“The Profit” Public Response

John asked me a question in the last entry about the premiere of “The Profit” in Clearwater.

It had a very successful three week run at the theater and drew attention from the local TV stations.

….I wasn’t being honest about the ineptitude of the film’s production so I sat down and wrote a lengthy review of the movie ….

So, which quote carries more weight ?

Both are correct.  There was a great hunger in Clearwater to see someone take on Scientology.  Even though the newspaper review was dreadful, people still came out to see the film.  Did they like the film?  Not that I could tell.

As I left the screening last night, I was met in the hall by a group of teenage guys waiting at the door to see the midnight screening.

They were asking everyone, including me, “what did you think?” I told them it wasn’t for me to say but I asked them what they had been hearing and they replied “Negative! Very Negative!” They had big grins on their faces as though they knew “yeah, it may be bad but I can’t wait to see a certain cult get blasted.” The faces of the people coming out were nowhere near as happy.

I met another group out in the parking lot who were hugging each other goodbye and saying “We’ll have to get together again for a GOOD film.”

I went over and asked them what they thought and they said “You’re not the director, are you?” I said no and they told me they thought it was lousy. That was the general consensus. Ignoring the obvious and blaming the LMT for sabotaging the film or accusing the SP Times’ critic of potentially costing someone their life for being honest about the movie won’t help a thing.

Ever since I posted my review, I have been accused by the unofficial mouthpieces of the producers of trying to “destroy the movie” which is just plain silly.  As I said in my review, “The Profit” will live or die because of the quality of the movie.

Now, perhaps in the years since it opened in Clearwater, much work has been done on the movie and it is a better film than it once was.  I’m curious to see if that is the case which is one of the reasons I support the re-release of the movie.  As I’ve said,  I would buy another ticket to see it again or buy the DVD.  I have “Battlefield Earth” in my collection, after all.

I think it unlikely that it can overcome all of its shortcomings, however.  You can make a bad movie from a good script but it isn’t possible to make a good movie from a bad script.  While you can trim away the worst aspects of the film, you can’t magically make good dialogue and solid performances appear out of thin air.

I got viciously attacked for putting a few clips of the film on the LMT website at the request of Bob Minton, the executive producer and the man who funded the film to the tune of $2.5 million.  He asked that the cameos of the LMT members be put on the site and who was I to say no?  He was a partner on the film, the fund-er of the film and certainly had the right to do so in my opinion.

The charge from my detractors has been that they were clips which were from a work-print and didn’t give the real story about the quality of the finished movie because they weren’t color corrected and so forth but look at the clips in the newscasts and you’ll see the film which was shown theatrically in Clearwater was the same shoddy quality.  Far from what Peter Alexander boasted on a.r.s.

I can’t tell you a lot about the film just yet except to say that some of the raw footage is amongst the most powerful and beautiful ever filmed.

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2 Comments on ““The Profit” Public Response”

  1. David Says:

    What a tangled web. Under fair use you’d have the right to show clips ( of course ) however pre-release clips is a different area of law unless you’d been given permission by the right holder ( which may or may not have been an investor ).

    As far as the detractors comments, well, ignore them. The disclaimer “may or may not reflect the final production quality of the movie” would suffice to all but those who have need of psychiatric intervention.

  2. Mary McConnell Says:

    Hey, The Profit producer can always do something like this, as Sony pictures once did:
    The Automatic Critic Generator

    You’re a humble man……A film either stands on it own 2 feet or flops on it’s face. 🙂

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