A New Slant on Tragedy

One of the most disturbing aspects of Scientology is their exploitation of human tragedy. On a small scale, they do it every day. When you meet Scientology on the street by stumbling upon a table where they offer a free “Stress Test,” they are trying to “find your ruin.” They are looking for the aspect of your life that is giving you trouble and they latch on to it as a way to lure you into the group.

You are, in their terms “raw meat.” That is the phrase Hubbard used to describe the unsuspecting public to be drawn onto the Bridge, to be put into the grinder and shaped into placid little Scientologists.

The people giving the Stress Tests are called body-routers which accurately describes their assignment: to take bodies off the street and route them into the Org to begin their Scientology training.

I consider the stress test to be fraud. They aren’t measuring stress. They are merely stopping you to give a sales pitch, and not even an honest pitch. They want new recruits. What is ruining your life? Relationships? Marriage? Finances? Children? We can help.

It’s seldom that Scientology tells the truth. I caught Scientology doing stress tests at the local Wal-Mart a while back. They told the manager it had no connection to Scientology or religion. They were merely selling the secular book, Dianetics. It wasn’t until I pointed out they were using the e-meter which is labeled a “religious artifact” that they got booted off the property.

On a larger and more disturbing scale, body-routing is at its worst when Scientology exploits a national tragedy such as the recent shootings on the Virginia Tech campus. Even before the shooter was identified, Scientology had issued statements blaming the incident on psychotropic drugs.

Before any time had lapsed, Scientology sent out urgent e-mails to its members, asking for generous donations to pay for copies of their booklet, “The Way to Happiness,” to be distributed on the campus. The booklet is a glorified, expanded reworking of the ten commandments, finally done right by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers raced to the scene to pass out ten thousand copies of the booklet and offer their services. As they’d done so ghoulishly from Katrina to Ground Zero in New York after 9/11, they preyed upon the victims of catastrophe at their most vulnerable moments.

On Friday, April 27, 2007 CNN ran a report on Anderson Cooper 360 in which Scientology spokesperson Sylvia Stanard put a happy face on their activities and demonstrated such Scientology techniques as Locationals and Nerve Assists. Former Scientologist Michael Pattinson offered some balance.

One thing which jumped out at me from the story is Sylvis Stanard describing the Nerve Assist as only used for medical purposes. She wanted to allay the reporters concerns that there might be some religious connotation to the assist. What she did was open up a can of worms because Scientology shouldn’t be practicing medicine. Oops.

9/11I’m glad CNN covered this story. It’s come up in the past, most notably after 9/11 when Scientology managed to trick FOX news into displaying their Dianetics sales number 1(800)FOR-TRUTH on scrolling text as the phone number for people to call “For Mental Health Assistance.” It ran for hours before FOX was notified and pulled it down.

In the guise of helping the injured, Scientology moves into a scene and starts to take over while gleefully bragging about how they chased the actual mental health experts away from the area.

While many churches and other social groups also aid in disasters, how many of them issue press releases about the fine work they do? Hubbard issued orders that this type of activity should be done to Safe-point Scientology, that is to make it appear that Scientology is a good force in the community. Getting good press is part of getting new members.

While I believe the volunteers on the scene mean nothing but good and believe they are helping people, the organization sees the activity as another recruiting tool.

Need proof? Look at the bottom of the Volunteer Ministers’ main page. “What is ruining your life? Relationships? Marriage? Finances? Children? We can help.”

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5 Comments on “A New Slant on Tragedy”

  1. sk8mike Says:

    Great update, good job!

  2. sk8mike Says:

    This is off topic but did you hear about Mitt Romney presidential nominee in 2008? He said his favorite book was Battlefield Earth. You can watch it on youtube. It’s being called one of the worst political mistakes ever made. He just blew whatever chance he had at getting nominated.

  3. Artoo45 Says:

    The Yellowshirts that descend on hapless communities dealing with the aftermath of tragedy probably really think they’re helping these folks. The recently indoctrinated public Scienos are just as much victims of Miss Cabbage’s fake Space Navy as the bereaved. Send them all copies of “A History of Man” and they’ll probably leave immediately. If they don’t, they deserve to serve out their billion years in Davey’s Navy.

    As for Mitt’s favorite reading material . . . . Elron had NOTHIN’ over Joseph Smith when it came to complete and total batshit crazy. Xenu’s reign of terror among the Marcabs is no less likely than buried gold tablets, magic glasses and “Jesus’ tender ministries” among the Native Americans. And Elron never had the chance to pull of anything as bloody as the Mountain Meadows massacre. The evidence for both religions is equally nonexistent for me, though I do understand the appeal of belonging to a close-knit community.

    So do the following equations hold true?

    Batshit crazy rantings + the emotionally needy = cult

    Batshit crazy rantings + the emotionally needy + 100 years or more = religion

    Just a thought . . .

  4. AnferTuto Says:

    Hola faretaste

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