Flirting with Disaster

Stephanie MillerBROADCAST DATE: May 4, 2007

Stephanie Miller goofed on the rumors of Katie’s flirting with her co-star on the set on “Mad Money.”

Personally, I don’t put much stock in these rumors but it doesn’t stop me from being amused by the following antics:

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3 Comments on “Flirting with Disaster”

  1. Krueger Says:

    new website when you type the URL “”

    Scientology “Myths”!

  2. Sk8mike Says:

    I guess they wised up a little, instead of their backhanded admittance of Xenu by owning domain names like “”. Now they are using the xenu domains to redirect to other websites that don’t use the name Xenu so it doesn’t look like they’re admitting Xenu is true. They still own the xenu domains though so anyone that understands the way the internet works will know the trick they’re pulling.

    $cientology Vs. the Internet/media: The battle wages almost everyday all someone needs to do to watch or participate is go to “Google news” and search for “scientology.” Like today the Washington Post posted a blurb advertising a $cientology breakfast. Below the article in the comments section $cientolgoist[s] wrote up their own propaganda and debated with a few retractors. Among the lies told by the $cientologist were that Dianetics isn’t part $cientology, $cientology is “all-denominational”, and Keith Henson is a criminal. It’s unbelievable the politics of $cientology, there are people who are trained to tell outright lies to spin and defend a blatant scam like $cientology. So after reading this you’ll know how to keep up on the daily $cientology propaganda war that goes on in the media, and on the Internet daily. So we can fight back with our knowledge and expose the truth about $cientology whenever possible.

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