot is a pejorative term for some or all followers of Scientology. The term is a pun on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s first name and the word robot.
    The term Ronbot is meant to express the habit of Scientologists of being so programmed with the “Tech” that they can’t express their own viewpoints on life, because that has been suppressed and prohibited of them from doing so.
    The Ronbot never doubts any thing he is told by staff, never investigates, never thinks beyond what he is told, never seeks to know more than he is permitted to know, never refuses to turn on his family, never reads what he is told not to read, never refuses to hurt the feelings of his family, never refuses to kill the love he had for his family, never doubts PTS or SP data, never seeks other ways to heal any symptom, never wonders why he is so fanatical and why? Never wonders why he hates SPs, never refuses to hurt, damage or harm an SP, never doubts he is superior to us, never refuses to obey his masters on staff, etc.
    The Ronbots that guard the military bases and navy of Scientology are ordered to kill or shoot at any SP that comes near or invades their ships or bases, even if it is their own parents who go there to get them out. He is so robotic that the killing of his own parent will not produce the same mental effect that it would produce in us – if we killed our own father or mother, whose only crime was the hurt of disconnection ordered by the Anti-God cult.
    Ex-scientologists view a Ronbot as a brainwashed Robot, since he can’t ever leave the Tech and express his own view points.
    His reading material, his TV viewing and his interpersonal relationships and what he says and the way he talks, are closely monitored by other Ronbot Staff. If they discover that he went out with or talked with an SP and read material from Anti-cult websites, he is in deep trouble and must now face an ethics review.
    He in fact does not have his own viewpoints, but just thinks so. His mind is so flooded with the Tech that to speak to, associate with, date or love a person who is classed as an SP is instant insanity (drastic down-tone slide) and he will be classed by the Cult as a “risk” or PTS.
    Remember this fact—that all true Ronbots have a weak mind and spirit. They are actually very willing to be a slave of the Tech without question.
    In the CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTION RIGHTS SUCH AS FREE SPEECH – you are told what to think, do and say. Your actions, your friends your relations, your books, and everything else you can think about is RESTRICTED to their approval.
    YOU ARE NOT A FREE MAN OR WOMAN ABLE to do as you please at home, read what you please at home, your home TV set has a little censorship lock on it placed there by the cult to keep you inline.
    Even your thoughts and innermost secrets are investigated and if they are considered wrong or un-approved by your ETHICS OFFICER you are taken (scammed) for more money.
    The Ronbot was told that “suppression is illness and illness is suppression”, therefore he thinks that all illnesses come only from suppression or a PTS condition.
    Remember that Ronbots are told that “all illnesses to a greater or lesser degree are due to only a PTS condition”. Any illness or symptom makes a Ronbot turn on anyone he was near in the past 72 hours. He is programmed to believe that his Mother or Father now is a Monster called a“SP” or “Suppressive Person.
    He is never given the facts on “symptom re-stimulations”. He is never told about it being a physiological reaction, he is never told that all symptoms and illnesses are physiological reactions and that some symptoms can be re-stimulated by stress and arguments. And those symptoms are never the same for all; because every one has different deficiencies and different levels of toxins in their body that will always bring out a different symptom each time he is argued with.
    Remember this one fact that Scientology rejects—“symptoms are not illnesses!” But Ronbots are never taught the true causes of real illnesses, and are trained to despise their parents when they get a symptom of a real illness. Symptoms can be re-stimulated by many real causes of illnesses even by stress—which in the cult is accepted by the brain-washed ronbots as “suppression”.
    Scientology NEVER teaches Ronbots that symptoms are really physiological reactions of all life on Earth.
    A physiological reaction is an effect of some cause. The real causes of all illnesses produce the symptom.
    They use this brain-washing about symptoms, in order to control them and make them hate whoever opposes the cult.
    In his weak brain-washed mind, he can’t ever accept that legal and illegal drugs, chemicals, parasites, toxins, toxic plants, mutated foods, Nuked (irradiated) Foods, or poisonous animals or insects, poisons, viruses or bacteria or over acidity etc., are the only and true causes of illnesses in the world. His mind rejects these well known facts as SP propaganda.
    When he faces you in the street—he can’t see you, he can only see what is programmed into his brain-washed head. To him, you are the SP monster who is no better than his SP father or SP mother he turned his back on and now hates and/or distrusts.
    He is not free to think for himself–therefore he is a ronbot.
    It is senseless to argue with a Ronbot—he needs de-programming—he needs to be told he is a Robot and that he can’t pull the plug and reset his brain. Do not confront a Ronbot the old way – just pity him and dare him to talk with you about how Physiological Reactions are connected to study tech.
    Dare him to have a friendly conversation with you—the more of a Ronbot he is – the more he will be afraid to go to ethics for daring to talk with an SP.
    The Anti-God cult will threaten any person with total exposure of all their confessed sins and secrets, if you dare leave, EXPOSE or confront them. That is the weapon that controls ALL CELEBRITIES, PROFESSIONALS AND COWARDS. The weak have given up their soul and now find that it will be made public knowledge.
    The programming that he has received will force him to ask for your sins and secrets. He sincerely believes that you are against the Cult ONLY because you have sins of omission and commission.
    Explain to him that he has sins and secrets too and that you would like to know his first, since he brought up the issue first. But don’t ask to hear them as a treat or condition to talk with him—if he refuses to give you his own sins and secrets—let it pass as long as he is willing to talk with you.
    Do not argue with or insult a Ronbot, talk with him in a polite way even if he disgusts you. Arguments are commercial Controversies and make you lose the game. Get him to identify who he is and find out if he has property or a website. He if is connected to any website that libels and slanders your actual name on it—he just made you rich.
    Then hire a Private Investigator to find out who owns or runs the website. Write them and accept all their attacks on your name for value. Start the UCC method to counter-attack them and take them for all they own.
    Know this for a fact. — His brain is not his anymore. He can’t be proactive and dare to talk with a person who he was told is a MONSTER. But if he dares to talk and you only ask questions and never argue with him. He will begin to doubt and you know what happens to him after he is in the Condition of Doubt.
    He is as evolved as a snail-or he was one in another life. In this life, he consented to be a mind-slave. Just dare him to read and dare him to talk with any anti-cult person on a friendly basis for at least one hour—dare him to get to know you–by then after that hour he is now a damaged ronbot to the cult—he won’t be trusted and now he is on his way to freedom from control.
    For you to defeat the Anti-God “Church” of Scientology you must expose these truths about how Ron discovered Study Technology.
    Once you put this NEW DATA into his brain, he is now damaged goods and is no longer a Ronbot, but a suspected PTS person never to be trusted again by the Cult.
    To save a RONBOT BRAIN you must deprogram it with NEW DATA.

    Sincerely yours,

    All Rights Reserved

    Copyright Ronbothunter— All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 & 1-103.6 including rights under the UCC and common law remedies. I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not personally sign and enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and especially if I was not given full disclosure. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement.

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