Here Come Da Judge

As most of you probably know, I now work in TV news. I spend part of my day combing through national stories, looking for the important, the overlooked and the “what the hell?” stories.

Today I found one that made my jaw drop. It was about a judge that pulled a gun in his own courtroom. I was interested enough to take a look at the story and see what the details were.

HOLY CRAP!!!! The judge was John Merrett, attorney for the LMT back in 2000-2001! The guy who represented me in the matter of my videotapes during the Lisa McPherson civil case!!!

I was absolutely stunned by this. I like John a lot. He is an amazing character with a sharp and biting wit and willing to take on Scientology to boot. He is on the masthead for the legal section of XENU TV and you can see him in action during the videotaped Trial of the Clearwater 13.

That he is a sitting judge kind of amazes me. How Scientology allowed that to happen, I can’t understand. I would have thought he would be smeared left and right before taking the bench.

I hope he comes through this okay. Most people there seem to feel a judge has the right and the need to protect himself in this age of courthouse shootings. And very few other judges have the thought of R2-45 in the back of their mind.

Anyway, here’s some of John Merrett in action.

And he also makes an amusing cameo in this commercial for the Threep.

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5 Comments on “Here Come Da Judge”

  1. Kilia Says:

    Very good, Mark!
    Thank you for finding the videos here with John Merrett in them. He is quite the Judge! 🙂

  2. Tom Padgett Says:

    Keep up the great work Mark. U da man, 🙂


  3. David Says:

    As always with a story that covers now and includes a retrospective I can’t help thinking about how much Xenu TV is missing fresh material from Mark Bunker. Mark, as those of you reading this blog will know very well, is a good investigative journalist whose dry, relaxed but critical commentary and ability to direct others ( i.e. his questions fired at picketers who were getting sucked in by their handlers to get them on course ) is missed.

    OK so the guy has a full time job. But I think it is a shame, as the critical eye watching Scientology has factionalised and is full of ( on the message boards and the news groups ) the drama queens and power trips rather than anything productive.

    XenuTV is a reminder of the refreshing difference between dilligent reporting and simply bitching. But it also stands as a testimony to how little time Mark has now for original material.

    What was the turning point? Was it the deification of Bob Minton and then the subsequent rants and gnashing of teeth of ARS and adherants when he refused to sacrifice himself and his family ( as a messiah figure should – according to our screwed up imperatives built into our psyche from childhood mythology) in the end?

    It sure was for Mark, who had to move from a full time LMT employee to seek other employment. But he is still here, plugging away when he can.

    Or has CoS simply changed tack? I think it has. Less and less are the incidents of direct intimidation that can or is caught on camera or in evidence. No further mistakes of this kind. No more handing a stick with which to beat them to their critics. Well, not if they can help it.

    Are they understaffed? Possibly. It isn’t something that anyone inside, or outside CoS can really tell. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the depressing activity of backbiting amongst the critics. The bonhomie is all but gone.

    Clambake and XenuTV are the remaining rallying points run by sane, sober ( in attitude ) individuals.

    Sorry for wandering off topic, but this has been bugging me a while!

  4. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks, David.

    If you think Scoientology no longer acts nuts in front of cameras, wait till you see a show coming up on May 7th. From what I hear, it’s going to be an instant classic.

  5. Mary Says:

    Mark, I think Merritt using the gun was appropriate, although it
    would not be seen as so controversial if he’d had a……..Threep,
    lol! 😉

    Thanks for news, the good laugh and opportunity to catch Merritt in

    I’m looking forward to the May 7th show BBC Panorama on BBC1 and BBC Worldwide.

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