Scientology Embraces Xenu

Scientology can reform. I’ve seen proof. Where once they went to great lengths to bury the word “Xenu,” now they are actually buying domain names featuring Xenu…and using them.

It was brought to my attention that Scientology purchased the domain in hopes that people might be looking for my website and mistype the url. What do you get at Well, cable access shows touting Scientology and the wonderful system developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

I contacted yesterday by email and got a reply this morning:

Mark Bunker wrote:

Wow. Here I thought XENU TV was critical of Scientology but it turns out you guys are fans of L. Ron Hubbard.

Can you tell me what the Xenu stands for in your url?


—-Original Message—–
From: Ron Savelo []
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 12:31 AM
To: Mark Bunker
Subject: Re: XENU TV

Wow back at ya.
You’re such an ass, Mark.
Why don’t you tell me what it stands for.

XENUAlright. Xenu is the evil intergalactic overlord who blew us all up in volcanoes 75 million years ago and caused all of our problems here on Earth. It’s the basis of OT3 and all the following upper level formerly top secret levels of Scientology.

Scientology used to go to great lengths to hide this word. They cropped it out of pictures. They blocked it on picket signs. They raided peoples homes. They even had their attorneys white out the word in court documents.

Now Scientology loves itself some XENU!

This is quite a remarkable turn of events and shows just how much an impact the web has had on Scientology. To show my support, I am going to consider a sister-station to my website and will do what I can to promote their material. Hopefully, they will send people to my site as well and we can live in simple peace and harmony.

Here’s a sample of what you can find on the Scientology XENU TV:


I let Ron know about the blog post last night and here’s his reply:

Thanks for the free promotion Mark.

Of course my web stats haven’t increased as a result of your promotions, but I’m sure they will because of the huge numbers of visitors to your sites, and the incredible power that your work has had and will continue to have on the Scientology world.

Let’s change that.  Anyone want to contact the media and let them know about XENU TV’s new sister station?

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39 Comments on “Scientology Embraces Xenu”

  1. TwiceIrish Says:

    Scientology hates the Internet.

    I am always amazed at the viciousness of Scientologists. If they are so proud of their religion, why do they try to hide it? Why do they attack people?

  2. Beckyboo Says:

    Mark Bunker is a very brave man who has spent much of his own free time trying to expose the abuses of the Church of Scientology.

    He should receive an award for his hard work.

  3. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    oooh, lots of tech given away for free! This is a clear violation of the Scientology policy of fair exchange. wonder how the execs managed to write a CSW to put out all this video for free?

  4. I sent Ron an email:

    “Hi Ron,

    I wet my pants seeing the shows on your website! Thanks for the good laugh you gave me, but do you have dry pants for me?
    Seriously folks, per the cult of $cientology you are with millions of followers and yet they picked the worst ever to make these docujokes. Isn’t there anyone else to do the job? Were you really the best they could get?
    Anyway, if you think people will fall for this crap, you must be out of your mind. Oh, I forgot: you are, being members of the biggest scam cult in the world. So keep up the good work and keep on keeping on making the cult look silly. The whole website and the videos on it are again a major footbullet, the specialty of your cult as history shows.

    Thanks again, and the pants? Leave it, it was a joke.”

    And his answer:

    From: Ron Savelo
    “So, don’t watch them, Miss pissy pants.”

    No comment!

  5. Eldon Says:

    OMG, that e-mail is so funny! What’s even funnier is imagining the internal correspondence that passed back and forth (no doubt with a warning that nobody below OT III could read any of it) regarding the purchase of this domain name. Think we should do a little sitcom parody?

  6. Xenu's Loyal Servant Says:

    It’s always a safe bet that a video made by $cientology will just ooze with cheese and this one is no different.

    Xenu will have his revenge!

  7. Artoo45 Says:

    Wow. This guy must be a Real Scientist™. He has a Real Scientist™ Lair in a chillingly realistic city-of-the-future. Neat-o! He has the Carl Sagan pronounciation thing down pat: “yoooooge” instead of “huge”. Just like a Real Scientist™ ! All that plus he’s clearly onto the Marcab©™® conspiracy of eeeeeeeevil Psychs, with their “made up” and “voted into existence” mental illnesses. I am SO convinced! Warm up the cans for me down at the Org, I’m-a signin’ up!

  8. butterflygrrrl Says:

    This website was a real waste of my precious time !
    Seriously who do you think your educating on this site?
    Do you actually think we are all retards?
    Get a life moron!

  9. Jerry Says:

    Once again, scientology has the monopoly on terrible music. That intro tune was purely craptastic!

  10. Loki Says:


  11. # butterflygrrrl Says:
    April 26th, 2007 at 8:56 pm e

    This website was a real waste of my precious time !
    Seriously who do you think your educating on this site?
    Do you actually think we are all retards?
    Get a life moron!

    Communing with L. Ron Hubbard’s fingernail clippings again, dear? Oh, by the way, we’re having a CLAMBAKE tonight! That is, if you can handle eating what L. Ron says is your next of kin.

    Back to the grownups:

    Remember in the mid-1990s when the Clam Cult tried to game web surfing by ordering its members to post all those pro-Cult webpages? That got queered right quick when Google came out.

  12. Artoo45 Says:

    Gee butterflygrrrrl,

    I always wonder why people use their precious time writing about what a waste of their precious time something is. Oh, and your use of the word “retards” speaks volumes for your vaunted $cientology ethics, not to mention your superduper e-meter enhanced intellect. At least you can spell.


  13. Sponge Says:

    Scientologist Ron Savelo is broadcasting his videos from within what appears to be a Space Ship. It looks quite flashy and, with a lot more legroom than XENU’s rocket powered DC-8 ships, I’m sure it’s very comfortable indeed for those tedious trips to the Van Allen Belt to visit the spirit of Dead Ron Hubbard.
    “Ground control to Major Tom, beam me up, Spotty”

  14. Clive Says:

    Message sent to

    ” ‘Dianetics = Xenu’
    “That’s the public’s reality from here on out.
    “And YOU did it.”

    Response from

    “Go fuck yourself.
    “And wipe the drool off your chin while your (sic) at it.”

  15. Sponge Says:

    Wow Clive! He’s not a happy bunny is he?
    It is not surprising to learn that Ron’s verbal abuse is equally matched by his physical abuse. Here’s Ron Savelo in real life in downtown $cienoville, Clearwater FL…
    (click my name link or copy this url into your browser)……
    Thanks to Shawn Lonsdale (aka Clambake’s “Proflex”) for providing us with this most excellent evidence.

  16. Krueger Says:

    Message sent to

    “Your website address has “” on it. Why would you put “xenu” on your address if Scientology claims not to believe in Xenu?”

    Response from

    My website is
    That is my url.
    That is my website.
    Mark is screwing with your head.”

  17. Pilotman Says:

    I found a few months ago when looking for – I thought it was quite underhand at the time!

    I might email Ron as it seems a sure fire way to get some interesting abuse back.

  18. Krueger Says:

    He certainly seems like a nice, peaceful guy on the website, then you get all these NASTY comments when you question his website or Scientology!

  19. Sin X. DoKee Says:

    Can’t the Scientologists be persuaded to go online with some of their other films? The “anatomy” videos are conspicuously boring next to the looney “Orientation,” which I think they still try to contain to the inside of their churches. And how about some of those LRH-directed films? Any sightings of those in cyberspace?

  20. Sponge Says:

    >> Quote >>
    My website is
    That is my url.
    That is my website.
    Mark is screwing with your head.”

  21. Sponge Says:

    (oops I snipped my post) ^

    Wow, from that quote, Salvelo is even denying the existence, not just of their Xenu story, but also of his own website of the same name. Next he’ll be telling is that Hubbard the “war hero” and “nuclear physicist” didn’t die with the psyche drug Vistaril in his butt.

  22. Tory/Magoo~~ Says:

    I am totally and utterly AMAZED that Scientology–the same group I spent
    Y E A R S getting sec checked to DEATH about “Security” …and paying TONS of money for this————-has now admitted the Xenu story is true?

    Also, Scientology has lied …flat out lied……….to both the media and the public
    about XENU, the President of C of S saying, “That’s just a Sci-Fi Story”. Yeah,

    Thanks, Scientology~~very much! Way to go, Ron the space man.

    My best,

    Tory/Magoo~~Proud to say I’m an X-Scientologist~!

  23. Krueger Says:


    I have seen videos of you posted by Mark. You are AWESOME!

  24. Artoo45 Says:

    I was trying to figure out who this Savelo clown reminds me of and why his surroundings seems so . . . familiar. Then the pop culture formula hit me: Carl Sagan + Irwin Allen + “Droopy” = Ron Savelo. I hope there’s a future episode where he gets to say “what’s all the hubbub . . . bub”.

  25. John Smith Says:

    Sponge, this has got to be a prank somebody is pulling on poor Ron. Until I see his name on the registry, I can’t believe it. Anyone could register, simply redirect it to Savelo’s site, then sit back and watch the fun unfold once it was noticed.

    I get the sense from the email exchanges that Ron thinks it’s Mark’s doing.

    I suspect a (cough) third party.

  26. Sponge Says:

    No John, it is not a prank. It is in fact Ron Savelo’s web domain used for promoting himself and his scientology bull (or provided for him by scientology). He thought he was being really clever by trying to ride on the popularity of No critic, knowing $cientology’s history of suing for copyright, would create such a site ripping off scientology’s content in such a way. Any such critic site, as we have found over the years, to avoid suit, has a disclaimer and uses content in a way that that falls under Fair Use (for comment and reporting). Even this doesn’t stop the occasional meritless threatening legal letter from scientology’s lawyers.
    It is not uncommon for $cientology to register domains via intermediaries such as GoDaddy especially when it is a hot word that critics might normally use (or if they are trying to obfuscate things like education/rehibilitation/self-help groups and businesses etc from being associated with scientology).
    But ya know what? is now no more! The domain is parked. Oh yes, Ron Savelo (or the Co$) has probably decided that, now the cat is out fo the bag, the embarrasment was just to much.
    XENU prevails! Hail Xenu!

  27. SpongeBunker Says:

    They’re baaaaack!

  28. SpongeBunker Says: that is.

  29. Sponge Says:

    Ya just don’t get it do ya Ron?

    The mere fact that they own the domain is hilarious. The fact that they used it in any way is even better. Now that it points to is, well, just yet another footbullet.

    As one A.R.S. poster points out this gem….

    – quote –
    “Q: Do Scientologists eat babies? Or placenta?

    No and No. I think eating of children is against the law in all
    countries. And it sounds kinda gross to me. I know Tom Cruise made a
    joke about eating the placenta. It was a joke. Scientologists do not
    eat placenta. Scientologists do not eat babies. Scientologists do
    enjoy a good baby green salad, this is where the confusion may have
    stemmed from.”


    What a relief they made THAT clear!
    – quote-

    Thankfully we have sites such as and the real to tell us precisely what the “church” of scientology is really about.

  30. David Says:

    Is that site an “official site” within Scientology, or just one followers own attempt to explain the so called myths are. It does seem like the latter, but it still could be supported by the church. Anyway, it just seems unlikely that anyone that would have been googling about scientology for more than five minutes, would take this “myth” as unheard of:

    Q: Are Thetans alien souls that have taken over our bodies, and we’re trying to get them out?

    A: Wow. See the chapter on aliens. Thetans are us, soul, spirit. I don’t know what an alien soul is. A soul that is from another world? A soul that is inhabiting an alien?

    I don’t know anyone who has had their body taken over by an alien soul. No one has ever told me that they had gotten the alien soul out, or mentioned that they were working on getting an alien soul out.

    I don’t know of any scriptures that refer to alien souls in our body. I have never heard this mentioned until right now. This is a new one. Congrats. “

  31. XENU TV Says:

    It’s official.

    They set up straw dogs to knock down.

    First, ask a question that distorts the role of Body Thetans in Scientology, then answer as though you have no idea the question was about BTs instead of Thetans so you can tell an “acceptable truth.”

    Is it any wonder Scientology is held in such low regard?

  32. Rob Says:

    If I understand rightly, Scientology claims not to believe in Xenu, never to have believed in Xenu, never to have taught about Xenu, nor even to have heard of Xenu. But Scientology has been energetic in bringing copyright-violation lawsuits against people who have published Xenu material.
    So… Scientology owns and jealously guards writings about Xenu, but claims to have nothing to do with Xenu.
    Is that right, or is there something I’ve missed? Because – if true – it seems like they’re trying to hold two mutually exclusive positions.

  33. XENU TV Says:

    It’s much simpler than that. They are just bald-faced liars. Xenu is at the center of OTIII and is behind all the troubles of every level after that. They just can’t admit it to the press…cause it’s silly.

  34. David Says:

    Scientology has at its core a more insidious coda than that.

    Outsiders are not real people, “ethics” only applies to other Scientologiests. You can lie, trick, libel and sue non Scientologists.

    Master Race crap all over again. It is essentially a “racist” organisation – where the master “race” is the Scientologists, and the inferior “race” is the rest of the world.

  35. Jerry Says:

    Just thought you might be interested. If you go to look at now it redirects to . According to the website:

    “ is dedicated to answering the questions that are constantly being asked all over the internet about Scientology, Scientologists, the Church structure and L. Ron Hubbard. Our goal is to find answers from independent sources, not Church of Scientology owned sites and not avowed anti-Scientology sites either. We pull our information from court documents, other reliable sources and our own experiences and conversations and lay out the information for you to come to your own conclusions based on the provided information and facts.”

    Which is a hoot due to the fact that the Church bought the domain. Reading through the questions and obvious lies almost had me crying.

  36. Name Witheld Says:

    *SIGH* I know that virtual set – it’s part of a package of sets that used to be available from a company I worked for. Anyone with about $1000 worth of software and a green screen can use that set. I’ve talked and emailed with Ron before, too. This explains a LOT, finding him here.

    Anyone have the non-imbedded link to this video?

  37. Lu Says:

    Hi Mark,

    just saying hallo.

    – Lu

  38. Tom Newton Says:

    LRH dictated thousands of books, which were then transcribed. As a prolific science fiction writer, he left behind a literal gold mine of materials for quote miners, such as yourself, to draw from.

    The Xenu story is a mis-contextualized piece of Sci-Fi.

  39. XENU TV Says:

    The Xenu story is OT III and you know it, should know it or are lying about it.


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