Thetans Didn’t Like This…and Neither Will DM

Take the words of L. Ron Hubbard, set them to music and spruce them up with some images and you have one very Suppressive music video. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pink Munky’s “What’s the Matter with You, Hat?”

Karl Blumenthal has edited this terrific spoof from Hubbard’s own writings and some of the videos he used from XENU TV to make his great documentary, “Friend of Mankind.”

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10 Comments on “Thetans Didn’t Like This…and Neither Will DM”

  1. Kerry Says:

    It’s not loading…. cry cry.. things slow at the moment or something?

  2. XENU TV Says:

    YouTube seems bogged down on this. Click on it, hit pause then wait for the red bar to indicate that it’s loaded the video before playing it.

  3. sk8mike Says:

    I liked the videos especially the music video. Very funny and informative. More people need to see the first video.

  4. sk8mike Says:

    PS It’s a shame the title is called “Pink Munky: blah blah” It would get so many more hits/viewers if the title started with “Scientology”.

  5. dmannimal Says:

    Agreed, Scientologists, and Scientology in general just make SUCH great cannon fodder, it deserves more hits. Perhaps, if “Scientology” is mentioned enough in the *comments*, the search engines will send it to the top of the pile.

  6. demetre Says:

    Great job on the video’s fellas. Any protests in the future? My wife and I would love to take up the cause… Thank heavens for XENTTV, keep up the good work!!! You bad SP you!

  7. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks, Demetre. There aren’t many pickets anymore. The net does the work for us. There was one held two weeks ago in L.A. and I hope to have that video up before too long.

  8. Sponge Says:

    Update: The cult has forced YouTube to pull the “Whats the matter with you, hat?” Pink Munky video.
    Original link:
    now reads, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by L. Ron Hubbard Library”

  9. Sponge Says:

    Update#2: The Pink Munky video has been hosted here for now:-

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