Who Wants To Be An OT8?

I really hope that Ron (Friend to Mankind) Hubbard has picked up a new body because I’d hate to have him miss out on all the fun he has brought into the world with his raving lunacy.

This is a very funny series of sketches on Scientology from comic John Safran. Never heard of him? Well, neither had I but I gave him a chance and was richly rewarded.

This was part of his series entitled, John Safran vs. God which aired in Australia in 2004. Did I say, I had never heard of him? Well, actually I was aware that the final installment of this show had Safran encounter another religious conman, Rev. Bob Larson. It was an infamous episode because Safran dropped the humor and Larson expelled a demon from him in the broadcast.

Real or fake? People still wonder.


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7 Comments on “Who Wants To Be An OT8?”

  1. FF Says:

    ROTFLOL!!!! ….Mark, thanks so much for sharing this hilarious video!!!! John Safran really made the most of his knowledge on this segment on Scientology!! I laughed so much that the Xenu ending brought tears to my eyes, lol!!!!

  2. Tom P. Says:

    If Tom Cruise is reported to be an OT-7, just imagine how “in-control” an OT-8 might be?

    Eeeeeew !

  3. Tom Padgett Says:

    If Tom Cruise is reported to be an OT-7, just imagine how “in-control” an OT-8 might be?

    Eeeeeew !


  4. Kilia Says:

    That is so hilarious! Thanks for putting the video up for us to see, Mark. 🙂

  5. John Says:

    This video is even better … a lot better


  6. Sven Says:

    The foam L Ron mask had to be just about the best part =D

    Scariest costume EVER.

  7. Sven Says:

    Hey Mark, you’ve GOTTA see this one!

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