Stephanie MillerMay 2nd was a big day for Joking and Degrading on MSNBC. It started in the wee hours of the morning when the lovely, smart, funny, radio goddess Stephanie Miller transplanted her morning radio show to the TV.

MSNBC gave her a three-day stint in the former Imus time slot. Stephanie swore it wasn’t a tryout but MSNBC shouldn’t have let her leave the building without signing her to a long-term contract.

During the course of the show, she did her daily comedy segment, Tinsel Talk, in which she goofs on celebrity news. Talented voice guy Jim Ward had a chance to bring his manic Tom Cruise impression to the TV. He always manages to slip in an amazing amount of Scientology jargon into every Cruise bit.

Later in the day, Stephanie’s “future husband” Keith Olbermann took time out from being justifiably outraged by the Bush administration to report on rumored troubles in the TomKat marriage.

“Countdown with Keith Olbermann” followed immediately by a new one hour Stephanie Miller show sounds like an amazing pairing for MSNBC. Get on it, Dan Abrams!

Stephanie Awake

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