Vince Daniels at a Crossroad

BROADCAST DATE: March 31, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsIn the first segment of Vince Daniels’ radio show, Keith Henson appeared to talk about the legal hell he has been in since speaking out about Scientology. He was sued for posting Scientology copyrighted materials back in the 90’s. Then he was arrested for picketing Scientology’s desert compound near Hemet, California. He was charged with “interfering with a religion” and put on trial. Unable to mention the word Scientology in court, Henson’s attorney put up no defense. Henson was convicted and fled to Canada before he could be sent to jail in Riverside County.


After Canada refused his request for political asylum, Keith fled back to the US and was recently arrested in Arizona where he awaits extradition. If you want to help Keith, contact Governor Schwarzenegger and ask that Keith not be extradited back to Riverside County where Scientology has great influence.


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In the longer segment of the show, Vince was joined by his permanent guest host, Retired Army Col. Ray Coughenour. Col. Ray has been doing a lot of research of Scientology and he is very worried about Vinnie talking on this nasty, litigious group.

Col. Ray brings up the IRS battle, which he recently discovered wasn’t President Clinton’s fault but rather had started in the Bush Sr. era. One of the outrages he mentions was Scientology’s use of 9/11 as a recruiting device. They actually got their phone number scrolled on FOX NEWS during the nationally broadcast religious service attended by the nation’s leaders. Underneath the image of President Bush in the cathedral was a message to dial Scientology’s phone number “for National Mental Health Assistance.”



Once Col. Ray gets Vinnie worked up about the dangers of taking on Scientology, Professor Dave Touretzky calls in to sooth his nerves and explain how the Internet has changed everything for Scientology. They can’t get away with the crap they used to pull.

Download the mp3

It’s good to know that Vince Daniels will continue to report on Scientology’s fraud and abuse. We need more brave people to come forward and speak out and in coming weeks on “The Many Moods of Vince Daniels,” it looks like that will happen.



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3 Comments on “Vince Daniels at a Crossroad”

  1. David Says:

    There is such a thing as lulling people into a false sense of security. When Scientology does fight back it doesn’t fight a straight fight.

    With an intense war on critics it meant that the critics developed scar tissue, and methodologies to indoctrinate their successors to make it harder for Scientology to track them ( on the internet ). If Xenu TV had not been recording picketers, for example, many of those picketers would have been harassed, framed or hazed.

    With a strategy change ( a relaxation ) you get your opponent to enter this false state of security, the become sloppy, reveal themselves, potentially get seen as raving ( as there is no longer much evidence of Scientology doing the kind of things that get the wider population upset ) and become isolated and vulnerable.

    That is the theory, anyhow.

    Now Vince Daniels seems like a bright, interesting talkshow host and the bravado is heartening but I think he should stick to Narconon as by getting sucked into the wider CoS issue his consumer oriented attack becomes unfocussed and less effective.

    Without ex Narconon clients and their sponsors coming out and talking the show becomes less about the issue and more of a talking shop. This might make good radio, but it does not achieve an end result with respect to the Stonehawk facility.

    I was a bit concerned with Col. Ray mentioned that all drug programmes are pretty much a useless moneyspinning exercise. That is tantamount to saying “hey, everyone is committing crimes today, so why bother calling the police?”.

    So I think while previous shows have got the balance right ( 80% Narconon, 20% background through 50% Narconon 50% background (CoS) ) Vince needs to swing the pendulum back now as the snow was 90% background and 10% Narconon – at least the bit you have here.

  2. Kerry Says:

    I think all the nasty aspects of Scientology need the kind of attention Vince has given to Narconon. All the “Church’s” human rights abuses are equally important in whatever venue they appear.

    Agree with Mark Bunker when he says above:

    “It’s good to know that Vince Daniels will continue to report on Scientology’s fraud and abuse. We need more brave people to come forward and speak out and in coming weeks on “The Many Moods of Vince Daniels,” it looks like that will happen.”

  3. Barbara Says:

    what is vince daniels doing today? What is the reason he has quit talking about narconon? I love his show. I want more of vince daniels.

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